Building a holodeck: An exclusive tour of Microsoft’s Edison lab (video)

Former Engadget man and currently with The Verge, Joshua Topolsky recently got the opportunity to enter the holy place in Redmond where some highly qualified geeks are creating world-changing technologies everyday. He shares his experience with us.

Josh got a chance to visit Microsoft’s Edison lab where he discovered the technologies the Redmond company is developing in order to create a holodeck-like experience.

“Imagine a day where in your home, one wall is dedicated to being your magic wall. A wall where it can teleport you to another world without really going anywhere.” — Stevie Bathiche, director of research at Microsoft’s applied sciences lab.

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Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard 2011 Update leaks (video)

Microsoft’s new Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard 2011 Update, which was demoed earlier this year at E3, has been caught being browsed through in a leaked video (below) posted on YouTube by a user named ivazques71. In the video, the user goes through almost all of the next Xbox Dashboard’s menus to show us how it is shaping for release later this year.

Microsoft’s upgrade this year is based on Metro: a simple, clean and modern design language developed by the Redmond giant which is currently used in Windows Phone 7 and is slowly being introduced to other major products like Windows 8, Xbox 360 and the company’s suite of services under the Windows Live brand.

According to the video, the new Xbox Experience is expected to roll out on November 15th. But if past updates are anything to go by, it is due to come out some time this month itself. We have a keen eye on proceedings in Redmond.

Microsoft demonstrates Windows 8 tablet concept

Microsoft demoed an early version of its next-generation Windows 8 operating system running on a concept tablet at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference presentation held last week. The company briefly showed off the mysterious tablet, which touted a user interface that looks very similar to the Redmond giant’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, however immediately squashing claims of a Windows Phone 7-running tablet with an announcement from Windows Phone boss Andy Lees who feels that a tablet should be able to do everything a PC could, which is why WP7 won’t be considered.

The company’s main aim, now, is to build Windows 8 in such a way that it works flawlessly on both desktop computers as well as tablets, thus combining desktop capabilities with a UI that is truly touch-friendly.

What do you think of Windows 8 and Microsoft‘s upcoming tablets?

MS Leaks: Windows 8 to boast native SmartScreen file checking

We are getting closer and closer to a full official launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft, and we really hope it brings a refreshing change from the problems that go: oh-it-happens-with-Windows-OS-all-the-time. And we think, this time, we won’t be disappointed.

Microsoft’s next OS, Windows 8 will have native SmartScreen file checking, meaning the SmartScreen filter will be in-built and will help protect your PC environment.

Okay. . . . . .but WHAT is this SmartScreen thing?

If you are familiar with either Internet Explorer or Windows Live Messenger 2011, you might know of something called the ‘SmartScreen Filter.’ If not, it’s a tool that Microsoft has built to protect users against known malware and punk URLs, helping to keep the user safe and undamaged.

One good thing with this is that there is also an option to turn it off if you’re not happy with it. However, we suspect for the average user, SmartScreen in combination with a tighter OS (let’s hope Windows 8 is that OS) and Security Essentials will provide a stable enough computing environment that potential false positives thrown by SmartScreen are worth their annoyance.

Another interesting thing, if you notice in the image above, is the top circled option which allows you to never run an application that has been downloaded from the Internet that SmartScreen does not find clean. This really kills it from Microsoft!

With Microsoft taking so many measures to help protect the users, we really hope Windows 8 could expand the Redmond company’s reputation in the OS arena (which is slowly inclining towards Apple’s Mac OS).