4 Cool Ways to Use a Drone

Some Americans already have drones delivering their mail. You read about the fleets of drones used by military operations around the world. Did you know you could have your very own drone to use for just about anything you want? The FAA is still considering the rules for personal drone usage, but it’s perfectly legal […]

The Marvels of Modern Medicine

The medical technology available today might have at one time been only the dream of creative sci-fi enthusiasts and writers. From mimicking the anatomy of insects to inventing the world of virtual reality, researchers continually develop devices designed to enhance the quality of life. Earlier Detection of Alzheimer's Medical professionals and loved ones witness first-hand […]

4 Ways to Exchange Business Cards for Tech Geeks

There’s an app for everything, including exchanging virtual business cards. This is often easier than exchanging LinkedIn profile information or furiously searching for your latest connection on Facebook. Plus, it ensures that your connection won’t stumble across that drunk spring break photo that you were tagged in and forgot about. It’s basically the digital Google+ […]

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