12 Best Jailbreak Tweaks for your iPhone

Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has created a whole new ecosystem of its own which has, as some like to call it “changed the game” in the field of smartphones. Each generation of iOS has produced more stable devices adding many rich features and needed enhancements. That being said, many still believe that … Continue reading “12 Best Jailbreak Tweaks for your iPhone”

How To: Download Youtube videos

Earlier we had informed you how to download any youtube video on a mac without any software but this time we will inform you how to download youtube videos even if you are windows user. To download youtube videos you need to follow the steps given below 1.Make sure you have Java installed on your PC. … Continue reading “How To: Download Youtube videos”

How to fit in at Apple Inc. (video)

Inside Apple author Adam Lashinsky recently visited the LinkedIn headquarters for a Q&A with LinkedIn executive editor Dan Roth, encountering former Apple  employee who had read his book and was in a position to comment on how accurately it portrays life Inside Apple. There was also this suggestion, among other things, that CEO Tim Cook possessed “so much charisma he … Continue reading “How to fit in at Apple Inc. (video)”

Google ropes in David Beckham to promote Google+, lets you ask him any question which he'll answer in a live interview on YouTube

Well known footballer David Beckham will be making his way to Google”s headquarters for an exclusive interview for the company which will be aired on the company”s video hub YouTube, and will also heavily involve the company”s social media efforts in Google .

Google launches YouTube Slam, asks you to pick a winner

With YouTube’s daily usage statistics increasing at an astonishing rate, Google has decided it’s time to go for the kill by launching a fun new initiative, or rather a ‘game’, called YouTube Slam. So what is YouTube Slam? YouTube Slam is basically a random battle between two similarly categorized videos with your part being to … Continue reading “Google launches YouTube Slam, asks you to pick a winner”

Youtube gets a redesign

The video sharing website-Youtube has got a complete redesign after a long time. Earlier we informed you that Google redesigned its search page and this time Google has redesigned Youtube. This new version of Youtube is much more cleaner and gives you more social features. The new Youtube homepage has a black,white and grey colored design.Quite similar to … Continue reading “Youtube gets a redesign”

Anyone seen this funky iPhone 5 concept?

A ‘funky’ new iPhone 5 concept by YouTube account holder adrstudiodesign is the latest entrant to the ever growing list of mock-ups and concepts surrounding the next iteration of Apple’s popular smartphone. The design, a “result of the author’s imagination”, is based on the ongoing rumors which suggest a larger 4.3-inch screen (highly unlikely) and a wider … Continue reading “Anyone seen this funky iPhone 5 concept?”

A new bird to join the Angry Birds clan this Halloween?

In the middle of the morning, the dead of the night, three Angry Birds went for a ride. As they were walking in the lonely forest, they spot something moving. The presence of someone unknown. Who is it? What could it be? A monster? A friend? An angrier creature? Oh wait, something just fell in the … Continue reading “A new bird to join the Angry Birds clan this Halloween?”

Wozniak weeps for friend Jobs (video)

The whole world is crying and moaning a visionary leader’s death so it comes as no surprise that Steve Jobs’ close friend Steve Wozniak shreds a tear or two remembering his old pal. Here’s his interview for The Associated Press this morning:

How To: Edit videos directly on YouTube

Don’t like re-uploading your videos on YouTube every time you make changes to them? Ever wanted to edit your videos directly on YouTube? Well, now you can. The folks at YouTube have now made it that easy to edit your videos online, thanks to a number of tools to stabilize, rotate, and spice up your clips … Continue reading “How To: Edit videos directly on YouTube”