iWatch to come in October?

According to a report by Recode Apple is planning a new wearable device in October. The report also states that Apple would schedule a special event that month to show off the iWatch. The iWatch is the most awaited wearable and the expectations are big. Apple would have to come out with something super exciting … Continue reading “iWatch to come in October?”

The future of ‘smart’ watches

Smartphones, smart TVs – it seems we’re a society obsessed by smart technology. Now, that is filtering down to our wrist adornments in the shape of ‘smart’ watches. Is this the future of watch technology? Like the mobile phone, that once only fulfilled a single role – to make calls – but has evolved into … Continue reading “The future of ‘smart’ watches”

Google smartwatch and all about it we know until now

Samsung launched it’s smart watch called Samsung Gear and it was a disaster. Everyone is waiting for Apple to come out with its iWatch. In the meanwhile Google has some surprises under its sleeve. Google has already hit the wearable’s market with its Google Glass but this time Google is all set to come out … Continue reading “Google smartwatch and all about it we know until now”

Is iWatch a fact or nonsense ?

There have been a lot of rumors about iWatch, Apple time etc. But will Apple actually launch a watch? The question is very difficult to answer but we can surely discuss a few points. 1. Apple’s shareholders want to see something new. Apple TV(HDTV) has a long way to go and until then Apple would not like … Continue reading “Is iWatch a fact or nonsense ?”

iWatch 2

For a long time now we’ve been sparing a lot of time thinking about a multi-purpose iWatch from Apple that does much more than just show time or even play music. While there are plenty of 3rd-party manufacturers who put a watch strap on the new iPod Nano and sell  this ‘iWatch’, working around Apple’s … Continue reading “iWatch 2”

Spy Camera Watch: The best of it’s kind

A new Spy Camera Watch with a high color resolution camera and a built-in video recorder is just the perfect gadget that you gadget freaks would want. Apart from being able to watch time, you can also show off the watch to your friends as it’s attractive design makes it look like a precious stone. … Continue reading “Spy Camera Watch: The best of it’s kind”