How To: Use Facebook on ANY mobile without GPRS or internet connection

More than half the world’s population can’t avoid but use Facebook and connect with friends and family the world over. It’s like the in thing these days. People use the social network to connect and interact with friends, read and share news stories, interact with their favorite brands, listen to music, share videos and do lot more than that. So using Facebook everyday has become an addiction and is a must for everyone. But sometimes, while on the go, it can become a little too costly to enter the blue brigade thanks to the overboard prices of mobile operators providing internet connection. But what if now i tell you that you can use Mark Zuckerberg’s social network anytime, anywhere, without the need of a GPRS or internet connection. Interested? Read on.

Singapore-based software application development company U2opia Mobile has long been developing an application for mobile phones that will allow users to access Facebook without paying for a data connection and also that will work well on all handsets. After working for almost 9 months on it, the software is now complete and ready to be used by the fans of the world’s most popular social network after Facebook India agreed to team up with U2opia to allow its Indian user base to access the network for free without requiring any Internet connection. So here’s how you can access Facebook from ANY mobile phone without any internet connection:

Dial *325# (*fbk#) and you will see a welcome message and after a few seconds you will be prompted with another message asking you to enter your username and password.

Access Facebook for Free on Mobile

Once you have entered the username and password correctly, you will be greeted with the following screen –

Fonetwish - Free Facebook via Mobile

  • News Feed
  • Update Status
  • Post On Wall
  • Friend Request
  • Messages
  • Notification
  • Account Settings

You can select any of the above options by replying with the appropriate option number. For example, to update your status, reply with option 2. After few seconds you will see the message “Whats on your mind?”. Reply the message with your status message. You should immediately see the message updated on your Facebook profile.

Free Facebook Updates via Mobile

Facebook Update via Fonetwish

Likewise, you can also read your News Feed, manage friend request, read Facebook Messages, change account settings, and so on.

Don’t like it? No problem. You can easily disable or deactivate it by simply dialing *325*22# from your mobile and the service should be deactivated immediately.

This software by U20pia is called Fonetwish and has been developed using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) technology. Technically, USSD is a protocol used by GSM telephones to communicate with the service providers. The best example for this would be the balance inquiry system used by people to check the balance in their prepaid account – no graphical user interface, only text updates.

Please Note:  Fonetwish says that this service is currently available for Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Tata Docomo users only in India. Other subscribers, however, won’t have to wait too long for the service.

Vodafone Germany lists iPhone 4S 64GB on its website

And there goes another nail in the coffin! Vodafone Germany has listed a new device named iPhone 4S with storage capacity of 64GB on its website, giving further indication of what we are to expect from Apple’s big event tomorrow. Nonetheless, we’ll be there bringing you all the news as it unfolds. 10am Pacific Time.

Via CNet

Apple launches factory-unlocked iPhone 3GS in India, starting at Rs.19,900

Apple has decided enough is enough — they now want to make way in the Indian market, and they start off by targeting Android’s stake.

Apple has often ignored the Indian market, despite the nation boasting over a billion people. Even when they did launch their product, the prices were so high that not even 1% of the population would go for it. This point was carefully noted and capitalized upon by Google, who launched cheap Android phones in the Indian market and became an instant favorite with the locals. But now, Apple has decided it is time to rethink its strategy and give India some more love (which they very much deserve).

To counter the easily available Android smartphones, Apple has decided to relaunch the iPhone 3GS in India — this time in a new factory-unlocked avatar. The phone will have 8GB of internal memory and will fetch for Rs.19,900.

Apple originally launched the 3GS in June of 2009 in America and only brought it to India in March last year through local carriers Vodafone and Airtel. The phone features a 600Mhz processor and sports a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen (320 x 480 pixels) for smooth usability.

The new factory-unlocked iPhone 3GS is expected to run iOS 4.3, with partial support for the latest iOS 5 also a high possibility.

For now, Airtel and Aircel will reportedly offer the iPhone 3GS while others will join the league after sometime. Moreover, users now have the flexibility to change operators as per choice. No doubt, India has become a dumping ground for Apple but on the brighter side, the move is likely to please everyone put off by the exorbitant pricing of the iPhone. This initiative can possibly attract more people to Apple’s products.

Do you think this is a good move by Apple to enter the mid-range smartphone battle and be more affordable?


New Vodafone 3G ZooZoo advert (video)

Vodafone’s new advertisement, showcasing their newly launched 3G service in India, featuring our favorite virtual character – ZooZoo – is an awesome ad to say the least. The creativity gone behind making this ad is superb, and, according to me at least, this is one of the most enjoyable adverts you will ever see.

BREAKING: Vodafone sells 5yr old Hutch Sim Cards with Vodafone Stickers in India

This is shocking: Vodafone is selling 5 year old sim cards in Mumbai, India, that were made by previous company Hutchison Essar. Hutch was acquired by Orange few years ago, which was then taken over by Vodafone some time back.

It all happened when co-author Aman Milwani went to a local Vodafone store to inquire about the micro sim cards that Vodafone has started selling in India (Airtel was the first to start them). The store employee presented a tampered sim card and went to attend a call. On taking a closer look, what he found was really shocking. The sim card was old with rough edges, and appeared to have some repairing done. From the edges, the outer cover was coming out. When Aman tried to slightly remove it more, slowly, he discovered there was the Hutch logo underneath and then he realized that Vodafone is selling 5 year old sim cards (Hutch had been taken over 5 years ago) with a Vodafone sticker on top.

Aman then put the sim card in his iPad and, to his shock, the sim detected the line as Hutch.

This is really a surprising news for us. We never expected a big company like Vodafone to still use such cheap methods. The least we expect from them is to at least make new sim cards and micro sim cards for customers.

On a side note, what we got is a micro sim card, and Hutch was taken over 5 years ago. Does this mean micro sim cards came to India 5 years ago? Did Apple consider the Indian market to launch their iPhone that time? I guess these questions will remain unanswered forever.

What are your views on this?

Great News! iPhone 3GS comes to India

Great news for all you Apple, and especially iPhone, lovers. Start rejoicing as iPhone 3GS is coming to India thanks to Airtel.

Bharati Airtel, which recently submitted its bid in the 3G-spectrum auction, has confirmed that it will be bringing the latest iPhone to India in the coming months.

While many of you are already looking forward to what’s on offer with the iPhone 4G, the 3GS version is about to come to India nearly a year after it was introduced to the world.

“Bharti Airtel on Friday said it had agreed with Apple Inc to sell its iPhone 3GS in India in the coming months.” – Reuters

Bharti Airtel and Apple reached an agreement to bring iPhone 3GS, the fastest most powerful iPhone yet, to India in the coming months. But, although the 3GS version of the iPhone is coming to India, it is a real shame that Indian users have had to wait so long to lay their hands on the latest and the greatest iPhone till date.

Mobile telephony is exploding in India but it is still not fully explored to it’s potential. I mean, forget internet connectivity, most service providers are struggling to ensure decent call quality itself. Hence, while the rest of the world is preparing to adopt 4G, India is gearing up to welcome 3G.

The release date is not yet provided by Airtel but one thing’s for sure is that if it doesn’t hurry, the iPhone 3GS will become outdated even before launch. Moreover, the lack of exclusive license also implies that they may be facing competition from the likes of Vodafone, Reliance and Aircel.

Techie-Buzz sums it up for us:

In spite of being widely acclaimed and selling like hot cakes in the US, the iPhone has failed to have any major impact in India. Outrageous pricing by the distributors pretty much ensured that the iPhone was out of reach for a significant percentage of the youth. Let us hope that the carriers will be more sensible this time around.

What are your thoughts? Would you go for it when it launches?

Credits: Technoholik, TiPb, Techie-Buzz

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Vodafone 547 by ZTE

Welcome to the world of touchscreen! Yes you’re thinking right. Another mobile phone with touchscreen will be launched by Vodafone very soon. It’ll be pretty similar to the company’s other products but just that it’s name contains the company’s name itself : a good branding strategy. It will be called “Vodafone 547″.

Manufactured by ZTE, one of Vodafone’s original design manufacturers, Vodafone 547 is a GSM/EDGE phone that has a quite simple design. It also has an accelerometer and features mobile TV. It’ll be a perfect device for those who enjoy multimedia entertainment, yet like their phone to have simplicity. It will come with a 400×240-pixel resolution touchscreen.

Vodafone MiFi 2352–Mobile wireless router (3G access)

Vodafone MiFi 2352–Mobile wireless router (3G access)

Recently,  Vodafone has been seen launching and promoting some interesting products in the field of Internet access. One of those marketed products is the new MiFi  2352 (an intelligent Mobile Hotspot for European HSPA Networks). So,  this is now an additional option Vodafone users can pick if they need an Internet 3G connection.

The MiFi 2352 is a small device (hardly weighs 100 grams) that can work as a WiFi router as well as a 3G modem to access Internet through mobile networks by using a computer or any other device with an Internet connection like a smartphone,  a video game console,  a media player,  etc.

‡ Key Features

* Works as a WiFi router:  This MiFi is able to act as a conventional WiFi router (just like those used in many residential and corporate environments).  In this case, the 3G data connection can be shared with up to five computers.

* Works as a USB modem:  It also works as a conventional 3G USB modem,  i.e.  ,  you can connect it to a USB port of your computer in order to have Internet access wherever you want.  Of course, you need an adequate mobile Internet plan, and in this case,  only your computer will have Internet access through the MiFi.

* 5 WLAN-enabled devices

* Shared internet access

* Portable stand-alone battery powered Mobile Broadband Hotspot – no wires required

* Battery with up to 4 hours stand alone usage.  Can be charged via the in-box A/C adapter or PC USB cable

To sum up,  its one heck of a handy tool from Vodafone.  Power to You.

Best Buy: $ 499 .00