Microkia takes on iPhone, Android with new set of mocking commercials (videos)

When the latest Nielsen survey revealed just last week that over 90% of US Smartphones purchased in the last 3 months are either iOS or Android, no one, including yours truly, could ever imagine Nokia and Microsoft will come up with this: Smartphonebetatest.com. The venture’s latest campaign, starring former Saturday Night Live star Chris Parnell, features a string of questionable videos which make fun of iPhone and Android devices, getting too dirty with their rivals that they forgot to market their own product: Nokia handsets running Windows Phone OS. Anyway, take a look at all the videos (below) to understand Microkia’s ‘promotional’ thinking (they even bought the antennagate issue back!):

How To: Download Youtube videos

Earlier we had informed you how to download any youtube video on a mac without any software but this time we will inform you how to download youtube videos even if you are windows user.

To download youtube videos you need to follow the steps given below

1.Make sure you have Java installed on your PC.

2.Go to keepvid.com and enter the url of the youtube video you want to download.

3.Keepvid will request you for some permission,grant them. It causes no harm to your PC.

4.You get an option to download the video as per your choice.(FLV,MP4,3GP).

5.If you only want the audio from the video that option is also available.

6.Choose the option you prefer and download the video.

Simple isn’t it? Go ahead,enjoy youtube videos on your desktop without any buffering issues.

P.S. Keepvid can be used on any kind of computer that has a browser.

Viral Monday: Xperia arc S takes on a dog; Fashion industry exposed (videos)

It’s the first Monday of 2012 and life gets back to normal, even as the celebratory mood sinks in. So, to give you a fresh and light start to the first weekday/working day of 2012, we’ve got here a couple of videos that are as amusing as you’ll find.

First up is one from Sony Ericsson where they boast that the Xperia arc S (notice the small ‘a’ in ‘arc’) is faster than a… dog. Or so is the arc S’ competitor in the video. The video demonstrates how “the fastest Xperia yet” manages to get the latest news in an instant, showing off its fast web browsing capability thanks to its 1.4GHz processor. The dog, the arc S’ competitor, however, isn’t too keen to compete, deeming the attempt a big FAIL from SE.

The second video we have here today is more amusing than the one you see above. Many of you might have already seen it but it still is worth another watch, and let me add, a good way to start a Monday. Ooof that paunch!

Mock Thy Rival: Samsung gets into Apple’s face with new TV commercial featuring the same actress Apple used in their iPhone 4S ad (videos)

After battling it out for almost the entire 2011, Samsung and Apple’s war just won’t cease even on the last day of the year, throwing up a new controversy to welcome 2012 on a bitter note between them.

Apparently, Samsung has cast the same little girl that Apple used for an iPhone 4S advert, for their own TV commercial, sparking of a huge debate whether Samsung has at least one person left with an original idea or no.

Obviously, it could all just be a coincidence as well weighing up the girl’s acting skills. But then, given the recent unrest between the two tech giants, which reached new levels of sourness worldwide towards the end of 2011, many believe this is just another move by the Korean company to mock its bitter rivals from Cupertino, California.

Or, seeing it in lighter vein, we can blame Apple for this controversy for they forgot to patent the little girl 😛 [ah! me and my sad jokes].

Anyway, here are the two videos in question:

Apple [iPhone 4S commercial]

Samsung [Galaxy Tab 8.9 commercial]


Google lets loose 3 new TV commercials to remind you about Google+ (videos)

With the battle of the social networks to gain the ultimate online supremacy heating up, and with Facebook beginning to run away with the crown, Google has just thrown down the gauntlet with 3 new TV commercials to promote its beleaguered offering Google+ to get back into the race. The adverts mostly revolve around Google+’s best feature: hangouts. Google’s multi-person video chat tool, which allows up to 10 participants to “hang out” (for free), is probably the number one selling point for Google’s social network.

Here are the three visuals from Google, complete with an Apple-esque background track:

Yet another Siri parody (video)

As if these videos (123) and an amusing horror flick starring Siri weren’t enough to tickle our funny bone, a new Siri parody video has gone viral that is surely to make you fall of your chair.

When Apple gave the world the iPhone 4S and sent along with it what users could call their own personal assistant named Siri, many oblivious beings thought Apple had named a feature after Tom Cruise’s daughter (whose name is actually ‘Suri’ and not ‘Siri’). It took people some time to realize they had erred in an embarrassing way. Today, the folks behind DrCoolS3x YouTube channel have sent out a guilt-edged reminder in the form of a video featuring Apple’s Siri and an adorable, but somewhat concerning ‘clone’ of Suri (Cruise). Here’s the visual:

Steve Jobs up, close and personal: Behind-the-scenes at NeXT (exclusive videos)

While the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson sheds light on the iconic man’s life, from his humble beginning to his silent end, it doesn’t quite cover the life and time of Jobs at NeXT. But luckily for us, videos from the series Entrepreneurs have become available online and show Steve Jobs working with his team at NeXT. The videos highlight Steve’s commendable leadership style and how he brainstormed with his team in the hour of need. Take a look:

How To: Edit videos directly on YouTube

Don’t like re-uploading your videos on YouTube every time you make changes to them? Ever wanted to edit your videos directly on YouTube? Well, now you can.

The folks at YouTube have now made it that easy to edit your videos online, thanks to a number of tools to stabilize, rotate, and spice up your clips available at your disposal. The new tools can be used on newly uploaded as well as older videos (as long as they do not have over 1,000 views or any third-party content). The videos’ URLs and ID numbers can either remain the same or you can choose to save the edited footage in brand new clips, giving them new numbers and URL.

While it all seems exciting, it may take a while for you to be able to edit your videos online as the new editing system rolls out gradually to all users. So don’t worry if you’re not seeing the magical “Edit Video” button just yet — just give it a bit of time. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Via The YouTube Blog

FlashtoHTML5 for Safari is just the thing you were looking for

Own an Apple gadget but can’t do without Flash? Read on. Continue reading “FlashtoHTML5 for Safari is just the thing you were looking for”

Common Wealth Games Opening Ceremony (Videos)

This is for all those of you who missed the opening ceremony of the much talked about Common Wealth Games which kick started yesterday in New Delhi, India. We’ve picked a few ‘nice’ videos out of the thousands flooding through the net which we thought might be of interest to you. The selection, mind you, was a pretty tough task given the numerous fake and/or poor quality videos available.

Use flash on Your Apple iPad

Its always said when there are rules the are meant to be broken. Apple though being the fan favorite tech brand has not been able to make people follow the rule by them which said that Flash cannot be used on the Apple iPad.

Here is how we can use flash on the Apple iPad-

1. You do not need any Jailbreak for it so there is nothing to worry about your warranty

2.Ripcode has developed a application/software that transcodes the Flash videos into Mp4 and MPEG format

3.All this happens over the cloud servers of Ripcode so there is no necessity of a Jailbreak

4. Both file transcoding and live stream transcoding is possible so it simply means that flash videos can now be viewed on your iPad easily

5. For more detailed information visit ripcode.com

Flash Now On the Apple iPad