Apple to launch iTunes Match soon, issues notice to be prepared

Apple is working very hard behind the scenes and is all set to launch iTunes Match very soon, judging by the ‘update’ they have sent out:

As we prepare for the launch of iTunes Match, we will be deleting all current iCloud libraries on Saturday, November 12th at 10 AM PST.
Please turn off iTunes Match on all of your computers and iOS devices. On your computer, choose Store > Turn off iTunes Match. On your iOS device, tap Settings > Music, then turn off iTunes Match. On your Apple TV, please choose Music > Turn off iTunes Match.
The songs on your computer should not be affected. As always, please backup regularly and do not delete the music you add to iCloud from your computer.

Apple has asked beta users of its iTunes Match cloud library service to backup their belongings as all the libraries in the cloud will be deleted today at 10 AM Pacific time.

Apple had previously set itself a deadline of October to launch the service but failed to deliver.

We still haven’t received any new launch date but a launch any time soon looks imminent given Apple’s preparations.

Facebook makes a boo boo, shows friend activity of 1970!

Now here’s a stumble: We all know Facebook, the world’s favorite social networking site, came into existence in 2004. But if this screenshot (below) is anything to go by, the 800 million-strong blue brigade was formed 41 years and 9 months ago on January 1st, 1970.

Even Facebook’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t born by then, leave alone the big F.


BlackBerry services down in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, won’t be back up until tomorrow

Just when things were getting better for RIM, their luck runs out. BlackBerry services are down again for some users in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina and don’t look like coming back up for at least another few hours. RIM issued the following statement:

Media statement – October 11
Some users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, India, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina are experiencing messaging and browsing delays. We are working to restore normal service as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Google comes out with enhanced Google Talk to rival Apple’s FaceTime

Google have taken a cue from Apple and have come up with an enhanced Google Talk — their own native video chat app, to rival Apple’s FaceTime. With FaceTime being a big hit for Apple, this seems a smart move from Google, who have added more flexibility to their app.

FaceTime vs Google Talk

While Apple’s FaceTime can be accessed only over a WiFi network, Google’s Google Talk works over 3G and 4G networks as well, apart from WiFi.

Google Talk is also flexible as far as the mode of chat is concerned, as it works from your Android phone, Android tablet, and any computer with Google Talk over Gmail.

Another point that Google Talk scores over FaceTime is that while in a video call, users can also see text chats from users in their network, without having to disconnect the video call. Users can also ‘pause’ the video call and navigate to other menus in the phone. Though the visual will be paused, audio can be heard clearly. Genius!

Google says the enhanced Google Talk for smartphones will arrive first on the Nexus S over the next few weeks with an Android 2.3.4 update, followed by other Android 2.3+ devices in the future.

NEW: Editing comments on Facebook is now possible (How-To guide)

Yup fellas, correcting your “oops-i-made-a-boo-boo” comments are now possible, thanks to the ever evolving geniuses of Facebook. After many new slight upgrades, the social network now allows users to edit their comments, if they need to. But there’s a catch.

Editing comments

Facebook recently updated their commenting system and secretly slipped in a new feature which doesn’t require users to click on a ‘Submit Comment’ button to post their comment, but instead just press enter. This new feature allows users to edit their comments after they have been submitted. Here’s a step by step explanation:

  • To edit your comment, press ‘X’ at the top right corner of your comment
  • This ‘X’ will act as an edit comment button if the comment is less than a minute old or no one has commented after you
  • If either of that happens, your comment will be locked and the ‘X’ will act as delete comment

All those who have previously commented or liked the post which contains the edited comment will also be duly notified.

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Buy Apps without a device!

Amazon’s upcoming App Store for Android will allow users to purchase apps from the store, even though they are yet to purchase a device to use those apps. It is basically to let users be prepared with their app arsenal and just pull the trigger the moment their device arrives. This one’s for the planners.

The exact time frame of the launch of the Android App store is still unknown, but we expect it to launch soon.

Meanwhile, its seems Android’s CEO has been following “pretty girls” off late 😉

More Love from AT&T – 3G MicroCell for free!

It keeps getting better and better for AT&T iPhone users as the exclusive-iPhone-carrier-no-more is going all out to prevent you from making the Big Red switch to Verizon. With less than a week to go for Verizon iPhone’s launch, AT&T’s latest weapon is to give away 3G MicroCell to users. For free. Tempting? Well, there’s a twist: apparently, if you get the 3G MicroCell, you’ll need to stay on AT&T for an addition 12 months. Phus!

Poll: Is AT&T’s bait enough to make you stick to them or you’ve decided its time for change (with Verizon)?

Via 9to5

Skype for Mac out of beta, makes group calling costly

Skype have untagged ‘beta’ from its Mac variant, releasing the full Skype for Mac software to users for download. The big news out of the launch is that the group video chatting feature is now a paid one. New users avail a free 7 day trial after which they can purchase a day pass starting at $4.99 (€3.49/£2.99)* or get a monthly subscription for $8.99 (€5.99/£4.99)* per month.

Facebook testing Skype video chat; Available to everyone soon

This is exciting news for all Facebook users: the largest social network on the web is about to introduce Skype video chatting to its users pretty soon, literally nullifying the great barrier of distance that separates people globally. Of course, you don’t need Facebook to use Skype, but, with almost 500million+ users connecting with friends and family through Facebook, integrating Skype’s video chatting feature is the smartest move Mark Zuckerberg can make.

There have been many instances in the past which suggested Facebook was considering opting for a video chat feature for the social network but it never happened. So what makes us think it will happen now? Well, we tell you, this time it is almost certain this news is true, as asserted by Tal Ater, an app developer, who found this mysterious piece of information while seeping through Facebook’s coding.

Apparently, Facebook app dev, Tal Ater claimed to have stumbled upon a JavaScript object on Facebook called ‘VideoChat’ having numerous properties that specifically highlighted ‘Skype’.

You can access the code in question (js file) on Facebook’s server OR head over to Tal Ater’s mirror.

The code mentions SkypeIDs at places, which is reason enough to believe Facebook is at least considering Skype integration. The code is apparently only loaded sporadically, leading Ater to speculate that Facebook is “bucket testing” the code across a small section of its user-base.

There’s no comment yet from Facebook on this matter.

A closer look below:

We predict Skype Video Chat will soon be officially announced and available to all users. We think this might be a good Christmas/New Year gift for us from Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team. Stay tuned.

Free MobileMe to iOS users

Earlier we told you about the launch of the much awaited iOS 4.2. iOS 4.2 got some exciting stuff which includes free MobileMe to iOS users is what is decided by Apple. Not all features are available for free. Only find your device and gallery feature of the MobileMe is available for free.

What ever it is, its obviously beneficial to the users. At the moment there is no news about the Gallery storage capacity but we shall keep you updated.