Tim Cook on Twitter!

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was out there at the Palo Alto retail store greeting customers who were waiting in the line to buy the new iPhone 5s/iPhone5c.

Later Tim joined twitter tim_cook and his first tweet was about his visit to the Palo Alto store.




How To: Recharge your Tata Docomo prepaid card on Twitter

The ever innovative team at Tata Teleservices Limited has come up with a new, smart way to allow its Docomo users to recharge their prepaid cards, teaming up with popular social network Twitter in a new initiative called Twittcom. Through Twittcom, GSM prepaid users of Tata Docomo will be able to recharge and activate a Value added service / application through Twitter.

 “As a brand, Tata DOCOMO has always differentiated itself with its Innovations, whether it is 1p/sec pricing for calls, or advertising, efforts have always been made to add value to the lives of consumers. With the increasing consumption of Internet and the rise of social media it makes ample sense to be present on the medium where people are spending time at present or they are likely to spend time in the future. Our community on Facebook is amongst the strongest in the world and Twitter too will reach the same levels quite soon.” –  Ritesh Ghosal, Head of Brand Marketing at Tata Teleservices Limited

To use Twittcom, Tata Docomo customers need to follow this simple process:

  • Go to the Twitter handle of the company @tatadocomo and type in #reg
  • They will then send you a pin code for verification through SMS
  • Once the verification code is received, you need to go to the twitter handle again, and key in #code . They will then send you a retweet confirming your registration
  • For activating value added services, customers need to go to the handle @tatadocomo and key in #act# . They will then get a twit back confirming activation of the service


Angry Birds Space crosses 10 million downloads in under 3 days!

The world’s most popular bird game, Angry Birds has reached a new milestone today, with its latest iteration, Angry Birds Space reaching over 10 million gamers in less than 3 days since its launch. The announcement came via the official Angry Birds account on Twitter. Way to go Rovio!


New Apple TV UI was actually rejected by Steve Jobs 5 yrs ago

Here’s a popper: the new Apple TV UI — which has attracted a mixed response so far — was actually rejected by the iconic Steve Jobs some 5 years ago, said former Apple TV UI designer and “Professional Hobbyist, AppleTV” Michael Margolis on Twitter in a surprising revelation. He adds cheekily: “Now there is nobody to say ‘no’ to bad design.” Felizaaa!

US Senate and House postpone PIPA and SOPA voting amid widespread criticism

The US Senate and House has postponed voting on the anti-piracy bills known as PIPA (Senate) and SOPA (House) after some overwhelming opposition from all corners of the world protesting against the said bills. Not so long ago, many major companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter and the likes came out in the open to show their disapproval of PIPA and SOPA, which was followed by a flurry of support for these companies from the general public who opposed PIPA and SOPA alike as the anti-piracy bills threatened to affect everyone who uses internet. While these hugely powerful and unloved bills aren’t out of the way for good yet, they sure are delayed for now “until there is wider agreement on a solution,” announced both Harry Reid (Majority leader) and Lamar Smith (Judiciary Committee Chairman). But as things stand, you can be assured that SOPA and PIPA’s days are numbered.

More coverage: CBS

How To: Get the new Twitter web interface right now!

As you might be aware, the folks at Twitter had a very big day yesterday as they unveiled a completely revamped web interface for Twitter as well as major changes in Twitter’s mobile clients such as Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android.

If you are not fully aware of the changes Twitter has brought about, check out this quick video:

Superb, isn’t it? Those are some very big changes done there, making Twitter more cleaner and most notably more faster. It is much more easier now to navigate across the site. You can now even compose a tweet from anywhere on the site thanks to a dedicated “Compose new tweet…” button which sits on the top bar on the left side of your Twitter page. Clicking the button will pop up the compose window like this:

Anyway, enough drooling over the changes. Lets get down to some business.

So you want the new Twitter web interface, eh? But Twitter is reportedly said to be rolling out the new interface region wise, which unfortunately means it will take quite some time before you get the so called #NewNewTwitter web interface. Damn! Now what? Oh wait, there’s actually something you can do to get the new Twitter right now!

I’m in, i’m in. Just tell me what do i have to do.. install some plugins/extensions? Punch in some developer commands? Or any other complex things? Just tell me and i’ll do it!

Well, thankfully, you don’t have to do any of that crap. To get the new Twitter, all you have to do is get the revamped Twitter client on your iOS or Android device and you’ll get the new Twitter on the web as well.

How To Get New Twitter

Once you download the app and your account is linked there, the next time when you log into the website from your PC/Mac you should have new the Twitter there too. As simple as that!

So what are you waiting for? Download Twitter for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link] / Download Twitter for Android [Market Link] and get the new Twitter before your friends. After that you can be a star and share this page with them and help them get the new Twitter as well.

Via Redmond Pie, Gizmodo

iPad 2 Jailbreak on iOS 5 still months away

Following a progress report of sorts of the iPhone 4S on the jailbreak scene, renowned iPhone hacker and a member of the Dev-Team, MuscleNerd has some good news for iPad 2 owners as well, explaining that the iOS 5 jailbreak on iPad 2 has gone down well but, just like the 4S, there’s still a lot of work to be done on this front. Via Twitter:

Here’s a short video of current JB working on iPad2: youtu.be/oJVGl1eRW2A (Just like iPhone4S, lots of hurdles remain, no ETAs)

(For completeness (& post-verification this is real), here’s the iPad2 iOS5 ioreg dump musclenerd.com/ioreg_ipad2.txt .. 4S is earlier in timeline)

And just like in the case of the 4S, he’s provided proof in the form of a screenshot…

…and additionally a video too:

iPhone 4S Jailbreak tools to be ready soon

We have some good news for jailbreakers: the iPhone 4S has been successfully jailbroken by the Dev-Team, though there is still a lot of work which is yet to be done before the tools are made available for public consumption. Nonetheless, its a good sign and an indication that a public release is not too far away. Here’s what famous iPhone hacker and Dev-Team member MuscleNerd had to say on Twitter:

VERY preliminary 4S JB: twitpic.com/76vcp4 twitpic.com/76vct2 (Huge missing pieces prevent public release. LOTS of work left)

Here’s a screenshot to prove his word:

Siri for iPad 2

Apple’s new intelligent, and heavily narrow-minded, voice control system Siri, available with the iPhone 4S, has won over quite a few fans it seems. Apple introduced this personal assistant with the iPhone 4S launch in its Let’s Talk iPhone event held on October 4 and since then it has become so popular that people with older iDevices want to have it as well. This prompted a certain Steve Troughton-Smith to port Siri to the iPhone 4 (though without much success at the moment). Now, another developer Sonny Dickson is trying to port Siri to the iPad 2.

As you all already know, Siri  is a personal assistant that allows you to perform a variety of tasks on your iPhone 4S, such as setting alarms/reminders/calendar events, texting/emailing/calling someone, asking for definitions, directions and much more – using your voice alone. So understandably everyone wants to have a piece of it. But its not as easy as it sounds. Its almost impossible.

The reason why Siri wouldn’t work smoothly on the iPhone 4 (above) is because Apple servers do not accept Siri voice input to be processed if it is coming from any device except the iPhone 4S. This rendered Siri on the iPhone 4 without accepting any input. And we assume same will the case be with the iPad 2 port Mr. Dickson is working. If true, then we can only hope that there’s a workaround in place for this very soon.

Also, it must be noted that  jailbreak developer MuscleNerd has stated that porting Siri over to older, unsupported devices isn’t possible without resorting to piracy. I am not clear on how porting Siri to these devices would involve piracy, but these developers know what they are doing so we’ll have to take their word for it.

Settings > General > Siri

Via Sonny Dickson Twitter

Would you like to have Siri in your older iDevice?

Stevie Wonder lauds Steve Jobs for iOS (video)

Stevie Wonder thanked Apple chairman Steve Jobs for giving the world a monster of an operating system in the form of iOS, singing praises for the Apple man for iOS accessibility.

There is nothing that you can do on the iPhone or iPad that I can’t do.