Windows 8 Tablet: First Glimpse

A first Windows 8-running tablet from Samsung has been displayed by Microsoft at BUILD, a developers conference, today. The new OS + tablet combo arrives on the scene sometime early next year, being suitable to compete with Apple’s iPad, which will be in its 3rd avatar by then. Here’s an overview from Joanna Stern at the Verge.

By the way, you really have no idea how lucky the attendees were…

Revealed: Facebook too has limit on Status Updates

Like Twitter, Facebook too has a character limit on Status Updates

Have you ever tried updating your Facebook status with a long paragraph or something? Don’t bother as you will be greeted with an error message.

Like Twitter, Facebook too has some restrictions for updating its Facebook status. You cannot type in more than 420 characters as an update.

Thankfully, at least this is 3 times more than Twitter’s character limit of 140 per tweet.

But, is this restriction brought about now? Or is it since the day Facebook started? I, for one, didn’t knew about it before because i never tried to post a long message as my status update.

What do you think about it? Have you ever tried this before?

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