Google lets loose 3 new TV commercials to remind you about Google+ (videos)

With the battle of the social networks to gain the ultimate online supremacy heating up, and with Facebook beginning to run away with the crown, Google has just thrown down the gauntlet with 3 new TV commercials to promote its beleaguered offering Google+ to get back into the race. The adverts mostly revolve around Google+’s best feature: hangouts. Google’s multi-person video chat tool, which allows up to 10 participants to “hang out” (for free), is probably the number one selling point for Google’s social network.

Here are the three visuals from Google, complete with an Apple-esque background track:

Apple releases three new iPhone 4S TV commercials: iCloud, Siri, Camera (videos)

Apple has release three brand new TV commercials to promote its newest smartphone, the iPhone 4S. The commercials are dedicated to showcasing Apple’s iCloud, Siri and camera features individually and include good real life examples to convince you into purchasing the iPhone 4S — if you haven’t already.

First up is the iCloud commercial:



These three new TV commercials are in addition to last week’s solo release — the first iPhone 4S Siri advert, which demonstrated Siri and its benefits to the world.