Ferrari FF hits the roads, is ready to be purchased

Ferrari FF, the company’s most powerful, versatile four-seater ever, as well as its first ever four-wheel drive car has started rolling its wheels in some areas on earth already and is expected to be available for purchase very soon. The FF – an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive) – ushers in an … Continue reading “Ferrari FF hits the roads, is ready to be purchased”

Internet Explorer 9: Test Drive

Microsoft have reealed the 9th version of Internet Explorer and it supports HTML5 (including HTML5 video!), hardware-accelerated 2D graphics, and a totally new JavaScript engine, but NO XP support. This is, as of now, though, just a demo. The final version doesn’t yet has a release date. Key Features h.264 video: When people talk about … Continue reading “Internet Explorer 9: Test Drive”