Buying one of the new Nokia Windows Phone devices? Hold on.

Are you considering buying one of the new Nokia Windows Phone devices in the very near future? Well, holding off for now would be a better idea and you might just land yourself Nokia’s Mix Radio app for free.

One of the best Nokia apps yet is slow to come onto US markets. It will arrive with the new Nokia Lumina 800, to be introduced to US markets in early 2012. European customers who already have the new Windows platform phone are very enthusiastic about the new Nokia Music app that comes free with the new smart phone. If you love music you may want to hold off on purchasing that new phone.

The Nokia Music app features a player, of course, and works with Zune to play your favorite tunes but it also comes with Mix Radio which will stream music from prerecorded radio stations featuring over 15 million tracks of music in most genres. If you like what you’re hearing then you can tap the phone and save the song on your Lumia for playing offline. You can also buy music downloads in MP3s.

The Lumina 800 also has a feature similar to Pandora that allows you tell Mix Radio who your favorite bands are and it will create customized play lists for you. Mix Radio uses Eagles Nest Taste profiling to serve up your personalized music. You can also skip, rate or love songs.

Mix Radio is simple to use, just tap the home screen and music starts playing, no subscription, no paying downloading fees. It comes standard on the Lumina 800, no installation needed. (Mix Radio is also available on Lumina 710 phones.) It also has GIG- which will actually tell you when your favorite bands are playing in the area.

Nokia is promising that the Lumina 800 US version, which may be called Tango, will have very aggressive pricing and many insiders are speculating the price of the new Windows phone will be close to $200, making it affordable for most consumers. But unfortunately we’ll have to wait until 2012 to find out.

The Lumina 800 has a slim design, fits well in the pocket and hand, comes in 3 colors, and does all the things a smart phone is supposed to do as well as play music. It’s rated as the fastest Windows phone on the market by most reviewers and of course being a Nokia phone it goes a long way between charges. If grandpa has resisted getting a smart phone you can tell him it’s like having a transistor radio in the pocket that knows what music you like and lets you make phone calls too.

The Lumina 800 is flying off the shelves in Europe. The US version will have a larger screen, a slightly different processor and an 8 megapixel camera. The Mix Radio app is one of the apps that distinguish Nokia’s Windows phones from similar smart phones and it isn’t available as a stand alone app. I believe that once you see a friend’s Lumina 800 or Tango in use you’ll want one too, especially if you’re a music lover. That’s one of the reasons you may want to wait until after the holidays to purchase a new phone.

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