Pocket friendly tablets

Today we are looking at tablets that suits almost everyone’s pockets and also does justice with its brand name with its outstanding performance and looks of a Chinese Tabs.
If someone wants to display its visuals and presentations, would one carry USB drive or a Memory card or a laptop ??? Slim and light is the trend of the future !! Better options are available for you. Newly launched tablets that fits everyone’s pockets. Apple’s iPad is not in the race cause it doesnt accept a memory card and too expensive for users.
A certain explosion in the market of gadgets has helped the price factor and still the quality is the competition factor increasing. We are not talking about cheap chinese tablets which dont work at an easy rate of Rs.3000/- only. Its just a waste of money.There are indeed some quality tabs of well known brands which require recognition in mentioned range of Rs.12000/-


Firstly, it is the Zen Ultrabook, the first so called tablet designed for the latest version of Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich). In design, Zen Ultrabook is more sleeker than the Micromax Tab and lacks any front facing hardware keys. Zen Ultrabook has 1.2 GHz processor, 512 Mb RAM, 4 GB in built memory. Zen Ultrabook also has a TF Slot (Trans-Flash). Zen Ultrabook satisfies the camera quality having just 1.3 MP of front-facing camera able to take decent pictures but it certainly lacks a rear-facing.Zen Ultrabook lacks connectivity through WiFi. Zen Ultrabook is easily connectible to 3G networks with external dongle. What impresses is the sound quality with precise clarity and breath-taking looks. Zen Ultrabook is proving to be a healthy competition to MIcromax Funbook. Zen Ultrabook is extremely a combined package of price and quality with performance. The overall market price is around Rs.6,199/-


Micromax being one of the easily established and pioneer of bringing price sensitive tablet to Indian market. Micromax Funbook is easy to hold and works efficiently. Micromax Funbook has three front facing hardware buttons (Home, Return and Menu) and also Volume control buttons. There are input slots for HDMI, micro USB and TF Slot.Micromax Funbook has 1.2 GHz processor with 512 RAM in built and 4GB in built. The camera quality disappoints with just 0.3 MP morely suitable for video calling feature only.Micromax Funbook can be connected through WiFi and 3G dongle. Micromax has collaborated wuth Tata Photon+ offering a data card with the tablet. Micromax Funbook is available in Black and SIlver colour. The Micromax Funbook has fast performance compared to others. Micromax Funbooks excels in the sleeky design with easy user interface. The approximate price of Micromax Funbook is Rs.6,499/-


Zync Z999 is the most expensive tablet in the Rs.12,000/- range. But Zync Z999 seems to be slightly different in Hardware specifications. Zync Z999 has a 1.5 Ghz Cortex A8 ARM processor, while the Ram is same 512 MB. Actually, the Zync Z999 gave the quick impression of keeping the other two tabs behind in performace, processing and camera. The features of Zync Z999 which sets it different from the other three – an in-built SIM card slot, having two cameras (front as well as rear) and 8GB in-built memory.Zync Z999 could be a problem while making voice calls, A bluetooth could be a solution to it. The camera surprised a lot with 2MP rear camera with picture clear quality.But the Zync Z999 seems a bit too large for the wallet having an overall price of Rs.11,990/-


The choice of the people depends upon their requirements. But having a look regarding convenience and business importance Zync Z999 is certainly a better option. But Zen Ultrabook is a way better choice regarding sound and clarity. Looking for a tablet for education and entertainment, Micromax Funbook is what would be best for the pocket and worth it.

Via- Hindustan Times Newspaper dated July 10,2012.

Staying Ahead of the E-Curve

Today’s Phone, Tomorrow’s History

Photo Credit: LGEPR

Did you buy the iPhone 4 a month ago only to find out Apple had plans to release the iPhone 4S a week later? With the constant changing and upgrading of electronics in today’s market, it’s not just difficult to keep up with the most up-to-date products; it’s also hard to know which one is the best for you.

Findthebest is your market insider for staying ahead of the technology curve. The search engine has specs and comparisons with specific information for smartphones, tablets, notebook laptops, or other electronic devices.

Founded by Kevin O’Conner (founder of double click), this Santa Barbara based Start-Up has over 2 million unique visitors a month and was funded by prominent Venture Capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. Experiencing large consecutive growth, this is a company to keep an eye on for the future of comparison search engines.

If you’re looking for…


Key items to consider when comparing smartphones include the camera quality, features, screen size, smart rating and talk time (battery-life).  To avoid getting scammed, be sure to buy the phone from a trusted manufacturer instead of online third-party sites. Also, be prepared to pay for pricier phone bills due to the extra messaging and data plans. Findthebest lets you select all of the criterion you are interested in, and compare the phones that possess these features. Check out this example…


Things to look for in a tablet computer include average battery life, features, internal storage, smart rating, weight, and operating system and screen size. Compare up to 10 listings side-by-side to find the best tablet computer. If you’re constantly travelling, than use the weight filter to find a lighter table tablet, so it doesn’t become a burden to tote around. Because tablet computer often come with Wi-Fi capabilities, a 3G capable device is unnecessary.

Notebook laptops:

Laptops vary in battery-life, display size, and storage amount, which could all be important characteristics for you, but also think of the environment in which you’ll use the laptop. Different laptops have different functions and types such as: desktop-replacement, gaming rugged, budget, thin, lightweight and all-purpose laptops, so take these categories into consideration when purchasing your next laptop.

Using FindTheBest’s comparisons for electronics to help compare smartphones, find the best tablets and laptops to complement your lifestyle is quick and easy, saving you time (and maybe money) while making informed purchase decisions.

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color… Fight!

As you are aware, Amazon finally launched their own answer to Apple’s iPad in the form of Kindle Fire which is far less than an iPad competitor in my own humble opinion. For instance, there is no camera, no microphone and no 3G support in the Kindle Fire. You can access the internet only through WiFi and be able to read e-books,  listen to music, watch movies and play games available for download through the Amazon Appstore for Android. But still, for the pure tech moguls, here’s a side by side specs comparison of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Apple’s iPad 2 and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color:

The biggest plus side of the Fire is that the device will come with a 60-day free trial of Amazon Prime (a $79 a year value) membership and pre-registered with your Amazon account, so you can literally use it right out of the box. But still, it is far too less to entice anyone to opt for the Fire, again, in my own humble opinion.

You can get more of the Fire at Amazon’s new Fire page and over at amazon.com/kindlefire.

Apple goes for the kill against Samsung’s Galaxy devices

Apple is hell bent on getting Samsung’s Galaxy series devices, including smartphones and tablets, banned all over Europe, terming the latter “copycat” owing to the host of similarities between Apple’s and Samsung’s devices.

Taking on from where they left off, Apple has today asked a Dutch court to ban all Galaxy series devices, including the widely popular Galaxy S II, which has seen huge success all over Europe.

Apple’s complaint, seen by Webwereld, a Dutch IDG publication, seeks an injunction for the entire Galaxy series. This includes smartphones — the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S and Galaxy SII — and tablets: the Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Other Galaxy devices, like the Gio, Nexus, 551, Europa, Apollo and Mini are also involved, albeit only in a footnote in which Apple states, “It is expected that these devices are also covered by one or more of the patent rights invoked.”

It doesn’t end here. Apple has also resorted to bullying and ‘threatening’ Samsung’s partnered retailers to stop Galaxy sales immediately.

For the record we would like to mention the fact that by storing, offering and/or selling of the above mentioned Galaxy smartphones [and tablets], you commit infringement of the intellectual property rights of Apple Inc.

The trial will take place in The Hague, Netherlands September 15th, and the judge said  if he grants any injunctions, they would take effect no sooner than October 13, reported Webwereled (via 9to5Mac)

The History of Computing: Apple vs Microsoft

The war between Apple and Microsoft has been the epitome of the technological advancements we see today. Dominating the best part of the last 30 years, the intense rivalry between the two computing giants allegedly kicked off following Apple’s infamous ad campaign launched to promote its new Macintosh computer. Since then, the world hasn’t been the same. Both these companies have gone on to grow bigger than each other (as they’d like to believe) and changed the way we live our livers, spoiling us with breath-taking gadgets that make our life more simple and more enjoyable.

To pay tribute to this rivalry, Manolution has produced the largest infographic we’ve ever witnessed, highlighting the ups and downs of both these giants over the years. Let them take over…

Sony teases its S1 and S2 tablets (video)

Sony has come out with the first teaser video in a series of five of its S1 and S2 tablets, which are due for a release later this year in September. The video (below) shows the S1 and S2 in a lighter vein, without spilling out too much info, but does manage to get your vote of confidence. Watch out for Sony’s elaborate Rube Goldberg machine.

Though there isn’t much info available on the two devices yet, we do know that the S1 will be a 9.5-incher and that the S2 will sport a couple of 5.5-inch screens (yup, its a dual screen tablet). Both of the devices are expected to run on Android’s Honeycomb OS and will feature a Tegra 2 chip each. For photographers, the S1 will feature two cameras while the S2 will have only one.

Here’s another video from Sony released back in May showcasing the S1 and S2 for your viewing pleasure:

Apple,Android and now finally Windows Tablet

We all are using and enjoying the iPad and some of us have also been lucky to try android tablets like Olive Pad but as expected Microsoft had to come out with Windows based tablets. Windows based tablets might be confusing for some people as they would be confused whether windows(used in laptops) will be used or windows(used in windows mobile) will be used.So for all those confused people the windows in the tablet is the pc version of windows and not the mobile version.

Apple has done a sensible thing by naming the two OS-Leopard and iOS differently whereas Microsoft needs some thinking in this sector.

Now coming to windows based tablets- Samsung,Asus and Acer have been the first ones to use windows in a tablet(not counting those cheap and dirty chinese ones).

Here are the details-

1.Dual-Screen PC from Acer

This device is not like a traditional tablet but it is not a laptop either. It consists of two 14 inches screens which are face to face.

2.Samsung PC 7 Sliding Series

This is a tablet which has a keyboard underneath its beautiful glossy screen.It has 3G and WiMAX connectivity and weights around 2.18 pounds. Hard drive is 32GB or 64GB as per choice. This device can be used as a tablet or as a netbook as per the requirement of the situation.

3.Asus Tablet PC

This tablet is the best when you compare it with the above two.It features a full fledge windows 7 with an i5 processor. Also it will ship with a stylus and a wireless keyboard.

The screen is extremely responsive and offers a viewing experience up to 180 degrees(off-axis).