Pocket friendly tablets

Today we are looking at tablets that suits almost everyone’s pockets and also does justice with its brand name with its outstanding performance and looks of a Chinese Tabs. If someone wants to display its visuals and presentations, would one carry USB drive or a Memory card or a laptop ??? Slim and light is … Continue reading “Pocket friendly tablets”

Staying Ahead of the E-Curve

Today’s Phone, Tomorrow’s History Photo Credit: LGEPR Did you buy the iPhone 4 a month ago only to find out Apple had plans to release the iPhone 4S a week later? With the constant changing and upgrading of electronics in today’s market, it’s not just difficult to keep up with the most up-to-date products; it’s … Continue reading “Staying Ahead of the E-Curve”

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color… Fight!

As you are aware, Amazon finally launched their own answer to Apple’s iPad in the form of Kindle Fire which is far less than an iPad competitor in my own humble opinion. For instance, there is no camera, no microphone and no 3G support in the Kindle Fire. You can access the internet only through … Continue reading “Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color… Fight!”

Apple goes for the kill against Samsung’s Galaxy devices

Apple is hell bent on getting Samsung’s Galaxy series devices, including smartphones and tablets, banned all over Europe, terming the latter “copycat” owing to the host of similarities between Apple’s and Samsung’s devices. Taking on from where they left off, Apple has today asked a Dutch court to ban all Galaxy series devices, including the … Continue reading “Apple goes for the kill against Samsung’s Galaxy devices”

The History of Computing: Apple vs Microsoft

The war between Apple and Microsoft has been the epitome of the technological advancements we see today. Dominating the best part of the last 30 years, the intense rivalry between the two computing giants allegedly kicked off following Apple’s infamous ad campaign launched to promote its new Macintosh computer. Since then, the world hasn’t been … Continue reading “The History of Computing: Apple vs Microsoft”

Sony teases its S1 and S2 tablets (video)

Sony has come out with the first teaser video in a series of five of its S1 and S2 tablets, which are due for a release later this year in September. The video (below) shows the S1 and S2 in a lighter vein, without spilling out too much info, but does manage to get your … Continue reading “Sony teases its S1 and S2 tablets (video)”

Apple,Android and now finally Windows Tablet

We all are using and enjoying the iPad and some of us have also been lucky to try android tablets like Olive Pad but as expected Microsoft had to come out with Windows based tablets. Windows based tablets might be confusing for some people as they would be confused whether windows(used in laptops) will be … Continue reading “Apple,Android and now finally Windows Tablet”