Apple releases iTunes Match with iTunes 10.5.1

Following several quick-fire beta releases in the past few days, Apple has now released iTunes 10.5.1 final to the public, bringing along iTunes Match as well for the Americans. With iTunes Match, users can now sync their music from their iTunes libraries to iCloud for $24.99 a year. Apple has explicitly said only songs that are … Continue reading “Apple releases iTunes Match with iTunes 10.5.1”

How To: Set up Wireless Syncing on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

As promised, Apple has brought wireless syncing with iTunes to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with the launch of iOS 5 beta 2 yesterday. This new feature is a big relief and frees you of the hassles of connecting through wires every time. So lets get started…

With new iPhone comes new iTunes: Version 9.2 released with iOS4 Support

After all the drama that unfolded on Day One of the iPhone 4 pre-orders, Apple, who apologized for the chaos, have acted smartly with a new version release of iTunes – version 9.2. This new version will support iOS4 and take the attention away from all the mishaps caused by Apple and its partners which … Continue reading “With new iPhone comes new iTunes: Version 9.2 released with iOS4 Support”

† iHome iA5 and iA100

†  iHome iA5 and iA100 These devices boasting of speakers,  alarm-clock and charging base for iPhone/iPod have an attractive design and can be very handy too. Plus,  they also include a free application called iHome+Sleep, which allows users to synchronize the device with their iPhone or iPod in order to be able to program their waking … Continue reading “† iHome iA5 and iA100”