First-Person Mario: Witnessing Mario’s world through his own eyes (awesome video)

What happens when you stick everyone’s favorite mushroom-stomping plumber smackdab in the middle of a first-person shooter? YouTube effects phenom, Freddie Wong shows us exactly what, in this awe-freaking-some video below:

Impressive, isn’t it? Well, Freddie’s creativity doesn’t end here. Below is a more modern version of Mario which sees him sport guns and other weapons as he makes his way past he chilly weather and harming insects into his castle.

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Samsung Galaxy S 2 Launched officially

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Launched officially

Don’t tell me we didn’t warn you before. On the 2nd day of this month we first broke news of the Galaxy S 2’s existence. We also told you it is arriving February 13th (today!). Then yesterday we got more news for you, basically some modifications to the previously claimed specs. And yeah, we also mentioned the S 2 appeared to be the thinnest smartphone till date. And now, it has officially arrived!

Galaxy S 2 has 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display

Galaxy S 2 has 8.49mm thick and 116grams in weight

Galaxy S 2 has 1,600mAh battery

Galaxy S 2 has Response time on the Super AMOLED Plus display is 0.01 millisecond. IPS has a .25 millisecond response time

Super AMOLED Plus has 18% reduction of power over previous Amolders

Super AMOLED Plus has 18% power reduction over previous AMOLEDs

Galaxy S 2 will have NFC technology.But non-NFC models will be available  as well.

Galaxy S 2 has 8-megapixel camera with LED Flash + 8-megapixels front camera.

Galaxy S 2 has 30fps encoding and decoding of 1080p video

Galaxy S 2 has a Game Hub which will give users access to networked games

Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue!

Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue!
No we are not talking about any super hero. Nor is it the name of a new comic. Then what is it?
It is a new WiMAX-enabled smartphone with Android. Yes ‘Supersonic’ is it’s name & with the buzz from the Nexus One starting to wane, it could well turn out to be a front runner to be crowned the next iPhone killer.
Sprint (as it is known) will be carrying an WiMAX/Android version of the jaw-dropping HTC HD2.  The biggest (only?) complaint about the HD2 is that it runs Windows Mobile 6.5, though HTC’s Sense makes an effort at making it usable.
It could also turn out to be the world’s first 4G phone.
Quoting Engadget:
We know 2010’s just begun, but between all this noise and the promise of a legitimate 4G radio on board, let’s be real — we’re already looking at a very, very early contender for smartphone of the year.
OK, so this new Sprint phone is unlikely to be an iPhone killer.  But maybe the Dell Mini 5 could be.  It has a SIM slot and 5-inch touch screen and can make calls.