Sprint outs new iPhone 4S ad: Unlimited iPhone (video)

Just a couple of days after Verizon’s AT&T-mocking iPhone 4S advert, Sprint has released one of their own, titled Unlimited iPhone. The video (below) is just another tactical move in the ongoing three-way war between Verizon, AT&T and Sprint — all of whom are trying to attract as many customers as they can with each … Continue reading “Sprint outs new iPhone 4S ad: Unlimited iPhone (video)”

Carrier wars: iPhone 4S pre-orders begin today

For those of you who were caught up by a gloomy Thursday, here’s a reminder that the new iPhone 4S is available to be booked from today, 3:01am ET onwards. And for the first time, people in the U.S will have up to 3 carriers to choose from to get an iPhone — AT&T, Verizon … Continue reading “Carrier wars: iPhone 4S pre-orders begin today”

Sprint gets an iPhone; Sales start October 14

Apple has confirmed that Sprint will finally be getting an iPhone – the new iPhone 4S – to kick-start a good long run for the carrier who has been flirting with troubles recently. The much anticipated sales begin next Friday, October 14.

AT&T + T-Mobile merger hits roadblock

Its no news that there are parties which do not want the AT&T + T-Mobile merger to go through, including the US Government. But now, Sprint too has stood up, not for the first time though, this time filing a suit to stop the merger that will allegedly create the “duopoly” between the merged parties … Continue reading “AT&T + T-Mobile merger hits roadblock”

AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint to bring Samsung Galaxy S II to the U.S this fall

The world’s thinnest 4G smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II, is headed to the U.S this fall (finally) and will be available via major carriers AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint (NO Verizon). Samsung’s major iPhone-competitor has been a super hit in Korea and Europe, roping in millions already for the Japanese smartphone-maker. The S II’s specs, coupled … Continue reading “AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint to bring Samsung Galaxy S II to the U.S this fall”

RIM launches new BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370

In an effort to regain its lost glory, Research in Motion (RIM) has delivered the last blow up its stride, releasing a new BB Curve model following the launch of the new Bold, Torch and Storm variants. So, what is the new Curve all about? Is it worth purchasing? Gauge past the break for our … Continue reading “RIM launches new BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370”

Apple iPhone on T-Mobile: Sooner rather than later

This could come as a relief to all those of you who own an iPhone and are very happy with it, but not with it’s service provider – AT&T. And this good news could be announced sooner than you would have expected (not that anyone’s complaining). Apple’s high flying iPhone will make its way on … Continue reading “Apple iPhone on T-Mobile: Sooner rather than later”

Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue!

Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue! No we are not talking about any super hero. Nor is it the name of a new comic. Then what is it? It is a new WiMAX-enabled smartphone with Android. Yes ‘Supersonic’ is it’s name & with the buzz from the Nexus One starting to wane, it could well … Continue reading “Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue!”