BREAKING: iPhone 4S release date, price in India

Our sources have bought in some amazing news for iPhone lovers in India. The new iPhone 4S will soon come to India. In fact it is launching as soon as December 2011.

This new iPhone can be a good new years gift for many of us Indians, isn’t it?

This new phone is expected to launch for only Rs35,500 (as against the high prices we are used to for Apple products).

So all you guys who pay astonishing prices in the grey market, wait for a while and you might just save some bucks.

Update: Our source has updated us that the iPhone 4S might avail for 40,000 in Mumbai (12.5% VAT [Value Added Tax] as per Maharashtra Government). Not good!

A new bird to join the Angry Birds clan this Halloween?

In the middle of the morning, the dead of the night, three Angry Birds went for a ride. As they were walking in the lonely forest, they spot something moving. The presence of someone unknown. Who is it? What could it be? A monster? A friend? An angrier creature? Oh wait, something just fell in the bucket there.

*The three birds move towards the bucket*

Whoa! It is…

Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard 2011 Update leaks (video)

Microsoft’s new Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard 2011 Update, which was demoed earlier this year at E3, has been caught being browsed through in a leaked video (below) posted on YouTube by a user named ivazques71. In the video, the user goes through almost all of the next Xbox Dashboard’s menus to show us how it is shaping for release later this year.

Microsoft’s upgrade this year is based on Metro: a simple, clean and modern design language developed by the Redmond giant which is currently used in Windows Phone 7 and is slowly being introduced to other major products like Windows 8, Xbox 360 and the company’s suite of services under the Windows Live brand.

According to the video, the new Xbox Experience is expected to roll out on November 15th. But if past updates are anything to go by, it is due to come out some time this month itself. We have a keen eye on proceedings in Redmond.

Breaking: Zaheer Khan to get married soon!!

Sorry girls, yet another eligible bachelor, Zaheer Khan, may soon go off the ‘available’ list straight into Isha Sharvani’s arms, according to a report in the Times Of India today.

The report says that “soon after India emerged victorious at the World Cup 2011, and Zaheer Khan finished as the joint highest wicket taker of the tournament (he and Afridi both got 21 scalps), his proud parents were reportedly insistent on getting the best bowler (read, flavour) of the season married. And their wish was Zaheer’s command! We hear Zaheer is planning to walk the aisle with his long time girlfriend and Bollywood actress Isha Sharvani very soon.”

Their love story is almost like a movie script. Isha was performing during an event in 2005. Zaheer was there. They got introduced and kept bumping into each other at various social dos. And before long they were seeing each other. However, after two years of dating they decided to call it quits. Both went their seperate ways. And were not in touch till they met again in 2010.

Isha and Zaheer decided to give love a second chance. “True love deserves a second chance and Zaheer Khan and Isha Sharvani are doing just that,” said Hindustan Times. And now, it seems their decision was the right one.

The pretty damsel, who began her Bollywood career with Subhash Ghai’s ‘Kisna’ opposite Vivek Oberoi did not outright deny this news when contacted by a tabloid. Nonetheless, she preferred to keep it simple by saying, ‘I really don’t want to comment on this.’

Love is in the air folks and the good news is just around the corner… 😉

Apple seeds Xcode 4 GM to developers, pulls it back, then puts it up again

After iOS and Mac OS, Apple has seeded Xcode 4 GM to developers – all within this week! With all updated goodies for devs coming out in a hurry, is Apple planning something major? Is the iPad 2 really coming next week?

Anyway, it was interesting to note that soon after releasing Xcode 4 to devs, Apple pulled back the release, but then soon after made it available again. What’s cooking?

What’s new in Xcode 4?

  • Xcode 4 has a brand new, single window interface for all major workflows
  • Interface Builder is now integrated within the main Xcode IDE
  • Assistant shows a paired editor with complementary files (headers, UI controllers, etc.)
  • Fix-it highlights code where an error is detected, as you type, and can even fix it for you
  • Version editor shows a live comparison through SCM history, using Git or Subversion
  • LLVM compiler 2.0 includes full support for C, Objective-C, and now C++
  • LLDB debugger is faster, and uses less memory than the GDB debugging engine ( see notes below on how to enable the LLVM compiler or LLDB) debugger
  • Instruments adds System Trace, and new iOS instruments including OpenGL ES

BREAKING: White iPhone 4 coming soon (rumor)

Among all the rumors surrounding the White iPhone 4 since the past few months, i don’t know why but i just feel like believing this one. This latest rumor has it that the White iPhone 4 is due soon. How? Read on…

It all started in New York City when a kind gentleman, wearing a hefty jacket was spotted carrying the ‘rare’ and ‘luxurious’ White iPhone 4, being pursued by numerous geeky-bitches, who would cat-fight to get a glimpse of the rare commodity, and even click it to prove it ain’t no illusion of theirs. But how did he get one when no one else has? After thorough inquiry, it was discovered that Apple has a large collection of white iPhone 4′s at its Headquarters in Cupertino and that a friend working at Apple had managed to secure a white unit for the man to use.

The gentleman also stated that the reason for the launch delays was down to color discrepancies between suppliers, who were unable to match the white colour of the home button to the finish on the device itself.

It is obvious that Apple, being the perfectionists they are, would not settle for anything less and hence have delayed the now-even-more-precious white device that everyone is craving for. BUT, our close source claims that the differences in White-ness is about to be resolved soon which means the White iPhone 4 will start to roll out soon, probably sometime  in April, 2011.

For now, these are just rumors. Something we aren’t 100% sure of. We certainly won’t let Apple get away with it again. Once we get any official news, or news we are 100% sure of, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned.

New iLife on October 20 in Apple Event(Maybe)

As we all know there will be an Apple event on 20th October and it will be related to the Mac there is a very good chance of an iLife 11′ launching. We told our readers in September that there will be a new version of iLife soon and later we also confirmed that it would be in November but it seems that Apple has completed it new version sooner than expected and it launch the new iLife this month on the 20th itself. The reason for we guessing this is that the stock of iLife in stores has become very less. This purely means a new iLife version soon. Anyways we shall surely keep you updated.

Talk and Browse the Web at the same time with Verzion soon!!

Yes, after AT&T now Verzion will also soon come out with a technology that will let you talk as well as browse the web at the same time. The main feature that gave AT&T an edge over the other carriers is now coming to verzion soon. Probably this is the reason why the Apple iPhone 4 is coming somewhere at time only when this new feature is launched by Verzion.

Hope all Verzion subscribers will enjoy this.

Below is the difference between the AT&T network and the Verzion network but soon this difference would not last.

difference between at&t and verzion network.jpg