How To: Optimize Your Drug Rehab Facility for Apple Watch

With the brand new Apple Watch set to release at the end of April, more and more mobile users will find themselves relying more than ever on Apple’s voice command function, Siri. Searching on the go is going to be easier than ever for the average user. Siri focuses heavily on local searches – so if … Continue reading “How To: Optimize Your Drug Rehab Facility for Apple Watch”

New iPhone 4S Siri commercial features Zooey Deschanel (video)

Following Samuel L Jackson’s Siri advertisement, we have yet another unreleased iPhone 4S Siri commercial, this time starring Zooey Deschanel in the lead. We’re still waiting for an official word from Apple and YouTube but we got a feeling there might be more in store.

Samuel Jackson stars in another yet-to-be-released Siri commercial (video)

Samuel L Jackson has starred in yet another Siri commercial, complete with Apple logos and what-not, though the ad has not hit the Apple or Verizon channels yet. But you can still watch it (above), and also once again check out Samuel’s previous stint where plays Siri himself (below):

Siri speaks Hindi! (video)

We already know that Siri speaks English and Japanese, and we also know it will soon start speaking in Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. What we didn’t know, until now that is, that Siri can speak in Hindi as well. Developer @kunalkaul123 got the iPhone 4S’ USP to converse in the Indian language through a proxy server “my … Continue reading “Siri speaks Hindi! (video)”

When Siri sang… (video)

…Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven, the world erupted in joy as they were entertained like never before. A minute-long musical parody from our favorite topic of discussion, Siri, was all it took for Scoopertino to get another A+ on their scoop-card on the fruit-flavored company. And, if there ever were any doubts on Siri’s singing abilities, … Continue reading “When Siri sang… (video)”

Apple’s Siri vs Google’s Assistant — Let the cat-fight begin!

It just had to happen. At long last Google, after watching Apple grab a lot of positive attention with the launch of Siri with the iPhone 4S, has decided it is about time to come up with their own, official Siri competitor, rumored to be called “Assistant”. Ever since Siri’s birth, the world has gone … Continue reading “Apple’s Siri vs Google’s Assistant — Let the cat-fight begin!”

Meet Evi – the poor man’s Siri (video)

We’ve all been waiting for that one b*tch who could give Siri a run for her money ever since Apple launched the iPhone 4S late last year. While we’ve seen plenty of lookalikes, not only on iOS but alleged ‘Siri for Android’ and ‘Siri for Windows Phone’, we think the hot and sexy non-existent personal assistant, … Continue reading “Meet Evi – the poor man’s Siri (video)”

Siri abuses 12 year old kid, asks him to “shut the f*** up”

Just when we thought the Siri-mania is coming to a standstill, at least for this year, the iPhone 4S’ ‘intelligent‘ personal assistant has once again grabbed the headlines, albeit yet again for reasons that don’t please Tim Cook and his team. Apple’s introduction of the automated voice control system with their latest and greatest iPhone … Continue reading “Siri abuses 12 year old kid, asks him to “shut the f*** up””

Yet another Siri parody (video)

As if these videos (1, 2, 3) and an amusing horror flick starring Siri weren’t enough to tickle our funny bone, a new Siri parody video has gone viral that is surely to make you fall of your chair. When Apple gave the world the iPhone 4S and sent along with it what users could call their own … Continue reading “Yet another Siri parody (video)”

Control your Mac using Siri with ‘Vocal’ (video)

With the ever-growing popularity of Siri — the latest news being a horror film based on the intelligent personal assistant — it comes as no surprise that more and more developers are trying to make it big targeting Apple’s automated voice control system. Matt Roberts is the latest developer to try his hand at Siri, … Continue reading “Control your Mac using Siri with ‘Vocal’ (video)”

iPhone 4S, Siri star in new horror flick (video)

Apple’s new-found genius implementation, Siri is making quite a name for herself. Being in the news for the wrong reasons in her early days, the iPhone 4S’ intelligent personal assistant has created quite a furor over the things she can do. After revealing her secrets and starting a car, Siri took to the world of music, first … Continue reading “iPhone 4S, Siri star in new horror flick (video)”