Apple’s Siri vs Google’s Assistant — Let the cat-fight begin!

It just had to happen. At long last Google, after watching Apple grab a lot of positive attention with the launch of Siri with the iPhone 4S, has decided it is about time to come up with their own, official Siri competitor, rumored to be called “Assistant”. Ever since Siri’s birth, the world has gone gaga over it, even though it was Google who actually gave birth to an automated voice control system like this with its ‘Voice Actions’ app launched back in August, 2010. But the problem with Google was they never really made it big. Whereas for Apple, the most searched about company on the internet today, cashed in on it with some beautifully crafted promotional campaigns and advertisements.

Siri’s immediate success though, however, saw a flurry of Siri alternatives for Android users, but none of them really looked convincing enough. Some of them even bogus apps. But one thing that became clear from this was that Android users didn’t like this one bit and wanted Siri for Android too, which gave birth to fresh speculations the Mountain View-based company was working on something similar, codenamed Majel. It was made part of the Google X Labs but has now been scrapped (or renamed) giving birth to ‘Assistant’ – which isn’t a part of GoogleX, and is headed by the Android team along with the assistance of search engineer Amit Singhal. The focus of the project is now on 3 very important factors that’ll determine Assistant’s success:

1) Get the world’s knowledge into a format a computer can understand.

2) Create a personalization layer

3) Build a mobile, voice-centered “Do engine” (‘Assistant’) that’s less about returning search results and more about accomplishing real-life goals.

The most satisfying (- undesirable for some -) thing is that Google will retain complete control over all the layers involved in Assistant, unlike Apple who seek information from various other sources like WolframAlpha for retrieving results for Siri. Google is also going another step ahead of Apple by making Assistant’s API open to public, giving developers a great opportunity to take this thing to a whole new level.

It all seems to be panning up nicely and if all goes according to plan, we have a mouth-watering cat-fight on the cards come the end of this year. As always, we’ll keep you informed as and when we find out more.

Meet Evi – the poor man’s Siri (video)

We’ve all been waiting for that one b*tch who could give Siri a run for her money ever since Apple launched the iPhone 4S late last year. While we’ve seen plenty of lookalikes, not only on iOS but alleged ‘Siri for Android’ and ‘Siri for Windows Phone’, we think the hot and sexy non-existent personal assistant, exclusive only for iPhone 4S users, has met some real competition in the form of Evi. Available as an alternative to Siri for older iPhones for $0.99 and for Android for free, Evi is the first real Siri competitor we’ve seen, and makes use of the “core semantic search technology” of True Knowledge, better known as The True Knowledge Answer Engine. Check out the link below to see more detailed information about Evi and to see how this new entrant even bettered Siri in certain areas.

More Coverage: TechCrunch

Cluzee for Android scares Siri, lets you ‘multi-task like a pro’ (video)

Apple doesn’t always innovate. Sometimes it just picks up an idea that is already available in the market, adds its own classy style to it and leaves it to its fanbois to make it the biggest thing the world has seen. Siri is one such example.

Siri isn’t the first automated voice control system we have seen. And to be honest, no one really cared to have one until Apple came out with Siri. Since its launch with the iPhone 4S, the so-called intelligent virtual personal assistant became a must-have feature for every smartphone-owning geek, propelling many a developer to hack it to do extraordinary things, and some to develop a similar thing for other platforms. Over the last 2 months, we had seen several Siri-like apps emerge on Android itself, but none even close to matching Apple’s sophistication on Siri. Today, though, Siri should be scared.

Tronton LLC has matched Siri for iOS with Cluzee for Android – an intelligent personal assistant that lets you, according to its introductory video, multi-task like a pro!

Cluzee is the closest competitor to Siri which matches it neck-and-neck and probably even outdoes it given the variety of commands it understands as compared to Siri. Apart from giving you personalized recommendations, daily briefs (based on entries in Calendar), weather information, navigation, standard web search, and local search — all of which Siri can do — it also gives you local news/traffic/deals, allows you to update your Facebook/Twitter account, plan vacations, plan how much you’re eating and compare it with time spent exercising, manage notes, etc. In short, it is a complete package which can leave many Android users joyous and iOS users envious.

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You can download Cluzee directly from the Android Market on your phone, or from this link.