Samsung Galaxy Note gets launch date

Remember Samsung’s mini tablet / large smartphone they unveiled¬†at the IFA show in Berlin last month which goes by the name of Galaxy Note? It has apparently been given a launch date — November 17. Korean gadget maker Samsung had announced the device last month, which looks like either a¬†monster smartphone or a mini tablet … Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note gets launch date”

BREAKING: Vodafone sells 5yr old Hutch Sim Cards with Vodafone Stickers in India

This is shocking: Vodafone is selling 5 year old sim cards in Mumbai, India, that were made by previous company Hutchison Essar. Hutch was acquired by Orange few years ago, which was then taken over by Vodafone some time back. It all happened when co-author Aman Milwani went to a local Vodafone store to inquire … Continue reading “BREAKING: Vodafone sells 5yr old Hutch Sim Cards with Vodafone Stickers in India”

Use Apple iPhone 4 in India

Yes its just been around a week and you can now use the iPhone 4 in India. The next question that would come to your mind would be what about the microsim cards. You dont need to worry about that. We have got the solution for that also. Just follow the instructions below. 1.Look at … Continue reading “Use Apple iPhone 4 in India”

Use 3G iPad in India with Mtnl Sim card

Yes you have read it right! You can now use your 3G iPad in india even though the micro simcards are not yet available in India. I myself have tried it and it works brilliantly. Its a simple process. Just follow the instructions below 1. In the picture below you can see a sim card.(assume … Continue reading “Use 3G iPad in India with Mtnl Sim card”

Samsung B5722 Duos (Dual Sim) launches in India

The Samsung B5722 Duos has just recently launched in India after being available in some European countries since last December. This mobile phone now becomes the first Samsung phone with touchscreen that supports two SIM cards in India. It doesn’t support 3G, but it allows users to use two SIM cards at the same time. … Continue reading “Samsung B5722 Duos (Dual Sim) launches in India”

Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue!

Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue! No we are not talking about any super hero. Nor is it the name of a new comic. Then what is it? It is a new WiMAX-enabled smartphone with Android. Yes ‘Supersonic’ is it’s name & with the buzz from the Nexus One starting to wane, it could well … Continue reading “Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue!”