Apple’s new iCloud commercial is silently beautiful (video)

Apple has begun airing a new TV commercial centering its iCloud cloud storage service, showing how easy it is to enable iCloud and sync your stuff between Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. The ad sees not a single word spoken, yet everything beautifully explained, including different iCloud services such as Photo Stream, Automatic Downloads for … Continue reading “Apple’s new iCloud commercial is silently beautiful (video)”

Convore will shut down soon!

Convore will shut down on April 1, 2012. The company has said that it is shutting down the service in order to concentrate more on Grove. So all those of you who are active members at Convore will have to find a new place for your discussions. Convore has given time to its users till … Continue reading “Convore will shut down soon!”

SnatchCode makes your website backup and security tasks less painful, more fun

Most individuals and small businesses don’t back up their website, which is scary, because bad things can happen.You want to protect your website to safely run your business online. To do so, there are two main options: You can either manually backup your website daily to your computers (transferring that data can be slow and … Continue reading “SnatchCode makes your website backup and security tasks less painful, more fun”

Steve Jobs Sunday, October 16

Following a private funeral held for family and friends of Jobs last week, Apple has invited select industry bigwigs and others who were close to Steve for a private memorial service set for tomorrow, October 16, at the Stanford University campus, reports the Wall Street Journal. “Apple Inc. has invited some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names … Continue reading “Steve Jobs Sunday, October 16”

Breaking::Google Offers Chrome OS notebooks as a service!

Cross Posted From Technorati For years and years software has been a part of the service industry and a lot of companies have heavily invested in this but for the first time in the history of technology a hardware is been given as a service of a large scale. Yes, you have read it correctly.Google … Continue reading “Breaking::Google Offers Chrome OS notebooks as a service!”

Google Music Beta — A sneak peak

Google finally launched their much-hyped iTunes killer, Google Music, in beta stage yesterday at their annual Google I/O developers event (where they gave away several Samsung Galaxy Tabs for free!), and packs quite a punch with regards to its functionality. The service is in beta at present because of the record music labels Google has … Continue reading “Google Music Beta — A sneak peak”

Apple all set to unleash its Cloud-based music system even before Google can blink!

Apple is all set to beat Google in launching their Cloud-based music system, according to reports floating around. While Apple is very much on track for a near future launch, Google sees its own project stalled owing to its rotating executive leadership and changing priorities, claims the Reuters. Apple Inc has completed work on an online … Continue reading “Apple all set to unleash its Cloud-based music system even before Google can blink!”

The sad demise of Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo! sure seems to have a strict policy now – if you don’t perform, you better die! After closing down MyBlogLog and putting Delicious on sale, Yahoo has decided to call quits on another of its under-performing service – the Yahoo Buzz. The service will shut down from tomorrow. Yahoo is slowly shutting down its … Continue reading “The sad demise of Yahoo Buzz”

Youtube launches Live Streaming Service(Youtube Live)

The boss in the video department- Youtube has something new this time. Youtube has launched its Live Streaming Service.Though in its initial stages it has a very bright future. Youtube Live is what they call this new service.Youtube Live product manager Joshua Siegel had something to say “Today we’re announcing the initial roll out of … Continue reading “Youtube launches Live Streaming Service(Youtube Live)”

Mobile Number Portability (MNP): Everything you need to know!

Mobile Number Portability, a service that lets you change your mobile phone operator and keep the same number is now active all over India. The service, which went on the line all over India 24 hours ago, was first tested in Haryana in November last year, and after encouraging response, the service is now made … Continue reading “Mobile Number Portability (MNP): Everything you need to know!”

Verizon 4G LTE flops miserably even before it starts

I don’t know how many of you noticed this but at present, to avail the 4G LTE service from Verizon, which starts December 5, you don’t need any phone or MiFi connection, but rather a USB Modem…that too which works ONLY with WINDOWS! Its just been a few hours since Verizon released their data plans (pricing) … Continue reading “Verizon 4G LTE flops miserably even before it starts”

Google launches Music Service in India (It’s Live now!)

Owing to the ever increasing music piracy in India, Google has launched a dedicated service for all Indians to help them get the best quality music legally and quickly. The quickness i referred to means that under the new Music Service by Google, you can now listen to your favorite sound tracks and even download … Continue reading “Google launches Music Service in India (It’s Live now!)”