Android Ice Cream Sandwich leaks, fails to convince us

Android’s next big little OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) has been allegedly leaked on to the web and judging by the screenshots available at our disposal, it looks far from the real deal. (Even if it is real, it fails to convince us)

The leak comes from two different places — Android Police and RootzWiki — who both claim the leaks come from a common ‘trusted’ source. The screenies depict Google’s latest OS offering (ICS) running on a Nexus S, hijacking the phone with a not-so-cool blue-ish themed skin which appears similar to Google’s Gingerbread OS UI. What’s different, though, is a revised dock containing four icons instead of the usual three, along with other noticeable subtle changes.

Apart from this, the ICS is expected to come loaded with a brand-new launcher and app drawer; the camera is expected to gain a panorama mode; and the Gmail app is supposed match the look and feel of the OS. The update will run on devices launched up to a year earlier, with Nexus Prime being the first handheld to get to eat the Ice Cream Sandwich.

What are your views on this? Does it look legit?


wm_IMG_20110810_181710 wm_IMG_20110810_181857  

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For more information, visit Android Police and RootzWiki