Run Android Apps on Windows PC Via BlueStacks

Run Android Apps on Windows PC Via BlueStacks is much more easier and simpler than the earlier method we told you to run android apps on Windows XP. This time you have to simply install BueStacks and you can virually run android apps on windows pc. download BlueStacks at Via-Crunch Gear

Dell Streak 10 to get Honeycomb, MeeGo a no-no

There was cause for concern lately, with many people thinking Dell will just kick in an aging smartphone-specific OS for their Dell Streak 10 tablet. But the fears didn’t last long as Dell confirmed the Streak 10 will run Android’s latest offering – Honeycomb. It was also interesting to note an executive’s statement that the … Continue reading “Dell Streak 10 to get Honeycomb, MeeGo a no-no”

Nike+ GPS App for iPhone is here! Download it right now!!

Nike today updated their iOS Nike+ GPS app which lets you keep track of your runs with a powerful GPS, relieving you from the burden of manually doing it. What’s more, you get some highly motivational messages from the top athletes in the world during and after your race to make you feel better. How … Continue reading “Nike+ GPS App for iPhone is here! Download it right now!!”

Community Shield: Chelsea 1-3 Manchester United (Full Highlights)

Domestic football is back! After a not-so-intriguing FIFA World Cup 2010, which Spain claimed for the first time in their history, we resume rivalry between the major clubs in their domestic leagues. And today, it was last year’s winners Chelsea up against runners up Manchester United. Walk in the Park Though it was a clash … Continue reading “Community Shield: Chelsea 1-3 Manchester United (Full Highlights)”

Apple magic Tackpad now on Windows

Apple Trackpad is said to be used only on a Bluetooth enabled Mac device but now you can use it on Windows too . Here is how you can Install Magic Trackpad on Windows (without Boot Camp) Step 1: Download this small patch from the Apple website but don’t run it yet. It’s an executable … Continue reading “Apple magic Tackpad now on Windows”

Shutdown your PC faster or slower

Right, so when you shut down your computer it takes ages to switch off? Tired, irritated and frustrated of it? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with a smart solution! Below is a simple step to increase or decrease the time your computer takes to shut down. With this step, you can set your ‘own’ time … Continue reading “Shutdown your PC faster or slower”

Speed Up Windows XP

Speed Up Windows XP by Keeping the Operating System in Memory. One thing you can do to speed up Windows XP is to make sure that key operating system functions stay in memory. Memory (also called “RAM” for Random Access Memory) is much faster than the hard disk. Perform the following steps to boost your … Continue reading “Speed Up Windows XP”

Internet Explorer now in your own words

Now give Internet Explorer a name you like. And it is very easy too. To see a new name for Internet Explorer in its title bar, follow this: Go to: Start >> Run Type in: REGEDIT Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main Single click on “Main” to view its contents in the right pane. Scroll down and … Continue reading “Internet Explorer now in your own words”