BREAKING: iPhone 4S release date, price in India

Our sources have bought in some amazing news for iPhone lovers in India. The new iPhone 4S will soon come to India. In fact it is launching as soon as December 2011.

This new iPhone can be a good new years gift for many of us Indians, isn’t it?

This new phone is expected to launch for only Rs35,500 (as against the high prices we are used to for Apple products).

So all you guys who pay astonishing prices in the grey market, wait for a while and you might just save some bucks.

Update: Our source has updated us that the iPhone 4S might avail for 40,000 in Mumbai (12.5% VAT [Value Added Tax] as per Maharashtra Government). Not good!

HP TouchSmart 610 All-in-One PC lands in India, packs a punch

HP’s heroic all-in-one PC, the TouchSmart 610 has arrived in India with it’s full glory intact, aiming to make a mark in the busy Indian market with loads of features and a hefty price tag.

HP has given specific attention to TouchSmart 610 and cleansed all the touchscreen nonsense (difficulties) users were facing with HP’s previous attempts. It comes loaded with the latest version of HP’s ‘TouchSmart’ touch software that allows users to pinch, flick, press, rotate, arc, and drag items with multi-touch gestures, and is able to recline on its back to up to 30 degrees, enabling you to set your own comfort level.

HP has left no stone un-turned in any department, tagging a 23-inch flexible display capable of HD viewing, a couple of internal antennas for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, integrated stereo speakers and built-in adjustable-tilt webcam and mic for your complete audio-visual satisfaction. The LCD, even when reclined to the fullest, gives optimum viewing results, even as the company promises to improve the control features display on the screen.

The 610 also comes packed with a new HP Link Up application, which allows one to wirelessly link the device with a netbook PC. The TouchSmart 610 has several pre-reloaded apps such as Facebook, Twitter, RecipeBox, webcam and music to bring everything you need at your fingertips. To add new apps, you can go to the TouchSmart Apps Center and get anything you want. (It also features Beats Audio software for a richer sound experience.)


  • 23″ diagonal 1080p Full HD widescreen with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Internal antennas for 802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium for simplifying daily activities
  • A slot-loading DVD drive (or upgrade to a Blu-ray player) and 6-in-1 digital media card reader
  • Integrated premium stereo speakers and a built-in, adjustable-tilt webcam and mic
  • Removable base for wall mounting (bracket and adapter sold separately)

Best Buy: The TouchSmart 610 comes with a hefty price tag of Rs.74,150 and will come bundled with 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

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Apple launches factory-unlocked iPhone 3GS in India, starting at Rs.19,900

Apple has decided enough is enough — they now want to make way in the Indian market, and they start off by targeting Android’s stake.

Apple has often ignored the Indian market, despite the nation boasting over a billion people. Even when they did launch their product, the prices were so high that not even 1% of the population would go for it. This point was carefully noted and capitalized upon by Google, who launched cheap Android phones in the Indian market and became an instant favorite with the locals. But now, Apple has decided it is time to rethink its strategy and give India some more love (which they very much deserve).

To counter the easily available Android smartphones, Apple has decided to relaunch the iPhone 3GS in India — this time in a new factory-unlocked avatar. The phone will have 8GB of internal memory and will fetch for Rs.19,900.

Apple originally launched the 3GS in June of 2009 in America and only brought it to India in March last year through local carriers Vodafone and Airtel. The phone features a 600Mhz processor and sports a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen (320 x 480 pixels) for smooth usability.

The new factory-unlocked iPhone 3GS is expected to run iOS 4.3, with partial support for the latest iOS 5 also a high possibility.

For now, Airtel and Aircel will reportedly offer the iPhone 3GS while others will join the league after sometime. Moreover, users now have the flexibility to change operators as per choice. No doubt, India has become a dumping ground for Apple but on the brighter side, the move is likely to please everyone put off by the exorbitant pricing of the iPhone. This initiative can possibly attract more people to Apple’s products.

Do you think this is a good move by Apple to enter the mid-range smartphone battle and be more affordable?


Olive top products at discounted rates! A possible refresh?

Olivepad,one of Olive’s top product is now at 34% discount.The Olivepad which was sold at Rs. 25,990 is now available for Rs. 16,990.

With new tablets coming in like HP touchpad and iPad 2 maybe Olive thought it was time for them to update their line of tablets.The Olivepad already has awesome features like 3 Mega Pixel (Back Camera), a VGA Camera (Front), Wifi, 3G, GPS, 26 hour battery life there isn’t much to improve according to current tablet standards.One place they can improve upon is the processor.Currently the Olivepad features a 600MHZ processor,maybe they need to upgrade it to 1GHZ.Also the responsiveness of the touch screen is not as great as some of the dominant tablets.They might work on this too.And ofcourse the Froyo OS needed to be upgraded to HoneyComb.

The original Olivepad was also released in July so maybe a new Olivepad also comes out in July.

Now shifting the attention away from the Olivepad, many zipbooks are also available for a discounted price.We could expect a refresh there too.

The  Olive Zipbook V-X108 is now available at Rs. 15,490.00 instead of the regular price of Rs. 20,999 while the  Olive Zipbook X107 is now available at Rs. 15,999.00 instead of the regular price of Rs. 23,999.

If you want cheaper gadgets then this is a good time to get them.You can buy them here.


Apple iPad officially launches in India!

Apple India have today confirmed the launch of the Cupertino giant’s magical and revolutionary product, the iPad. If you remember, the iPad celebrated its first birthday yesterday. And now, when the iPad 2 is expected any time soon, the first iPad has arrived in India. Its a real shame that Apple delayed the launch of the iPad for a full one year.

Price List

  • ‎16GB Wi-Fi: Rs. 27,900
  • 16GB 3G+Wi-Fi Rs. 34,900
  • 32GB Wi-Fi Rs. 32,900
  • 32GB 3G+Wi-Fi Rs. 39,900
  • 64GB Wi-Fi Rs. 37,900
  • 64GB 3G+Wi-Fi Rs. 44,900

If you’re in India and don’t yet own an iPad, will you give in and buy one now? Or will you wait for the iPad 2 to launch and then get it directly from the USA? Or option 3: You don’t need an iPad!?

Via Apple India Facebook Page

Why should I buy a Mac if I can get a PC at a less cost?

People have the wrong notion that Apple’s prices are more for the mac. Its just that Mac gives you the best quality both hardware and software wise so its but obvious they will charge you money for it.

Why iMac and not any other desktop(eg:Dell)

  • A Mac never freezes
  • A Mac can never get infected via virus
  • Photo editing,video editing,music editing is better in the Mac(All animation,design companies in the world use a Mac)Even companies like Facebook and Twitter use the Mac form the very beginning even when they weren’t as big as they are today
  • You are using the best technology in the world when you are using a Mac
  • The display quality on the Mac is just unbelievable
  • Its simple and compact( no CPU, even the mouse and keyboard are wireless)
  • You use the magic mouse which is the best in the world( use the magic mouse for 2 days you will get the difference)
  • Inbuilt Camera

Always going by tech specs is not enough.The actual quality differs from what the tech specs speak. A simple example would be to compare the webcam(iSight) of a Mac with the webcam used on a PC.

Now the main factor is that its too expensive. Its not expensive. We will show you how?

Firstain compared the mac to a dell desktop( which all people believe is the most value for money type company).

Dell StudioTM XPSTM 8100 desktop is the machine we have compared to the mac.

Processor:Dell uses a i5 processor and the Mac uses an i3 processor but Dell uses an 2.66Ghz whereas the Mac uses an 3.06Ghz processor. After all its the Ghz that matter because both have an i processor so hardly any difference in the i5 and i3, but the Ghz matters.

Hard Drive: Both have a 500GB hardrive but Dell uses a SATA hard drive whereas the Mac uses 7200-rpm Serial ATA hard drive which is around 10 times better than the SATA hard drive.

Graphic Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT220 is what Dell uses whereas Apple uses ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphic processor. Now you yourself decide whether HD quality is better or regular quality.

Antivirus: Dell gives 15 Months free McAfee so it means that even Dell knows that a PC can be infected with a virus. Mac is always virus free.

Display: Apple has an 21.5 inches LED display whereas Dell has a LCD display.

Price: This dell costs around 64,900 so obviously the Mac is better is many ways so its expected to cost around 74,900

What if I get a PC assembled it will cost around 40,000 then why should i pay almost double the price buying Mac?

It will not cost 40,000, It will cost around 65000 and we  will show you how

CPU with the configuration mac give:  Rs: 15000

LED Display 21.5 :                                          Rs:40000

Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse Rs:5000

Speaker of good quality                                 Rs.500

Web Cam                                                               Rs.1000

Windows ( Official)                                            Rs.5000

Total Cost                                       65,600 Rs

The cost of Mac is Rs74,900(All the above in a compact version(no CPU) + 3 months free training + quality of apple( the best tech industry in the world) + Use both Windows and Mac unlike other pcs + No virus + never freezes+ 3 months engineering services so now you decide for yourself is the Mac expensive with the quality it provides.

I believe the answer should be NO.

Now another question would come to your mind. Do i really need a LED screen?? The answer is yes.

1. LED means more clarity and if you do not have a home theater system its the best place to watch movies and hear music as it gives you the best quality. Watch Animated Movies, 3D movies and excellent sound effects is what the Mac LED gives

2. Less strain to the eyes so much more care taken for your eyesight.

3.Games are just too exciting. 3D games,sports games,action games all are better than the ones you play on the PC

4.A better and more pixel ed screen is always encouraging to work and play better.

Last but not the least, the world is changing towards MAC and you need to change with the changing world.

Mac is better than PC

All comparison above is done with the Apple iMac 21.5 inches

Prices are as per India price

Launched: India’s Rs.1500 ($35) Laptop

The world’s cheapest computer is now made in India, and was launched yesterday.

You may not be able to buy Apple’s iPad, but you may easily get a made in India ‘Sakshat‘ computing device at a throwaway rate. The Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal unveiled a low cost computing-cum-access device yesterday, touted as the world’s cheapest laptop.

The low-cost computer for students has all the elementary features, including Internet browsing. The indigenously made computer is expected to be available to the students by next year.

Innovative: HRD Minister Kapil Sibal displays the low-cost computing device during its launch yesterday. pic/rajeev tyagi

Bring it down
HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, unveiling the device, said the ultimate objective would be to bring down the price to Rs 470 ($10). Several teams comprising experts, students and professors from IITs and IIS Bangalore were working with the HRD Ministry to bring out the low-cost computing device.

“We have come out with the device at Rs 1,500 ($35) and now we invite individuals, entrepreneurs, firms and industries to produce the device at cheaper rates than this,” he said. Sibal said the manufacturer as well as the distribution pattern has not been finalised as yet but the price tag of Rs 1,500 ($35) has been computed after taking all aspects into consideration.

The low-cost computer fulfils a key mandate of the government, to provide high quality E-content free of
cost to all learners in the country under the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology. The computing device will support functionalities like video web conferencing
facility, and multimedia content viewing.

The ministry started its efforts, subsequent to the lukewarm response from corporates, by holding discussions on the concept with a group of professors of IIT Bangalore. The B Tech and M Tech students were guided to produce the motherboard for such low cost device with ample flexibility to change the components.

The minister said that one motherboard design was generated by a students of VIT Vellore under his B Tech project which had worked out to Rs 2,209 ($47). The motherboard was fabricated at IIT Kanpur. Thereafter, through various processes of customisation as per the needs of the learners, it was possible to reduce the price of the computing device.

  • What: Sakshat Laptop
  • Price: Rs.1500 ($35)
  • Availability: 2011

Impressive, ain’t it?