BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) up for sale.. but are there any buyers?

It is now official: Research In Motion (RIM), maker 0f the popular BlackBerry smartphone and Playbook tablet has sunk to a new low


today that it is now up for grabs, provided it has any takers. The company, who shook the world with its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), has been hammered left, right and center in the past year by Android and iOS devices who have gone on to become more and more popular among the masses. This has finally prompted some drastic measures being taken by the company, including getting rid of former Co-CEO and current board member Jim Balsillie and its CTO and COO as well, with the company saying it is looking for “strategic business-model alternatives.” When asked directly about selling RIM, the CEO replied: “we would consider it.” That’s great… but are there really any buyers for RIM? Not on the current value, i think.


Apple’s first ‘Think Different’ commercial in the words of Steve Jobs: “Here’s to the crazy ones” (video)

We are really trying hard to adapt to life after Steve Jobs as the time seems to have almost stopped and the world has come to a standstill. I have never had the chance to meet Steve personally but still i always looked up to him as an inspiration and as a role model so understandably it is very hard to digest the fact that he is no more with us. And the ones who had been with him must be feeling a more painful pinch. That’s life. Here’s to the crazy ones…