Skype for iPad pumped with Retina goodness

Following Apple’s pixel-rich approach with the new iPad, many iOS app developers had to mend their ways and develop apps and games that make the most of the retina display of the new iPad. Today, another such app has upgraded itself to match Apple’s “resolutionary” approach, with Skype for iPad getting a retina update,¬†meaning its … Continue reading “Skype for iPad pumped with Retina goodness”

Apple off-loads another advert, makes you admire its Retina Display (video)

Apple has added another feather to its recently populating “if you don’t have an iPhone…” series, this time focusing on the adorable retina display. The series started on the 17th March, with Apple showcasing the App Store, iBooks, and iPod + iTunes in a triple-header visual treat, followed by a¬†4th in the series yesterday, highlighting … Continue reading “Apple off-loads another advert, makes you admire its Retina Display (video)”

Apple eying April 2nd/9th, US-only launch for iPad 2 – reports

For the first time, though just a rumor, we have a launch date for the iPad 2 – April 2nd/9th. Again, it is not clear which of the 2 days will see the launch of the iPad 2, what we do know is that its a Saturday. The reports, coming in from Germany (, claim … Continue reading “Apple eying April 2nd/9th, US-only launch for iPad 2 – reports”

Apple iPad 2.0 Camera App screenshots leaked, show no signs of Retina Display

9to5mac’s tipster, Sonny D. has sent them few screenshots of the iPad 2.0’s camera app, found from files within the SDK. The screen grabs reveal a resolution of 1024 x 768 – which is the same as the current iPad’s resolution. Does this mean no retina display for the iPad 2.0? Via 9to5mac

WWDC 2010: Apple unveil iPhone 4

Apple have finally unveiled the most controversial iPhone ever at the ongoing WWDC event, called iPhone 4. Yes, it’s neither suffixed 4G or HD – and there’s a reason for that: The stainless steel band that goes around the phone is an antenna system that’s plugged into the same old GSM / UMTS radio that … Continue reading “WWDC 2010: Apple unveil iPhone 4”