Video: Eric Schmidt blabs about Ballmer, Jobs

I was on the board until I couldn’t stand the board anymore.

Ex-Apple man and current Google CEO, Eric Schmidt came down clean on why he left Apple, though that’s the only thing he said on the issue, without elaborating on it.

Eric was on stage at’s Dreamforce 2011 conference with CEO Marc Benioff at San Francisco’s Moscone West center, Apple’s preferred venue for product launches. Apart from speaking of his Apple exit, he went on to appreciate Steve Jobs’ contribution to the field of technology, attracting applauds from the crowd.

What Steve has done at Apple is certainly the best performance of a CEO for over fifty years, maybe a hundred years. But not only did he do it once, he did it twice. We’ve all benefited from the tremendous innovation at Apple. And I say this as a very proud former board member at Apple.

The Life and Career of Steve Jobs (video)

Its been an emotional 36 hours or so since iconic ex-Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigned from the post, handing over the reigns to well-groomed and expected successor, ex-COO Tim Cook. While the change was rather expected owing to the continued health problems Jobs had, and that the new CEO Tim Cook said there won’t be any drastic changes in Apple and they’ll continue to work as they used to, the mere designation of Jobs as CEO of Apple was assuring enough of Apple’s hunger to succeed even further. Of course, we do trust Tim and know that Apple is still the biggest tech firm in the world, but Jobs was the one to start it all and it will be difficult to imagine him not in the thick of things any more. On this note we’d like to share with you “The life and career of Steve Jobs” in an amusing Taiwanese CGI video.

The video depicts how Steve Jobs’ life would have been like in an alternate universe, one filled with the former CEO dancing with Toy Story characters. Probably trying to see the lighter side of this emotional moment.

Steve Jobs will continue with Apple as Chairman of the board now and will also remain active with Disney.

Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

Apple and Jobs have always been related and Apple has flourished under his leadership but now this leader has decided to take a rest and resign from Apple. I think it is mostly due to his deteriorating health.

Steve Jobs,the leader in technology, will continue to be on disney board and has also said that he will take part in major future products and strategy and will remain active at Apple but without the tagline of a CEO.

Tim Cook will be the new CEO of Apple.

The genius will be missed worldwide.