Mac OS X Lion launches today — are you ready?

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer yesterday announced that the eagerly awaited arrival of OS X Lion is just hours away now, with preparations in full flow in all of Apple’s retail stores to be ready in time to unleash the Lion. While its good to hear this news officially, unofficially we already knew the Lion’s launch was just around the corner given the increased activity from Apple’s side to set up their stores and ship the Lion everywhere. So, the question is: Are you ready for Lion?

We previously educated you of Apple’s release of Mac OS X 10.6.8 which will get your Mac ready for you to upgrade to Lion, availability of OS X Lion Developer Preview 2 and Golden Master versions, and also detailed you how you can turn your Mac into a server. If you followed us properly and are also well versed with Apple’s take on OS X Lion (with over 250 new features!), chances are you are ready and raring to go to get the brand spanking new OS from Cupertino.

In addition to that, we also shared with you a list of applications compatible with your new OS so that you can get started with Lion straight away with your favorite apps, without having to find your way here and there.

With so much knowledge available at the click of a button, you can now calmly proceed to get that copy of Lion you were waiting for since you first heard of its possible end-of-July arrival! Don’t forget to share your joy (and other experiences with Lion) with us 🙂

Sony working on sensational Sci-Fi game for PS3 and PS2 based on upcoming Bollywood flick “Ra.One”

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan have teamed up to develop a Sci-Fi game based on King Khan’s upcoming and eagerly anticipated movie Ra.One.

Ra.One is SRK’s upcoming science-fiction superhero film, due to release in October this year, and the actor and Sony have decided to treat their fans with a dedicated game, playable on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 gaming consoles.

The game will be developed by a first-party team in the UK and will act as a prequel to the film to introduce key characters and the wide variety of super-powers that the main characters possess.

Here’s a part of the official press release:

SCEE designs RA.ONE PlayStation game

MUMBAI: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has tied up with the Shah Rukh

Khan film RA.ONE to create a PlayStation game on the film.

The video game version of the film named ‘RA.ONE – The Game’ has been developed exclusively on key PlayStation platforms of PS2 and PS3 (through PSN download) while the storyline has been developed by Shah Rukh Khan,

who has seen to it that that there is an intrinsic connection between the game and the film.

The game, being developed under the active supervision of the game development team of SCEE based out of London, will almost act as a prequel to the film to introduce the key film characters and the various super-powers the film has.

The game and movie both launch on the same day — 26th October, 2011 — and will be available on PS2, PS3, and as a download on PSN (PlayStation Network).

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CONFIRMED: iPhone 5 coming this September

With several rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 slapping us in the face over the past few months, it was no surprise the next iPhone was imminent to arrive this year. And while Apple resisted announcing it at its annual WWDC event earlier this month, like it usually does, the rumors have intensified over the last few days, with almost all the incoming rumors consistent with each other, pointing to a September release for the next iPhone.

Several reports claim the next iPhone will maintain the same casing and form factor, but will include several boosts like an 8MP camera, dual-LED flash, a dual-A5 processor, and several other hardware upgrades. And almost all of the reports claim the next iPhone’s arrival is destined for September. Today, it was unofficially confirmed.

An employee at China Mobile, China’s state-owned mobile carrier which is owned by the Chinese government and is also the world’s largest carrier with over 500 million users, posted a message on a Chinese micro-blogging website claiming the iPhone 5 is arriving this September. The message, as expected, has been deleted.

China Mobile already offers the iPhone 4 to Chinese customers and it won’t be a surprise if it carries the iPhone 5 as well. Out of its 500 million-strong user base, around 10%, or over 5 million users to be precise, are iPhone users. This is clear indication why Apple has tied up with them, and probably wouldn’t want to lose them. Meanwhile, China Telecom chairman Li Yue Wang decided to play safe on the matter, though showering praises on Steve Jobs and Apple (the text below is translated using automated software):

“I have great respect for Steve Jobs, I met with him last year, I told him many times to open the conference call, and I saw him, I feel he technology, there are many good ideas for the future, and his ideas are able to achieve that, so I think Steve Jobs Ye Hao, Apple Ye Hao, indeed our IT telecom industry has made a great contribution.”

So it pretty much looks like the next iPhone is coming this September and if you’re looking to buy a new one now, you better hold off for a few months to avoid disappointment.

P.S. What are the odds the next iPhone won’t be called iPhone 5 but instead iPhone 4S?

Apple to release Mac OS X Lion by July end?

Quite a few Mac OS X 10.7 Lion user manuals have popped up on online shopping site Amazon, each pointing to a release date surrounding the end of July. Around six manuals have appeared of Apple’s next version of OS, with 4 of them pointing to a July end release, one of them pointing to an early August date and another pointing to a late August release date. Based on these appearances, is it right to expect Apple to release Mac OS X 10.7 Lion this July end after WWDC?

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Dell promises 10-inch Win 7 tabs towards the end of 2011

Dell has just given everyone a press release to ponder over, promising that the company will come out with 10-inch, Windows 7 running tablets towards the end of the year. According to the press release, it will be aimed at commercial and enterprise markets. Unfortunately, apart from this, there is no other news available on the tablet. But once we do get any kind of info, we’ll surely keep you updated.

For now, drool over these pictures – pulled from a Dell PowerPoint about the Win 7 tablet. The design is expected to be pretty much like this only.

Press Release

Dell Unveils New Solutions for the Evolving Workforce
· Company’s largest-ever business computing portfolio update improves access, manageability and security for organizations of all sizes
· Additional plans include an expansion to existing tablet portfolio with a 10-inch, Windows 7-based commercial tablet later this year
· Dell Services help customers efficiently deploy and manage corporate devices

ROUND ROCK, Texas, Feb. 8, 2011 – To address the needs of an evolving workforce that demands anytime, anywhere access to business applications and data, Dell today announced 24 new business computing solutions and form factors, including laptops, tablets, desktops and workstation computers in one of the largest-ever introductions in the company’s history and part of 39 new solutions launching in the next year.

The way workers connect to and access business data and applications is rapidly changing, providing them unprecedented levels of productivity and knowledge. Additionally, the workforce is becoming more dispersed and global. IDC estimates that one-third of the world’s workforce will be mobile by 2013.¹ The new Dell solutions give businesses the Power To Do More and raise the bar in terms of design, manageability and security and are engineered from the ground up to make end-users more efficient while providing the right level of control for IT.

New offerings include the Dell Latitude E5420, E5520, E6220, E6320, E6420, E6520, E6420 ATG laptops and XT3 convertible tablet. Additionally, Dell is introducing the Dell OptiPlex 990, 790 and 390 desktops as well as an OptiPlex Small Form Factor All-in-One Solution. Dell also announced the Dell Precision T1600 desktop workstation and Dell Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations.

Additionally, Dell plans to extend its existing tablet portfolio with a 10-inch, Windows 7-based business-ready tablet later this year. The upcoming tablet is designed for end-users who need greater mobility, as well as IT organizations that demand control, security, manageability and integration with existing infrastructure investments. Dell’s tablet will empower a more mobile workforce in a way that offers customers the business applications and corporate data they need, while meeting regulatory mandates and IT requirements.

Dell Latitude E-Family
The entire Latitude E-Family has been refreshed with the Latitude E5420, E5520, E6520, E6420, E6320, E6220, and E6420 ATG laptops and Latitude XT3 convertible tablet. The new Latitude family of laptops includes more than 100 design improvements and a range of new features to meet evolving business needs, including an increasing demand for security and manageability. New additions to the Dell Latitude family support a range of usage needs:

· The Latitude E5420 and E5520 laptops are ideal for professionals looking for a budget-conscientious blend of mobility and at-your-desk computing.
· The Latitude E6220, E6320, E6420, E6520 and E6420 ATG business-rugged laptops are designed for the most demanding conditions, with hard-wearing MIL-STD tested Tri-Metal™ casing and highly durable displays.

The new Latitude laptops offer the following:
• Completely new design from the ground up;
• Enhanced security– Dell Data Protection, Remote Data Delete and Free Fall Sensor to protect against drops;
• Planned support for pre-integrated Citrix and VMware remote desktop clients;
• Latitude commonality across 26 models – 1 dock, battery, keyboard footprint – making the management of systems much easier;
• Still the only enterprise platform with a backlit keyboard options for productivity anywhere; and,
• Intel® 2nd generation Core™ processors and new graphics and memory.

Dell OptiPlex Family
Designed to be the most secure, flexible and manageable desktops, the OptiPlex family provides day-to-day productivity of critical business tasks. The new family includes the OptiPlex 990, 790 and 390 desktops and offers the following:
• Common, stable image for all chassis – tool free access to system components;
• Small footprints and more chassis options;
• Planned compatibility with desktop virtualization lineup; and,
• New Intel® vPro™ processor technology and new graphics and memory.

Dell Precision Family
Dell Precision workstations are purpose built for high performance and high scalability. The systems are specifically designed for professional users who run graphics and compute-intensive applications for engineers in design and analysis, scientific exploration, special effects, animation, digital imaging, professional audio and economic and financial modeling.

Dell today announced the Dell Precision T1600 workstation and features the following:
• Single-socket, entry-level workstation designed for professional 2D and entry-level 3D applications;
• ISV certification on AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER and other select software applications;
• Intel® 2nd generation Core™ and Xeon™ processors, Intel HD or add-in professional; graphics from AMD and NVIDIA; and,
• Just-right-size toolless chassis.

Also announced today, the Dell Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations are designed for users who need raw horsepower, superior design and usability, world-class scalable performance and certified-operation. More details on Dell’s mobile workstations will be available in the coming months.

Dell Management & Security Solutions
To help companies quickly deploy and manage new business computing solutions, Dell KACE appliances automate time-consuming manual IT tasks from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement. Providing hardware and software inventory, software distribution, patch management, and OS and application imaging, Dell KACE appliances offer easy-to-use, comprehensive management for local and remote systems.

Available with Dell’s new business computing solutions, Dell Data Protection | Encryption is a flexible, manageable and auditable endpoint encryption solution that helps customers simplify data protection and comply with security regulations. The solution is designed to help companies protect endpoint devices, which serve as the “front door” to sensitive information.

Dell Services
Dell offers a comprehensive set of services that help customers automate the deployment and management of commercial laptops, mobile devices and desktops, as well as the ability to securely dispose of outdated or retired assets. Examples include:
· Deployment Services – Designed to simplify and accelerate the customization and utilization of new systems. Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources.
· ProSupport Services – Designed to minimize disruptions and maintain high levels of productivity across end-user PCs. Dell Support Services protect client investments and free businesses from IT maintenance so they can focus on running their business.

“As a leader in providing business solutions to organizations around the world, we are proud to announce this new portfolio of products that deliver secure, manageable and reliable solutions along with great new designs,” said Steven Lalla, vice president and general manager of Commercial Client Product Group, Dell. “As the workforce continues to evolve, so will Dell, with the solutions both end-users and IT organizations need to improve efficiency and productivity regardless of the device they choose.”

“As mobility continues to play a key role in enabling companies to achieve greater productivity worldwide, we expect the global mobile worker population to pass the one billion mark this year,” said Bob O’Donnell, program vice president, Clients and Displays, IDC. “As the workforce transforms, becoming more mobile and increasingly global, organizations require PC solutions that meet employees’ needs for increased flexibility and access while also meeting IT’s requirements for manageability and security. ”

Pricing and Availability:
· The Dell Latitude E5000 series starts at $859 USD.
· The Dell OptiPlex 390 pricing starts at $650 USD.
· The starting price for the Dell Precision T1600 workstation is $840 USD.

Availability information and pricing for additional systems will be released in the coming weeks.

Evolution Of Windows

It all began at the Plaza hotel,New York City 10th november 1983 when two microsoft founders Paul Allen and Bill gates announced the new graphical user interface operating system Microsoft windows.

Windows 1.01 (1985)

Officially released on November 20, 1985, this 16-bit OS that cost less than 1MB in overall is Microsoft’s very first operating system that allows multi tasking with graphical user interface on PC platform that runs on MS-DOS 5.0.

Windows 1.03 (1986)

Introduced in 1986, Windows 1.03 is an upgrade to its previous predecessor Windows 1.01. Entire operating system cost about 2.2Mb hard disk space.

Windows 2.03 (1987)

Taking advantage of the speed of Intel 286/386 processor at that time, Windows 2.03 is a replacement for Windows 1.x. It also starts the era where users are able to overlap windows, customize screens, etc. Still the entire operating system cost no more than 2.5Mb.

Windows 3.0 (1990)

This is the third major released of Microsoft Windows with a improved set of Windows icons and applications like File Manager, Program Manager that is still being used in today’s Windows. This 22 May 1990 released operating system is then replaced by Windows 3.1 two years later.

Windows 3.1 (1992)

Windows 3.1 is probably the earliest Windows most of us are familiar with. Windows 3.1 and later Windows 3.1x is an upgrade to Windows 3.0 with bug fixes and multimedia support.

Windows NT 3.1 (1993)

The first Windows New Technology (NT) introduced. It maintains consistency with the Windows 3.1, a well-established home and business operating system at the time, the new Windows NT operating system began with version 3.1. Unlike Windows 3.1, however, Windows NT 3.1 was a 32-bit operating system.

Windows 3.1(1993)

A superset of Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 added peer-to-peer workgroup and domain networking support. For the first time, Windows–based PCs were network-aware and became an integral part of the emerging client/server computing evolution – Microsoft

Windows NT 3.51 Workstation (1995)

The Windows NT Workstation 3.5 release provided the highest degree of protection yet for critical business applications and data. With support for the OpenGL graphics standard, this operating system helped power high-end applications for software development, engineering, financial analysis, scientific, and business-critical tasks – Microsoft

Windows 95 (1995)

Previously code-named ChicagoWindows 95 is a successor to all the existing Windows operating system so far. It gives full graphical user interface support, integrated a 32-bit TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack for built-in Internet support, dial-up networking, and new Plug and Play capabilities that made it easy for users to install hardware and software.

Windows NT 4.0 (1996)

Windows NT Workstation 4.0 included the popular Windows 95 user interface yet provided improved networking support for easier and more secure access to the Internet and corporate intranets – Microsoft.

Windows NT Server 4.0 (1996)

Windows 98 (1998)

Windows 98 was the upgrade from Windows 95. Described as an operating system that “Works Better, Plays Better,” Windows 98 was the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers – Microsoft.

Windows 2000 (2000)

More than just the upgrade to Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional was also designed to replace Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 on all business desktops and laptops. Built on top of the proven Windows NT Workstation 4.0 code base, Windows 2000 added major improvements in reliability, ease of use, Internet compatibility, and support for mobile computing – Microsoft.

Windows 2000 Server (2000)

Windows ME (2000)

Designed for home computer users, Windows Me offered consumers numerous music, video, and home networking enhancements and reliability improvements – Microsoft.

indows XP (2001)

Windows XP Professional brings the solid foundation of Windows 2000 to the PC desktop, enhancing reliability, security, and performance. With a fresh visual design, Windows XP Professional includes features for business and advanced home computing, including remote desktop support, an encrypting file system, and system restore and advanced networking features –Microsoft.

Windows Server 2003 (2003)

Released on April 2003, and also known as Win2k3, this operating system is a sucessor to it’s predecessor Windows Server 2000 (Win2k).

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003

Windows Vista (2006)

Came more than 5 years after it’s predecessor Windows XP, Vista is the longest timeline break for Microsoft between two operating system.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Windows 7 (2009)

Codenamed Blackcomb, Windows 7 is one of the most anticipated operating system which should be available somewhere in Oct 2009.

Windows 7

Windows 7

Windows 7