Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color… Fight!

As you are aware, Amazon finally launched their own answer to Apple’s iPad in the form of Kindle Fire which is far less than an iPad competitor in my own humble opinion. For instance, there is no camera, no microphone and no 3G support in the Kindle Fire. You can access the internet only through … Continue reading “Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color… Fight!”

Is THIS the next iPhone?

A new iPhone-like smartphone has leaked its image into the web and is doing the rounds all over. The purported device, which was uploaded by a reader at MacRumors Forums who claims that the device IS the iPhone 5, was photographed yesterday in the office of a French wireless carrier. What do you think of the … Continue reading “Is THIS the next iPhone?”

Apple iTablet all set to launch this month

†  Apple iTablet There have been many rumors about the coming Apple Tablet,  although there is no official word from Apple so far. Apparently,  this tablet (iTablet) will work as an e-book reader but ,  at the same time,  it will also work as a regular computer with Internet connection.  It is expected to be available … Continue reading “Apple iTablet all set to launch this month”