How To: Write a great review post

We all read reviews before buying anything. Only a few of us like to review products . For all those who love to review products there are some key points that should be kept in mind while reviewing products.

Reviews shouldn’t be just for the sake of it. They should actually help the reader decide whether to buy the product or not.

  1. Always remember the first impression is the last impression. Start your review with a punch line to get your readers hooked on. Its not easy to write a review and once you write it you want people to read it. Isn’t it? For example: “A great new Speaker ……” is a common way to start your review but you could make it more interesting by starting with “Bored of your old speaker? Try ……”. Its the same thing but what matters is how you write it.
  2. Do not be too formal or too informal in your review post. Be consistent with the entire post and use a relaxed style of writing.
  3. Never review a product you have not used. Do not go by assumptions. Always use the product for at least 4-5 days before you review it. People love to hear from people who have actually used it and not from speculators.
  4. Use your own photos. Do not use stock photos. The reason here is simple. Stock photos are available on the products website also. The readers wants something more. So give it to him. Take your own photos and put them in your post.
  5. Never write your review post in a hurry. Always give detailed information about the product. Do not give any conclusion without any basis.
  6. Always cover 4 things about the product – Usability(Target group), practical details like price, features and main benefits of the product.
  7. Give alternatives to the product. Also compare the product with alternative products.
  8. Give the positives and negatives of the product.
  9. Share your final opinion about the product.

I hope these few key points will help you write an amazing review post. If you have any more suggestions for a better review post let us know via comments.


INFOGRAPHIC: 35 years of Apple Inc. products




Apple has been ruling our technological purchases since 1976, ever since they launched their first product. Since then, Apple has grown to become a beast of a company, providing us gadgets since the last 35 years that has made life much easier for us. In remembrance of that, Mashable has shared an infographic of all the gadgets Apple has released over the last 35 years, titled the “Apple Tree”…

What’s it like to own an Apple Product?

What’s it like to own an Apple Product? Proud? (iPride?)

Few years down the line: “Perhaps you should try spending money on food instead of app store purchases!”

Its safe to say all this doesn’t happen with Android. So that’s why (and the only reason why) Android is preferred to Apple.

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Notion Ink Adam gets FCC clearance, ships “around Wednesday”

Good news fellas: CES 10’s best, and the most awaited tablet, the Adam PC from India, has been given approval from FCC and is heading out towards you “around Wednesday,” 19th Jan onwards. The Adam was regarded as the iPad killer back at that time, and though the frequent delays have meant the comparisons have dried up, the competition is still there.

We first broke news of Adam’s existence way back in February last year. Even at that time it was widely recognized by everyone, and managed to impress one and all at CES 10. After that, comparisons with the iPad hit off. First there was a head-to-head between the iPad and the Adam. The video, and the winner, can be seen here. After that, there was a debate on whether Adam, manufactured by Indian company Notion Ink, will first launch at home, i.e, in India, or at the technology hub, USA. Slowly the Adam manufacturers started facing problems and delayed the launch of the device. The delays didn’t go down well with Adam supporters and they showed their frustration in various public forums and websites. Things then slowly started getting better and Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink CEO, revealed the prices and other details of the Adam. The Adam then got a new design and in came Eden – Adam’s sibling. The new design was then finalized and boasted aloud by Notion Ink. After all this drama, the Adam tablet PC finally opened up for pre-orders in December 2010. There was a new price list and different variations of the device – each aimed at satisfying different groups of consumers. Finally the Notion Ink Adam was demoed and the impression we got of the device was just A W E S O M E !

NI3421A01 is now the Adam’s final product code. Engadget were too impressed with this that they almost ordered one themselves!

Adam’s final NI3421A01 product code is so nerdy — the “3421” continues Rohan’s tradition of numbering product iterations along the Fibonacci number sequence — that we’re almost tempted to place an order ourselves. Almost.

Would YOU buy the Adam, once it is available?

You cant get a thinner all-in-one desktop than this

Lenovo is working on a brand new product(all in one desktop-similar to the Apple iMac). As per the specs available now it would be thinner than any other desktop all in one.

This amazing new product is called IdeaCentre A320.It was released by Lenovo as CES 11 today.

The new product also has a few brothers i.e.IdeaCentre B520 and IdeaCentre B320.

So we conclude the following-

IdeaCentre A320 – world’s slimmest AIO design
IdeaCentre B520 – Maximum entertainment with the world’s 1st frameless multitouch AIO
IdeaCentre B320 – the computer that’s also a TV
Lenovo C205 – compact all-in-one design at an affordable price point

(This is taken from press release)

For price and tech specs visit here

Making Future Magic: Apple iPad doing some real magic (video)

You just have to watch this! Below is a ‘magical’ and immensely beautiful Stop Motion movie video by Dentsu London made with iPad Holograms. The video shows the end product and also how the end product was achieved. Amazing!

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

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Hack Google in 5 easy ways to make life simple

Google has been one of the best in providing services from email to social networking and has changed the way we live, work and interact on the internet.

But most of the people do not know to use the services provided by google to its fullest. Given below are some of the trick that would make your work much more easier by increasing the productivity of the google products and services.


1.The google search

The google search for most people is just to type your need and get the required information but apart from these there are many tips and tricks that are used in the search bar which can help the user lead to the correct result much quicker.Example: The use of wildcard, use of tag to search for data on a particular site).


2. Google Chrome

By far google chrome has been one of the best when it comes to speed, style and elegance but more than that it has many more advantages which are unknown to people. Searching directly in the address bar of chrome gives better results that searching in other browsers. Also when there is a crash in chrome mostly only that tab gets crashed and not all tabs.

Google Chrome

3.Gmail Checker

Gmail Checker is the official Gmail extension for Chrome which appears as a Gmail icon just to the left of the address bar of the browser and it lets you know when you have mail and how many mails you have.


4.Google Labs

The innovation takes place in the google labs. Currently they are providing notice boards,sms channel service etc. These are quite useful in many cases.

5.Making Waves with Google Wave

Google wave was a service started by google 1 year ago. Though wave is confusing at the start but it is an excellent tool for collaborative setting.