BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) up for sale.. but are there any buyers?

It is now official: Research In Motion (RIM), maker 0f the popular BlackBerry smartphone and Playbook tablet has sunk to a new low


today that it is now up for grabs, provided it has any takers. The company, who shook the world with its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), has been hammered left, right and center in the past year by Android and iOS devices who have gone on to become more and more popular among the masses. This has finally prompted some drastic measures being taken by the company, including getting rid of former Co-CEO and current board member Jim Balsillie and its CTO and COO as well, with the company saying it is looking for “strategic business-model alternatives.” When asked directly about selling RIM, the CEO replied: “we would consider it.” That’s great… but are there really any buyers for RIM? Not on the current value, i think.


Motorola Xoom gets 44% discount, some much needed attention

Following in the footsteps of RIM”s BlackBerry Playbook tablet, which reached 12,000 new hands in just 4 days approaching 2012, Motorola”s Xoom tab too intends to join the party with a hefty price cut of their own.

RIM officially announced on December 28 that they are offering the Playbook at a 50% discount, with the offer valid only for a limited period. Today, they revealed some staggering sales figures have spurred them to increase the “offer” by another week. Serves right for a tablet who garnered criticism from all ends after it was initially regarded an iPad-competitor but failed miserably, mainly on the software front. Now, after making quite a few bucks and almost selling out its entire stock, RIM”s hungry for more and knows a price-cut is the only way to sell some BB tabs. And in light of this successful strategy, Motorola”s Xoom is now being retailed at a 44% discount, albeit only by a single online retailer and not officially by Motorola itself.

The 32GB Wi-Fi only model is now available for as low as Rs. 21,500 (44% discount) and the 32GB Wi-Fi 3G model is selling for Rs. 25,000 (29% discount).

There”s no official word yet from Motorola and we don”t really know when the new price will be standardized by the retailers across the country. But what we do know is that the strategy is working. At least on a short-term basis.

You can buy the WiFi only 32GB Xoom for nearly Rs. 10,000 less than the usual price from 

BlackBerry Playbook prices slashed 50% [LIMITED PERIOD OFFER]

BlackBerry Playbook-maker Research in Motion today announced that it has slashed prices of its want-away tablet by as much as 50%, bringing down the prices of the tablet to as low as:

  • 16GB – Rs 13,490 (previously Rs 27,990)
  • 32GB – Rs 15,990 (previously Rs 30,490)
  • 64GB – Rs 24,490 (previously Rs 38,990)

Blame it on the iPad or other ‘better and cheaper’ Android tablets, but RIM obviously isn’t satisfied with the sales figures and hence has halved the rates of the Playbook. But hey, before you think they have taken this move to remain competitive in the market, a spokesperson of the company confirmed that this price-cut is just an “offer” considering it’s the holiday season, and that the offer is valid only till the last day of this year.

“We have announced a limited period offer for BlackBerry Playbook. This offer is valid till December 31st 2011.”

The company also claims a software upgrade for the beleaguered tablet is on the cards sometime next year. But is it enough?

RIM sells 250,000 PlayBooks in first month, still can’t beat the iPad

Research in Motion (RIM) has managed to offload 250,00 units of its BlackBerry PlayBook to consumers in just its first month, but it still lacks behind the craze that is the iPad. RBC analyst Mike Abramsky believes RIM is on track to sell 500,000 PlayBooks by the end of the quarter, but Apple managed far better success with its iPad and iPad 2.

“Checks at 180 Best Buys show 14% of the 16 GB sold out, 71% of the 32 GB sold out, and 84% of the 64 GB sold out; however, 32 GB/64 GB stockouts appear allocation-related,” he wrote. According to him, the PlayBook units we saw returned are just “nominal” and nothing more should be read into it.

Is the BlackBerry PlayBook better than the Apple iPad/iPad 2?

Blackberry to start shipping Playbook from April 10

We already heard a lot about the Blackberry Playbook but there was no news as to when the product will launch but finally the news has arrived.

According to the latest rumor the Blackberry Playbook shall start shipping from March 10.

At the start it will be available to only those who pre-order it.

All Blackberry fans be ready for the all new Blackberry Playbook

Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom vs HP TouchPad vs BlackBerry PlayBook

On February 10 we posted a similar comparison between the iPad, Xoom, TouchPad, and PlayBook when HP’s baby (more here) was born. Now, with the iPad 2 officially launched, we’re back with another comparison between them, replacing iPad with iPad 2. So who comes out on top?

Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom vs HP TouchPad vs BlackBerry PlayBook…fight!

Tablet tales: HP TouchPad vs Apple iPad vs Motorola Xoom vs BlackBerry PlayBook

Yesterday saw another entrant into the swiftly growing tablet market in the form of the HP TouchPad. The TouchPad, expected to come out sometime this summer is more than a decent tablet and really packs a punch to stand tall to face competition from the likes of the already established iPad and the yet to launch Xoom and PlayBook tablets. What really works in the TouchPad’s favor is its high storage capacity (1GB vs 256MB of the iPad) and a front facing camera (which the iPad 2 is guaranteed to get). Anyway, while we await these mesmerizers to hit shelves, how about a quick comparison of specs?

HP TouchPad vs Apple iPad vs Motorola Xoom vs BlackBerry PlayBook…fight!

RIM sweat it out on Blackberry Playbook, then completely lose it!

I guess this is what we call “falling flat on your face”. RIM, after a lot of hard work, came out with the Blackberry Playbook, an alleged iPad killer, only to kill those allegations with a, let me call it “stupid”, concept. It has been revealed that to use the e-mail and calender apps, you need. . . . . . . .a Blackberry! Seriously, WTF!?!?

This comes as a real jaw-breaker to all those impressed with the Playbook as without a Blackberry you can’t access the native mailing and calender clients. There’s of course the web browser way, but a specialized app, sometimes, feels much better.

The question is: Who, besides BlackBerry users, is going to want to buy it? The core email and calendar apps are completely tethered to a BlackBerry. Without your BlackBerry, there is no native email or calendar app—just access through the (admittedly good) web browser.

The reason we really think this is “stupid” is because RIM’s share in the market has been on a constant decline, and on top of that if you tag along your new found success, the Playbook with an ailing and just-surviving Blackberry smartphone, then you’re really risking your future success to what really is a had been.

Video Comparison: Blackberry PlayBook versus Apple iPad

Blackberry has posted a video which shows it’s PlayBook go head-to-head with Apple’s iPad. Take a look:

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Will the Blackberry Messenger Save Blackberry Again?

As always blackberry has survived in the Smartphone industry because of its Blackberry Messenger Services.

This time the situation is a bit different. It’s the Tablet industry that Blackberry has just entered by introducing its Blackberry Playbook but The Apple iPad has already taken most of the market share and with rumors of a launch of a new Apple iPad 7 inches it would be great to see if Blackberry can keep up with the Apple brilliance.

What we believe is that the Blackberry Messenger will save Blackberry again in the tablet market because there is no such news as yet that Apple is coming out with something similar to the Blackberry Messenger so the corporate sector would thus go to the Playbook.

Any which ways we have compared the Apple iPad and the Blackberry Playbook here

What do you think??Give your suggestions in comments