Prowling Over Pixels: Kindle Fire vs Nook Tab vs iPad 2… fight!

When it comes to tablets, Apple is the undisputed winner with its magical and revolutionary device, iPad. But off late, there have been many user-specific tablets that have arrived in the market that offer not everything what the iPad offers but only what the user needs essentially. And obviously, the less the features the lesser the price. This competitive price of rival tablets have slowly but surely caught Apple”s eye and they now regard even such “minimal” and “modest” tablets as the main-stream iPad competitors. Two such tablets that are threatening the iPad”s stake in the competitive market are Amazon”s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble”s Nook.

In light of this intense competition, Dr. Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation of Amherst, N.H., has pitted the three devices against each other to find out which device packed the best IPS display in his . Incidentally, LG Displays, the world’s leading manufacturer of IPS LCDs – is the lone supplier of IPS panels for all the three devices used in the shoot-out.

Here are the results of the match-up:

The shoot-out praises the iPad”s 132-ppi displays as being “virtually identical in performance to the impressive iPhone 4 Retina Display.”

We all know which is the tablet to beat, don”t we?

Video: Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial – “Love”

Apple has released a new iPad 2 commercial titled Love which has now gone on air. In the ad, Apple demonstrates how the device is used by people in their day-to-day activities, such as editing videos through iMovie, mixing and editing music, designing, etc. In short, the holidays are coming and Apple wants to prove to you why buying the iPad 2 will be a wise call, fending off competition from cheaper alternatives like Amazon’s Nook and Fire, and the various Android tablets out there. Love.