Photoshoped: Next-Gen 3G Equipped iPod Touch

With rumors surrounding the arrival of the next iPhone heating up, there was enough room for some iPod Touch speculations to do the rounds. Reports are beginning to take shape that the next iPod Touch coming out of Cupertino will be 3G equipped. And when there are rumors, there has to be some kind of … Continue reading “Photoshoped: Next-Gen 3G Equipped iPod Touch”

Is this the next iPhone?

Here we go again! Some new iPhone 4S/5 pictures have surfaced on the web, pointing at a 3D-equipped next-gen iPhone with dual rear cameras. The pictures (below) originate from¬†Shenzhen, Guangdong China, and depict a pretty similar look to the current iPhone (iPhone 4), only to be distinguished with a new back of the phone. As … Continue reading “Is this the next iPhone?”