Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this interesting gadget

Yes, you read it right, now you can turn your iPad into a real foosball table! It is pretty cool to play foosball on your smartphone, but to play it on the iPad with a little foosball table, now that is a unique experience. People in New Potato Technologies are the one behind this interesting gadget which combines virtual applications and the real foosball table.

So, how does it work?

First things first, you have to meet some requirements before you can purchase this amazing foosball table, but don’t worry it is not complicated. The application which works on this stand is called the Classic Match Foosball, which is the name of the foosball table as well. You have to download the application to play on the table because this app is 100% compatible with the stand. Any other application might work, but not likely because the stand is made especially for this application. The application itself is FREE so I don’t see a problem with the download.

Now, let’s talk about the stand. There are two dimensions you can purchase because the first dimension is compatible with the iPad 1,2 and 3. The second stand, a newer model, is compatible with the iPad 3, 4 and iPad Air and Air 2.

Two sizes of foosball tables for iPad

Both of the tables look pretty much the same, except some minor design changes which don’t affect the game. With this foosball table, you will get 4 legs, 1 stand for the iPad, 8 rods and 2 scoring systems (one in red and one in blue). The table assembly is extremely simple; all you need to do is to attach the legs on the stand and insert the rods into 8 holes, just below the place where you put the iPad and you are done. On the bottom part of the table is 1 USB port, which means that you can plug the table and charge your iPad while you play the match. Forget about the empty battery notification during the most interesting part of the game.

When you assemble the stand for the iPads and place them on the stand, your iPad will look like the mini foosball table. On both longer sides of the iPad are 4 rods used to control the players in the game. On both shorter sides of the iPads are scoring systems so you will have to move the bean when you score – just like on the real foosball table.

The Classic Match Foosball application

The foosball application is really good. I like the fact that the rods and the players in the app move the same second so you really have a feeling like you are on the real table. Rods are extra sensitive so they register every move you make, no matter how small it is. Unfortunately, the rods in the reality and the rods in the game aren’t in line, they are moved a little bit, but that is something you can get used to after 3-4 matches.

This gadget is one excellent product which will keep you entertained for hours and I think it can be the perfect gift for every fooser on the planet.

Flipkart’s New TVC

Flipkart will be launching a brand new TVC. However before the TVC airs on Television Flipkart has already put up the TVC on its Facebook page.

Below is the TVC. I kind of like it. Flipkart has always been innovative and creative with its ads and this is another great ad in my opinion.

What do you think about Flipkart’s new TVC? Let us know via comments!

Apple’s new iCloud commercial is silently beautiful (video)

Apple has begun airing a new TV commercial centering its iCloud cloud storage service, showing how easy it is to enable iCloud and sync your stuff between Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. The ad sees not a single word spoken, yet everything beautifully explained, including different iCloud services such as Photo Stream, Automatic Downloads for songs, iBooks, apps, and wireless calendar syncing. You can watch the video below:

Google lets loose 3 new TV commercials to remind you about Google+ (videos)

With the battle of the social networks to gain the ultimate online supremacy heating up, and with Facebook beginning to run away with the crown, Google has just thrown down the gauntlet with 3 new TV commercials to promote its beleaguered offering Google+ to get back into the race. The adverts mostly revolve around Google+’s best feature: hangouts. Google’s multi-person video chat tool, which allows up to 10 participants to “hang out” (for free), is probably the number one selling point for Google’s social network.

Here are the three visuals from Google, complete with an Apple-esque background track:

55 new cars to launch in January at the Auto Expo 2012

Earlier we told you that the Auto Expo 2012 is coming up soon. According to the latest news there are around 55 new cars that are going to be launched at the Auto Expo 2012. This is amazing if you are a vehicle fan. Isn’t it?

1. Tata Motors will be introducing the Nano Diesel at Auto Expo 2012.

2.Bajaj Auto will offer KTM motorcycles

3.Piaggio will launch a bike.

4.Maruti Suzuki will launch a well developed version of Maruti 800, small Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and a sport utility vehicle called Maruti Ertiga.

5.The minivan with 10-passenger seating capacity based on Nissan NV 200 will be introduced

This is all the information we have right now but we shall keep you updated. Keep visiting Firstain.

Sprint outs new iPhone 4S ad: Unlimited iPhone (video)

Just a couple of days after Verizon’s AT&T-mocking iPhone 4S advert, Sprint has released one of their own, titled Unlimited iPhone. The video (below) is just another tactical move in the ongoing three-way war between Verizon, AT&T and Sprint — all of whom are trying to attract as many customers as they can with each claiming to provide lower rates and better call quality with less downtime.

Verizon mocks AT&T yet again with new iPhone 4S commercial (video)

Forgot their rivalry? Verizon wants to remind you that the bitterness between them and AT&T is still there with a nicely executed iPhone 4S advertisement, mocking AT&T and its iCoverage with the help of a sinking boat.

Oh my, that sinking feeling!

Lenovo announces sleek new All-in-One PC, takes entertainment to a whole new level [Price+Specs]

Lenovo today announced a new entrant to its All-in-One desktop PC lineup – the Lenovo C320 – that “boasts affordable, entertainment-focused computing packed with family-friendly features.” The sleek computer is designed in such a way that enables you to make the most of its computing abilities along with watching movies, video chat, etc without occupying much space in your living room.

Boasting a fairly large 20-inch multi-touch display, the C320 is powered by 2nd generation Intel Core i3 processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, and comes loaded with a LED-backlit display with optional multitouch touchscreen support. For a larger experience, you can always hook up your HDTV or monitor to the AIO’s HDMI port and rake up a mini home theater in your own backyard.

For audio, Lenovo says you need to “look no further than this device’s integrated stereo speakers supporting SRS® Premium Sound” that deliver high quality sound, enriching your movie experiences.

The C320 also bundles a High Sensitivity webcam that allows you to video chat with your near and dear ones over a WiFi network, and includes advanced software for facial tracking and fun image effects.

This AIO PC from Lenovo also comes loaded with family-friendly features, basic multimedia features and mainstream processor, graphics technologies, preloaded games and an optional TV tuner. The family-friendly tools include Lenovo Eye Distance System and Lenovo Dynamic Brightness System, which alert when you are too close to the screen and dynamically adjust screen brightness.

Price and Availability

The Lenovo C320 All-In-One desktop will be priced from Rs.25,490/- plus taxes and will be available at retail stores across the country.

Via Lenovo

Apple releases three new iPhone 4S TV commercials: iCloud, Siri, Camera (videos)

Apple has release three brand new TV commercials to promote its newest smartphone, the iPhone 4S. The commercials are dedicated to showcasing Apple’s iCloud, Siri and camera features individually and include good real life examples to convince you into purchasing the iPhone 4S — if you haven’t already.

First up is the iCloud commercial:



These three new TV commercials are in addition to last week’s solo release — the first iPhone 4S Siri advert, which demonstrated Siri and its benefits to the world.

Apple secretly beefs up MacBook Pros

We ended last week with a certain rumor and we begin this week seeing that rumor turn into reality. Apple has quietly beefed up their MacBook Pro line, noticeable with slight processor speed improvements across the board with updated hard drives and video cards peppered throughout. The good news, as we reported last week, is that the price remains the same.




New MacBook Pros: Same Price, Next Week Launch

Some new emerging reports are suggesting that Apple’s MBPs are due a refresh by as early as next week with not many changes to the design or the price tag. The reports are backed by Apple’s constrained MBP stock which suggest new ones are on their way.

9to5mac says the launch can be announced some time between Tuesday and Thursday in the coming week.

Motorola DROID HD (RAZR / Spyder) specs leak, claim to be ‘faster than the iPhone 4S’

Ahead of Verizon Wireless and Motorola’s upcoming event next week, which is dangerously scheduled just 7 hours before Samsung and Google’s Unpacked (where they’ll launch the Nexus Prime and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) BGR has got the dope on the upcoming Motorola DROID HD (RAZR/Spyder) specs – a device which is expected to launch in the aforementioned event on October 18. The device, according to BGR’s source, will be “faster than the iPhone 4S.”

  • Thinner and “faster than the iPhone 4S”
  • 1GB of RAM — double the iPhone 4 and 4S
  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • 4G LTE (thinnest LTE phone to date)
  • 4.3-inch display
  • Case molded from Kevlar
  • Gorilla Glass display
  • Splash-resistant coating

And as if this is not enough, there’s a teaser video too which takes a direct shot at the iPhone, claiming their new device to be faster, thinner, smarter, stronger than Apple’s smartphone. Well, what do you say…