When the new iPad starred in an entertaining magic show… (video)

When Apple launched the original iPad back in 2010, it described it as a ‘magical and revolutionary’ device. There was no doubt it was revolutionary, but the ‘magical’ aspect of it was still shaky-dicey. Of course, we’ve seen plenty of magical acts featuring Apple’s popular gadget but none as entertaining and crisp as what we have below. Again, many of the tricks you’ll see in the video below have already been demonstrated in other magical acts, but there are many other tricks which make it possibly the most impressive video we have seen to date. The act was performed by Step2 Communication at MIPIM in Cannes and included no less than seven different iPads!

Unprecedented demand for new iPad, Apple TV sees Apple delay shipping times already

Well, merely few hours have passed since Apple unveiled the new iPad and Apple TV to the world and we’re already getting news that the pre-orders have been sell-out. Apple’s preorder page now lists both the white 16GB and 64GB AT&T LTE models with a delivery date of March 19 instead of the March 16 date previously mentioned. The other models are, thankfully, still shipping this Friday in the States.

Over in Germany, the German Apple store is now officially sold out (already!) and is now listing a delivery date of March 22 (originally March 16) on all models. Pre-orders in Japan are also getting stronger by the day. Apple is expected to roll-out the new iPad to an additional 26 countries next to next Friday, March 26th. At this rate, it won’t be long before your Grumpy neighbor flaunts the resolutionary device as well!

Meanwhile the Apple TV is also getting a bumped shipping time frame. It was supposed to deliver to preorder customers on March 16, but Apple’s website now lists the device as shipping in “1-2 weeks.”

AT&T, Verizon battle for customers as LTE iPad pricing hits the board

This is one interesting battle which is being undermined at present by a majority. The moment Apple unveiled the new iPad, all eyes were glued to the improvements it carried. But the most important, for me, is the price points that carriers like AT&T and Verizon will keep for its customers. The suspense is now finally over as both the carriers have released their own pricing. From Apple’s product page:

As you can see, the battle is interesting. AT&T has better pricing for mid-range bandwidth whereas Verizon has the trumps for out-of-the-house usage (including a monster 10GB for $80 plan). If you aren’t in LTE land, AT&T’s network is much speedier especially with the new iPad radios which allow for “faster than iPhone” 21Mbps.

Also, interestingly, HSPA+ is now called “4G” on current iPhones by AT&T.

Apple releases iTunes 10.6 with 1080P skills

Apart from a new Apple TV, a new iPad, a new iOS update and a host of other updates, Apple has also released iTunes 10.6 to the public that gives you the power to do 1080p. There’s also improvements for iTunes Match included. You can download the update either from Software Update or from here.

Apple updates it’s website.Gives out complete details of the new iPad

Apple has updated it’s website and has given out complete details of the new iPad.

Get complete details of the Apple event here.

Apple released the iOS 5.1 today.

Apple launches a brand new Apple Tv.

iPhoto for iOS released today.

Whole Apple event in brief

Apple unveils ‘The new iPad’: Retina Display, A5X chip, improved color saturation

It’s here. It’s finally here. We don’t really care if you call it the iPad 3 or iPad HD or iPad 2S or simply the new iPad, but the fact is the next gen iPad is at last upon us. Powered by the new A5X processor and quad-core graphics chip, the new iPad is the most pixel-packed slate in the market right now, boasting full HD retina display and an improved color saturation running on a 9.7-inch screen that plays host to 3.1 million pixels in a 2048 x 1536 arrangement — that’s 264ppi.

There’s also a new iSight camera on board that’s quite similar to the version inside the iPhone 4S. It’s a five-megapixel, backside illuminated sensor with and a five element lens. It’s also capable of capturing 1080p video, which should come as no surprise. We’re also excited to see the keyboard sporting a brand new dictation key that lets you speak instead of type — yes, just like on Android. The new software inside will also let you use the slate as a portable WiFi hotspot… so long as the carriers are game.

Last, but not the least, the most exciting bit: LTE. The new iPad is sporting 21Mbps HSPA+, but it’s also rocking an LTE radio capable of pulling down 73Mbps on both Verizon and AT&T in the US. And guess what — even with an LTE antenna on board, Apple is still claiming to get 10 hours of battery life on the slightly obese slate which has become a little heavier at 1.4lbs, thought he 9.4mm thickness is nothing to sniff at.

Pricing is the same as the iPad 2: the 16GB WiFi only model starts at $499, ending with $829 for the 64GB version with 4G. Pre-orders have already begun and shipping begins March 16th. Are you buying the new iPad?

Apple launch brand new Apple TV, only $99

Before we head into the real deal of the night, the new iPad, Apple has just revealed a brand new Apple TV that does full 1080p HD video playback. The UI is more iOS-esque with new colors and the entry of a host of third-party apps to enhance the user experience while watching your favorite movies and shows. Price?  well, unbelievably it’s still the same – $99. Pre-orders have already begun whereas shipping begins next week so hurry before your neighbor scores one over you!

All on the iPad 2

It has not even been one year since the revolutionary and magical ipad has released and there are already rumors about a new Apple iPad. Infact  these rumors are from long before and we had also written about these rumors long ago. But now these rumors get much more stronger.So if at all the new iPad is coming lets know what new is coming in the new iPad.

ipad with facetime.jpeg

1.A dual camera for Facetime- Apple always likes to keep its iOS devices at the same par. With the iOS coming to all devices it is not long before the Facetime comes to the iPad also.The camera will have to be a good resolution with a high mega pixel as the iPad screen is big and a poor camera quality will certainly be seen so according to the news we have the iPad will get a 5MP camera and a VGA front camera.

2.Sensors(Gyno)-The same theory goes here as well. All iOS devices are almost similar so if the iPhone and the iTouch have it the iPad will surely have it.

3.Better Screen-The iPad already uses a IPS technology screen but a much more better screen is expected on the new iPad.

4.USB Connect-Already you can connect your Digicam to your iPad using a simple dock.I think if apple modify this a little and allow a similar dock for all USB drives it would really be great.As per our news the chances of an iPad having is USB connect is very low.

5.No 7 inch iPad for sure. It will certainly be a iPad with the same dimensions as it is now.

6.It is as always Apple’s good habit to make things thinner and lighter so ofcourse we expect a much thinner and ligher iPad 2.

7.iMovies for the iPad-Since the iPad will have a camera and facetime capabilities it is quite possible that there is an iMovie app made for the iPad.

8. A faster and a better processor with at least 1.2 or 1.4GHZ capability.