iPod Nano discontinued in India

After Apple reduced the price of iPod Nano to $129 in the US a few days ago, we all were expecting the iPod Nano to become cheaper in India but unfortunately Apple has stopped selling iPod Nano in India. The reasons for the same only Apple knows. This means that the built in accelerometer iPod … Continue reading “iPod Nano discontinued in India”

Apple Announces New iPod Touch, available from October 12

Apart from the Nano, Apple has updated the Touch as well, giving users a host of new products today. Prices 8GB – $199 32GB – $299 64GB – $399 Please note there is no 16GB update The new iPod Touch will be available from October 12.

iPhone Nano

Apple Apple Apple!!!Apple’s news and rumors never just seem to end.The iPad 2 rumors were not even over and the iPad 3 rumors already started.Now the new trend in Apple rumors is the iPhone Nano. Earlier people said that the iPhone Nano rumors are fake and Apple will never make such an iPhone ever but … Continue reading “iPhone Nano”

iPod Nano hacked; to get games, videos, calendars, more apps (video)

This is incredible! Apple’s 6th generation iPod Nano has now been ‘hacked’ by a developer named James Whelton, who was able to break through the Nano’s “cache comparison” system to further enhance the gadget’s usability. James has proved his hack (see video below) by completely removing the apps off the device! But it doesn’t end here. … Continue reading “iPod Nano hacked; to get games, videos, calendars, more apps (video)”

5th Gen iPod Nano gains a camera, gets stuck to your head

As soon as Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPod Nano on September 1st, we all knew that the much awaited iWatch dream will turn to reality now. But did you ever imagine you will be wearing your new, shiny iPod nano on your head, sticking its camera out in the front? Well, Rampant Gear has … Continue reading “5th Gen iPod Nano gains a camera, gets stuck to your head”

iPod Nano iWatch arrives: Buy now!

We all saw it coming. Heck, even Steve Jobs himself saw it coming the moment he was announcing the new iPod Nano on September 1st. And today it has finally arrived, all set to honor your wrist. The new multi-touch iPod Nano has been put into a 22mm Maratac Nylon band (which slips through the … Continue reading “iPod Nano iWatch arrives: Buy now!”

2.8 Inches touch iPod Nano may be out on September 1

As the speculation suggests there might a exorbitant metamorphosis in the Apple iPod range on September 1 when the Apple Media Conference will transpire .Different elucidate has been done by different people on what will actually exculpate but the eleventh-hour news that we get is that there is going to be a 2.8 inches Touch iPod … Continue reading “2.8 Inches touch iPod Nano may be out on September 1”

Apple iPod over the years

iPod shuffle (3rd generation Late 2009) iPod classic 160 GB (Late 2009) iPod touch (3rd generation) iPod nano (5th generation) iPod shuffle (3rd generation) iPod classic (120 GB) iPod touch (2nd generation) iPod touch iPod classic iPod nano (4th generation) iPod nano (3rd generation) iPod (5th generation Late 2006) iPod (5th generation) iPod nano (2nd … Continue reading “Apple iPod over the years”

Tata Nano EV Concept Car

Tata Motors just debuted an electrified version of their Nano today at the 80th Geneva Motor Show, promising no compromises in the way it drives compared to the regular 600cc Nano. The Tata Nano Electric Vehicle (EV) will be built on the existing Nano platform, and still seats four adults. Key Features Promised Super polymer … Continue reading “Tata Nano EV Concept Car”