Like to hear Sindhi Songs? There is something exciting for you

Online radio’s are just taking off. Even Apple is all set to launch a brand new service called iRadio to take on Pandora( as per rumors) but there a few of them who love to hear Sindhi songs. Unfortunately for such people there aren’t many resources.

Finally there is a silver living, a brand new online radio service which plays only sindhi songs –

It has six stations and is pretty cool.

Sindhi music lovers out there have a look.

If you have tried the service do let us know your opinions/comments below.

iTunes Music and Movie Store finally in India

The year 2012 has been a great year for Indian Apple Fanboys.

The iPad mini is going to launch soon in India. New iPods and iPhone are already launched and now we have the iTunes Music and Movies store for India. Apple is just raining some love towards India. Now Apple fanboys here are only waiting for an official Apple store to launch in India.

Currently there are only resellers and there is NO Apple store in India.


Songs cost Rs.12 and movies(both sale and rent) have distinctive prices for every movie.




Download high quality music free of cost with MP3Dad

If you are the ones who love music and do not know where to download it on the web, Mp3 Dad offers you all the music you want, without any hassles. Mp3dad is an easy way to listen to and download music. You can find your favorite songs in their multi-million database of quality mp3 links.

Mp3 Dad provides fast and relevant search to aide you to easily get the song you want. You can also post music on your blog or personal site.

Mp3 Dad is basically a search driven website. What this means is that it takes the keywords you submit in the search box, and transmits them simultaneously to several music links across the web. Within 30 seconds (or even instantly if the search is already cached), you receive free mp3 download links from across the web.

Then, you can easily browse the available free music downloads on a single page. This saves you a lot of time when you want to download free mp3 music.

To sum up, whenever you want to find free Mp3 songs to download, this site might be worth a try. provides you with lots of Mp3 songs you can download for free.

Rockmate for iPad is the only music application you’ll ever need (video)

Ardent music lover? Use GarageBand on your iPad? Let me introduce you to Rockmate:

Rockmate for iPad, as you saw in the video above, is a new app launched by Fingerlab which allows up to 4 rock players on a single iPad.

Rockmate turns your iPad into a complete music studio easy and super fun to use. You can compose, record and play songs with up to 4 Rock players on one single iPad. Rockmate is easy to play with smart chords progressions, sounds great with separated guitar effects and in-house produced audio samples and is also fully customizable with multiple drums and keyboard styles.

Rockmate is ready to rock ! Your guitars are always well tuned, no need to carry your drum kit or to patch your keyboard. A smart metronome and a real-time looper will assist you in composing and recording your songs. That you can share by email or in your iTunes sharing folder.

We want as many people as possible to experience Rockmate. So we have decided to make Rockmate available for one week (From 14 to 21 December 2011) at the introductory price of $0.99. Regular price $3.99.

So what are you waiting for? Go turn your iPad into your own personal music studio!

You can download the app from iTunes. Let it roll!

Buying one of the new Nokia Windows Phone devices? Hold on.

Are you considering buying one of the new Nokia Windows Phone devices in the very near future? Well, holding off for now would be a better idea and you might just land yourself Nokia’s Mix Radio app for free.

One of the best Nokia apps yet is slow to come onto US markets. It will arrive with the new Nokia Lumina 800, to be introduced to US markets in early 2012. European customers who already have the new Windows platform phone are very enthusiastic about the new Nokia Music app that comes free with the new smart phone. If you love music you may want to hold off on purchasing that new phone.

The Nokia Music app features a player, of course, and works with Zune to play your favorite tunes but it also comes with Mix Radio which will stream music from prerecorded radio stations featuring over 15 million tracks of music in most genres. If you like what you’re hearing then you can tap the phone and save the song on your Lumia for playing offline. You can also buy music downloads in MP3s.

The Lumina 800 also has a feature similar to Pandora that allows you tell Mix Radio who your favorite bands are and it will create customized play lists for you. Mix Radio uses Eagles Nest Taste profiling to serve up your personalized music. You can also skip, rate or love songs.

Mix Radio is simple to use, just tap the home screen and music starts playing, no subscription, no paying downloading fees. It comes standard on the Lumina 800, no installation needed. (Mix Radio is also available on Lumina 710 phones.) It also has GIG- which will actually tell you when your favorite bands are playing in the area.

Nokia is promising that the Lumina 800 US version, which may be called Tango, will have very aggressive pricing and many insiders are speculating the price of the new Windows phone will be close to $200, making it affordable for most consumers. But unfortunately we’ll have to wait until 2012 to find out.

The Lumina 800 has a slim design, fits well in the pocket and hand, comes in 3 colors, and does all the things a smart phone is supposed to do as well as play music. It’s rated as the fastest Windows phone on the market by most reviewers and of course being a Nokia phone it goes a long way between charges. If grandpa has resisted getting a smart phone you can tell him it’s like having a transistor radio in the pocket that knows what music you like and lets you make phone calls too.

The Lumina 800 is flying off the shelves in Europe. The US version will have a larger screen, a slightly different processor and an 8 megapixel camera. The Mix Radio app is one of the apps that distinguish Nokia’s Windows phones from similar smart phones and it isn’t available as a stand alone app. I believe that once you see a friend’s Lumina 800 or Tango in use you’ll want one too, especially if you’re a music lover. That’s one of the reasons you may want to wait until after the holidays to purchase a new phone.

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Samsung mocks iTunes, iCloud in new Galaxy S II advert (video)

Get this: while Apple continues to innovate and then advertise about its product by focusing on, well, the product itself, Samsung does exactly the opposite and tries to promote its product by pissing over the other’s.

Just like their previous ad where they mocked the people standing in queues waiting to buy an iPhone (video below), this time too Samsung had the b***s — and the room — to indirectly feature and mock Apple’s product. Check out the daring videos below.

Samsung mocks iTunes in the cloud:

Samsung mocks potential iPhone buyers:

Samsung challenges the notion that only iPhone has the best apps

For more videos visit Samsung’s YouTube channel.

Presenting the first ever music video shot entirely using iPhone 4S (video)

One of the noticeable improvements of the iPhone 4S over its predecessor is its camera. Upgraded to 8 megapixel, the new shooter is also capable of kicking out 1080p video, an improvement over the already mightily impressive 720p, 5 megapixel camera in the iPhone 4. Hence, it comes as no surprise we have our first ever music video shot entirely using the iPhone 4S:

Music types, The Turnback decided to film this video for their new single, Cellophane Sky, using two shiny new iPhone 4S handsets. Filmed in full 1080p at the New York nightclub, Webster Hall, the video is believed to be the first made using the iPhone 4S.

On October 14th, 2011 we received 2 brand new iPhone 4S smart phones. On Sunday October 16th we shot the video at the famous NYC nightclub Webster Hall. Over the next several days, with little sleep and lots of coffee, the final video was finished.

This video was shot entirely using those 2 iPhone 4S’s and was edited on Final Cut Pro.

Engineer dedicates song to Steve Jobs made using only Mac sounds

An Audio engineer AzR from Ridgefield, CT has made a song for Steve Jobs titles Thank You Steve and has dedicated it to the man himself following his death recently. The song is made up of sound-bytes from Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech and sounds sampled from Mac products including: Mac I, Mac II, PowerMac, Apple II, Mac Quadra, Mac Pro and the iPhone. He writes:

I made this song using only sounds from Apple products and Steve’s 2005 Stanford commencement speech. Every instrument, including drums, has been sampled from a Mac product, tuned by ear, and replayed in the context of the song.

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it.

RIP Steve. We’ll miss you.

Video below:

Download here.

Apple Announces New iPod Touch, available from October 12

Apart from the Nano, Apple has updated the Touch as well, giving users a host of new products today.


  • 8GB – $199
  • 32GB – $299
  • 64GB – $399

Please note there is no 16GB update

The new iPod Touch will be available from October 12.

RIM launches BBM Music, for the love of the “BlackBerry Boys”

Blackberry-maker Research in Motion (RIM) has given some more love to the fruit-flavored phone owners in the form of BBM Music, just days after launching the BB Curve 9350/9360/9370 — the last of the 5 devices they launched recently. BBM Music is an addition to the highly popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service offered by RIM to its device holders. A Spotify-esque service, BBM Music allows users to get and keep up to 50 songs in their personal library upon payment of $5 per month. What’s the big deal, you might ask. Well, as with their BBM (messenger), RIM have added the social element to the BBM Music as well. You can add BBM Music friends to your circle and access their 50 songs as well (so RIM wants you to add strangers, eh). Not enough? You are also allowed to swap up to 25 songs per month for new ones to refresh your music library with the latest tunes, with your current library being stored locally on your handset.

The service was built by British music services company Omnifone, which has licensed 10m tracks across all music genres from classical to contemporary rock and pop, with new music generally available on the day of release.

The music, licensed from Universal Music Group, Sony, Warner Music Group and EMI, is essentially rented – it can be downloaded onto phones and listened to when the handset is offline, but cannot be transferred to other devices.

BBM Music

The new service begins today in closed beta for residents of the US, Canada and the UK, but more countries will be added down the road.

Show Press Release

RIM Announces BBM Music – A New Social Music Sharing and Discovery Service

New Cloud-Based Music Service Makes Music a Social Experience

Waterloo, ON – Research In Motion (RIM) today announced BBM Music, a new BBM (BlackBerry® Messenger) service for socially connected music fans.

BBM Music is an easy-to-use cloud-based service that enables social and viral music discovery by allowing users to build an evolving, community-based music library that is shared amongst their BBM Music friends. The size of the music library continues to grow as new friends join the community and each user can select music from a catalog with millions of songs from leading music companies – Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI.

“More than 45 million customers already love the social communication benefits delivered through BBM and we are thrilled to be extending the experience into a uniquely social and interactive music service,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “We have partnered with leading music companies to provide a „full track‟ music sharing and discovery experience that will provide users with quality music on demand and allow them to connect with friends on a whole new level.”

Key features of BBM Music include:
– Music made social – BBM Music is a cloud-based, social music service that allows you to share and discover music with your friends, creating a continually evolving music library:
– Build a personal music profile with 50 of your favorite songs. You can refresh your profile by swapping out up to 25 songs each month.
– Invite your BBM friends to subscribe to BBM Music and to join your BBM Music Community.
– With each friend that is added to BBM Music, you grow your music collection since the songs from the profile of each BBM Music friend are available to you at any time.
– Up to 50 tracks from your personal profile are shared with your BBM Music Community, and each member of your community shares up to 50 songs from their profile with you.
– Enjoy a truly social community-based music experience – the more friends who join your community, the more songs you can listen to.
– Easily discover music that your BBM Music friends are listening to, and comment on your friends‟ songs and playlists.
– You can create multiple playlists from music in your profile as well as all of your friends‟ profiles, and with one click you can shuffle the entire collection of music from your BBM Music Community. You can even see which friend contributed each song while it plays.
– Within your BBM Music app, you also see a visual timeline that shows the recent updates of all users within your community. It gives you a chronological view of community updates, including who added new friends, which songs were added or removed, which playlists were created and what comments were made by your BBM Music friends.
– Listen to Full Tracks – BBM Music subscribers can listen to full tracks from their friends‟ profiles – not just previews.
– Offline Listening – Music can be saved to smartphones for offline listening, allowing users to access songs even when they don‟t have wireless coverage.
– Topping the Charts – Keep track of how many friends are listening to your tracks.

“A major component of online music continues to be about community, and the ability to discover new artists and music through word of mouth,” stated Rob Wells, President of Global Digital Business for Universal Music Group. “BBM Music dynamically and elegantly integrates the excitement of this social music discovery process with a high quality music service, enabling tens of millions of BlackBerry users to experience new music and to share those experiences with their friends virtually anywhere and at anytime.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with Research In Motion on their BBM Music service. RIM and its large base of BlackBerry Messenger users represent an exciting platform for expanding the reach of commercial digital music around the world,” stated Thomas Hesse, President, Global Digital Business, U.S. Sales and Corporate Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment. “The combination of a premium music solution and instant messaging will enable viral music discovery and emphasize the social power of digital music. It also offers an effective way of serving younger consumers by integrating music into the fabric of an important hub of their digital activity.”

“A dynamic social music experience is a powerful way for our artists to connect with fans and also for fans to discover music by interacting with each other,” said Michael Nash, Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy & Business Development, Warner Music Group. “Addressing more than 45 million BlackBerry Messenger users with a service tailor-made for its mobile community, BBM Music has the opportunity to reach a broad and engaged audience.”

“We are very excited to work with Research In Motion to bring our artists‟ music to BBM‟s huge and very loyal user base,” said Mark Piibe, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development at EMI Music. “BBM Music‟s unique social discovery experience offers fans a great new way to discover music, share their favorite tracks with their friends and build a stronger connection with the artists they love.”

“The widespread adoption of mobile devices provides the perfect foundation for consuming and sharing music. Brands that want to deliver a unique interactive experience must create services that are mobile, social, and contextual,” said Maribel Lopez Principal at Lopez Research and Constellation Research Group.

A closed (limited) beta trial of the BBM Music service is starting today in Canada, the United States and the UK. The BBM Music service is expected to be commercially available to customers later this year for a monthly subscription of $4.99 USD* in Australia, Canada, Columbia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Google Music Beta — A sneak peak

Google finally launched their much-hyped iTunes killer, Google Music, in beta stage yesterday at their annual Google I/O developers event (where they gave away several Samsung Galaxy Tabs for free!), and packs quite a punch with regards to its functionality. The service is in beta at present because of the record music labels Google has on board.

So what is Google Music Beta all about? How does it look?

For starters, it is quite a pain in the a$$ for non-U.S. citizens and Apple fan boys. In simple language, Google doesn’t like Apple so the service won’t work on iOS devices as it requires Flash to work; and the service is a U.S.-only affair for now with international launch no where to be heard.

Moving on, apart from the above mentioned couple of ‘glitches,’ the service is quite… cool. It lets you store your personal music collection online and lets you access it any time you want from anywhere you like from any browser in the world from any compatible device (Android 2.2+)! Well, hear it from Google itself:

  • Welcome to Music Beta, a new service from Google that lets you store your personal collection online and access it instantly without the hassle of wires or syncing.
  • Enjoy your music anywhere — listen on any web browser or your smartphone or tablet running Android 2.2 or higher.
  • Save your favorite albums, artists, and playlists on your device so you can keep listening even when you’re not connected.
  • Create your own custom playlists or build them automatically from a single song.

The service is an invite-only affair for now, but once you get through, there are a handful of free songs you can get on the service to get you started. Below are few screen-shots to get you familiar with Music Beta:

Screen-shots and all other info via TechCrunch

Apple all set to unleash its Cloud-based music system even before Google can blink!

Apple is all set to beat Google in launching their Cloud-based music system, according to reports floating around. While Apple is very much on track for a near future launch, Google sees its own project stalled owing to its rotating executive leadership and changing priorities, claims the Reuters.

Apple Inc has completed work on an online music storage service and is set to launch it ahead of Google Inc, whose own music efforts have stalled, according to several people familiar with both companies’ plans.Apple’s plans will allow iTunes customers to store their songs on a remote server, and then access them from wherever they have an Internet connection, said two of these people who asked not to be named as the talks are still confidential.The maker of the wildly popular iPhone and iPod, Apple has yet to sign any new licenses for the service and major music labels are hoping to secure deals before the service is launched, three of the sources said. Apple has not told its music partners of when it intends to introduce its music locker, they said.

Going by past incidences, we might be in for a September unveiling of Apple’s Cloud-based music system. But given the change in trend from this year, wherein Apple is deviating from its usual September time frame to launch the next generation of its iPhone, we might be in for a surprise here.

When do you think will we see Apple’s Cloud-based music system go Live? Will it be this year? Some rumors suggest that iOS 5 will come with Cloud features, Media Stream and Find My Friends.