Windows 9 mockups

Windows 8 was a massive revamp by Microsoft and it was completely different from its predecessor – Windows 7. Designed for touch screens, this new Windows did not appeal to the masses. Microsoft came out with Windows 8.1 to sort some issues but there is still a lot that needs to be sorted. has some mockup’s of Windows 9. Let us have a look.

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Windows looks absolutely gorgeous in these mockup’s. Hey, Microsoft if you are reading this – THIS IS THE WINDOWS WE WANT.

What are your views about these mockup’s? Do let us know your opinions via comments.

The new iPhone

Following the launch of the new iPad, the rumor mill has gladly shifted its focus to the next major release from Apple: the new iPhone. Sporting a pixel-rich retina display, an improved A5X chip, a customized iSight camera and enhanced color saturation, the new iPad was everything that the iPad 2 wanted to be. And now, with a new iPhone next on the cards, people have already started discussing the enhancements Apple will make to its popular smartphone. And when it comes to translating our expectations into a sleek new iPhone design, there’s none better than ADR Studio’s Antonio De Rosa. Now we’ve seen plenty of iPhone mockups from ADR Studio in the past, including the very recent iPhone SJ, but what we have here today is something just out of the world. Too bad it ain’t real.

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New iPhone 5 mockup flaunts its curves, looks totally un-Apple-ish

A brand new iPhone 5 mockup by the guys at Ciccarese Design has landed straight into the spotlight, flaunting its curvy body, as the run-in to the next gen iPhone’s much-hyped launch nears an end. The design, totally un-Apple-ish, is teardrop shaped and resembles the looks as that of Apple’s Magic Mouse. Groovy? Yes please!


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iPhone SJ opens up a bit more, takes the world by storm (video)

A little over a week ago we highlighted ADR Studios” founder Antonio De Rosa”s new iPhone concept design which he emphatically called the iPhone SJ. There were some awesome designing skills implemented by De Rosa in the concept, which featured a total capacitive glass screen on a slavishly light polycarbonate body and included a 10 megapixel camera and an A6 chip – which Apple is rumored to use in the next iPhone and iPad. The phone was designed so well that it received an overwhelming response which prompted De Rosa to further detail the iPhone SJ with some new photos and a short video, highlighting the features of the phone. De Rosa said:

The concept of the iPhone SJ has been welcomed in an amazing and unexpected BBB has nothing to report concerning Defensive what is defensive driving School’s advertising at this time. way by the Web. We want to celebrate all this by releasing more images and details of the concept together with a small video.





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While it is easy to criticize Apple for not making an iPhone based on any of the drool-worthy concepts / mockups we”ve seen, we must not forget the difficulty Sir Jonathon Ive and his design team must be facing in actually coming up with something like the iPhone SJ, filled with all the features and services we”ve been enjoying currently. Imagination is one thing and implementation another. And besides, Apple”s current iPhones aren”t that bad, are they?

iPhone SJ: A classy new iPhone 5 mockup

A classy new iPhone 5 mockup, designed by ADR Studio’s Antonio De Rosa, has started surfacing online, giving birth to fresh disappointments over Apple’s current ‘realistic’ designs.

To be frank, we’ve seen plenty of iPhone mockups before, specially from ADR Studio itself, and to be honest they sure entice you to want to have one of those and wish Apple could actually, somehow, make it a reality. But unfortunately, they are just what they are: mere concepts.

Anyway, the latest offering from ADR Studio is the iPhone SJ, a concept that has its moniker inspired by the late Steve Jobs and includes a “Totally glass capacitive screen on a polycarbonate lightweight body.”

Other imaginary specs include a new 10-megapixel camera and an A6 dual core processor, slapped in a much slimmer design and a slightly rounded edge from the back and front panels to the bezel.






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iTV: Apple TV mockup

With excerpts from Steve Jobs’ bio all over the internet now, i assume almost all of you must be aware of Steve’s now-so-famous quote “?I’ve cracked the TV.” In light of this, the rumor mill has started speculating the arrival of a new product from Cupertino — an Apple TV, or iTV as everyone would like to call it. So, it comes as no surprise that a very famous and highly talented artist Guilherme M. Schasiepen has created a mockup of iTV, uploaded in his Flickr account. Here’s what he’s come up with:

Via  Guilherme M. Schasiepen 

More coverage here.


An imaginative look at the next iPad (iPad 3 mockups!)

Remember those cool iPhone 4S/5 mockups we showed you a couple of weeks ago designed by Guilherme Schasiepen? The guy is at it again, this time taking his imagination (and expectation) to the iPad, depicting in some lovely mockups how Apple’s magical and revolutionary gadget’s next avatar will be like. Head over past the break for your conceptual doze of Apple goodness.

More iPhone 5 mockups turn up…

We are building up perfectly to the rumored September launch of the next iPhone coming out from Cupertino. We’ve had both news and graphical mockups of what the next-gen iPhone could be like, and we’re not done yet. Not at least till we actually see it launched officially. Till then, here is more graphical bliss for you to ponder over…

Designed by Guilherme Schasiepen. Now, isn’t that good? Jeeeeeeez!

Exclusive Apple iPhone Nano (N97) mockup

It sure seems a job well done on this iPhone Nano (N97) mockup, sent to 9to5mac by one of their readers. Whether Apple will turn it into a reality i don’t know and i won’t even talk about it and leave it up to you to contemplate, but one thing’s for sure that you can see above but won’t be able to see in reality is full bars on AT&T!! Seriously, does it even exist?!?!