Samsung takes on the iPhone yet again with Galaxy Note Super Bowl advert (video)

Samsung and Apple sure seem to have started 2012 the way the ended 2011. With a number of lawsuits and stats and a handful of mocking advertisements already witnessed this year, Samsung has rolled the dice once again on Apple, yet again mocking the iPhone (and iPhone users standing in long queues for the phone) with a Galaxy Note advert aired during Super Bowl XLVI last night. The Note, which neither qualifies to be a phone nor a tablet, stands out from the crowd with a 5.3 inch touchscreen and has also got a stylus — reminding us of something which the late Steve Jobs once proclaimed “if you see a stylus, they blew it”.

Apple? Samsung? The war goes on…

Samsung mocks iTunes, iCloud in new Galaxy S II advert (video)

Get this: while Apple continues to innovate and then advertise about its product by focusing on, well, the product itself, Samsung does exactly the opposite and tries to promote its product by pissing over the other’s.

Just like their previous ad where they mocked the people standing in queues waiting to buy an iPhone (video below), this time too Samsung had the b***s — and the room — to indirectly feature and mock Apple’s product. Check out the daring videos below.

Samsung mocks iTunes in the cloud:

Samsung mocks potential iPhone buyers:

Samsung challenges the notion that only iPhone has the best apps

For more videos visit Samsung’s YouTube channel.

Verizon mocks AT&T yet again with new iPhone 4S commercial (video)

Forgot their rivalry? Verizon wants to remind you that the bitterness between them and AT&T is still there with a nicely executed iPhone 4S advertisement, mocking AT&T and its iCoverage with the help of a sinking boat.

Oh my, that sinking feeling!

Tim Cook — Behind the Scenes (Exclusive Video)

As Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook gears up for his first public appearance in that post, to unveil some new things on October 4, we’ve got our hands on an exclusive video on Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, showing what really his employees feel about him. Head past the break for the visual.

Conan O’Brien investigates the lost iPhone 5 (video)

Conan O’Brien is at it again. After previously mocking Apple’s big flop, Final Cut Pro X, he’s now on the hunt for the lost iPhone 5 prototype on Apple’s behalf. Did he find it? Why don’t you see for yourself:

More iPad 2 mock-ups

We don’t expect these mock-ups to cease until Apple actually, officially reveals the iPad 2. So for now, just drool over these mock-ups (below)…or head over to these related links within our site:

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BREAKING: iPad 2 with dual cameras spotted at CES 2011

Just as we were smoothly getting engaged in the drama and hype surrounding the iPad 2, awaiting an official word from Apple, CES 2011 has given us a first, unofficial, dual camera equipped, thinner iPad 2 mock up. Among all the designs we’ve seen, this is the first physical mock up of the 2nd generation of Apple’s magical and revolutionary product.

The iPad 2 was found at Dexim by Engadget yesterday on the opening day of CES 2011, hiding inside a protective case, shielding itself from those notorious eyes of the rival tablet makers.

The device sported dual cameras, a much thinner design, and tapered edges – similar to the ones found on Apple’s latest iPod touches.

The opening day of CES 2011 also showcased the thinnest all-in-one desktop line-up. Do take a look.

Here are the exclusive pictures Engadget managed to grab: