SkyDrive is now OneDrive

The tech giant Microsoft has rebranded its cloud storage service SkyDrive to OneDrive. This has happened 6 months after a trademark dispute with the British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). Microsoft has registered and has also made a promo video. You can watch the video below. Microsoft has informed users that some new features will debut … Continue reading “SkyDrive is now OneDrive”

Windows phone will be a serious contender by 2015

Windows phone is in the smartphone market for quite some time now but has not been able to get a significant market share until now. The low end windows phone have shown silver linings but the high end phones are just not selling. But that is not the end of the story. Windows and especially … Continue reading “Windows phone will be a serious contender by 2015”

Windows 9 mockups

Windows 8 was a massive revamp by Microsoft and it was completely different from its predecessor – Windows 7. Designed for touch screens, this new Windows did not appeal to the masses. Microsoft came out with Windows 8.1 to sort some issues but there is still a lot that needs to be sorted. has some … Continue reading “Windows 9 mockups”

Dell loses the plot, goes private

The world”s third biggest computer manufacturer, Dell is now going private in a $24.4 billion deal that also gives $13.65 per share in cash to shareholders.  regarded the company”s move as “the biggest leveraged buyout since the financial crisis.” The transaction will be financed through a combination of cash and equity contributed by Michael Dell and other investment funds, … Continue reading “Dell loses the plot, goes private”

Microsoft Surface Pro coming in jan-starts at $899

According to a blog post by Microsoft the much-awaited Surface Pro will be shipping in January 2013 and will start with a price tag of $899. The Microsoft surface Pro has a Intel Core i5 chip, 10.6-inch display, resolution of 1920-by-1080. The 64 GB model comes for $899 while the 128GB model comes for $999. … Continue reading “Microsoft Surface Pro coming in jan-starts at $899”

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Powered Surface Phone Concept [Exclusive Pic]

When Microsoft unveiled its awe-inspiring Surface tablet, the whole world went gaga over it. It was as if a real tablet was finally born to compete with the Apple iPad. And continuing that banter is a DeviantArt artist known publicly with the name YrOnimus, who has come up with a concept design for a Surface … Continue reading “Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Powered Surface Phone Concept [Exclusive Pic]”

Microsoft Research demos HomeOS, gets ready to capture your home, sweet home

Microsoft”s Research team has been working on something innovative since the past few months and today it is finally ready to go public with it.. and it”s called: HomeOS. What is HomeOS? Ever wanted to control your house”s climate, security, and appliances — along with your PCs and peripherals — using just one, singular software? Now … Continue reading “Microsoft Research demos HomeOS, gets ready to capture your home, sweet home”

Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 released. Download now!

There’s a software update coming in from Redmond! Microsoft have released Service Pack 2 for Office for Mac 2011, packing in several bug fixes and also a couple of new features in the update. We appreciated your feedback! As the newest member of the Office for Mac family, Outlook 2011 continues to get the most requests … Continue reading “Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 released. Download now!”

Microkia takes on iPhone, Android with new set of mocking commercials (videos)

When the latest Nielsen survey revealed just last week that over 90% of US Smartphones purchased in the last 3 months are either iOS or Android, no one, including yours truly, could ever imagine Nokia and Microsoft will come up with this: The venture’s latest campaign, starring former Saturday Night Live star Chris Parnell, features a … Continue reading “Microkia takes on iPhone, Android with new set of mocking commercials (videos)”

Spotted: MS Office for iPad [Exclusive Pic]

Exactly two years and a week ago we speculated whether or not Apple’s iPad will get Microsoft’s popular Office suite or no. Today, we can gleefully answer – yes. Rupert Murdoch’s tablet-only magazine The Daily featured a glimpse of Microsoft’s Office app for iPad, still lacking some finishing touches as yet, indicating a release in the near future … Continue reading “Spotted: MS Office for iPad [Exclusive Pic]”