Use Apple iPhone 4 in India

Yes its just been around a week and you can now use the iPhone 4 in India.

The next question that would come to your mind would be what about the microsim cards. You dont need to worry about that.

We have got the solution for that also. Just follow the instructions below.

1.Look at the images below carefully.

AT&T MicroSim
Normal Sim card
This is how the Sim Should look after you cut it

2.Now the next step you have got to do is to take a big scissor (you can borrow one from the tailor) and cut the sim card from one side. Below is the image after the sim card is cut.

3. So this means that you have to cut the sim card upto the golden part.

4. Now your  sim card fits into the iPhone 4 sim card holder.

5. Your done!! start using your iPhone 4  in India.

Cut the sim card this way