Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard 2011 Update leaks (video)

Microsoft’s new Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard 2011 Update, which was demoed earlier this year at E3, has been caught being browsed through in a leaked video (below) posted on YouTube by a user named ivazques71. In the video, the user goes through almost all of the next Xbox Dashboard’s menus to show us how it is shaping for release later this year.

Microsoft’s upgrade this year is based on Metro: a simple, clean and modern design language developed by the Redmond giant which is currently used in Windows Phone 7 and is slowly being introduced to other major products like Windows 8, Xbox 360 and the company’s suite of services under the Windows Live brand.

According to the video, the new Xbox Experience is expected to roll out on November 15th. But if past updates are anything to go by, it is due to come out some time this month itself. We have a keen eye on proceedings in Redmond.

Microsoft unveils Windows 8

We have more goodies for you from Computex 2011. Redmond giant Microsoft has shed light on the next OS coming out of its arsenal, Windows 8, which ensembles the look and feel of the company’s Windows Phone 7 OS. Yup, that’s right, Windows 8 has got the Metro UI made famous by WP7, and also has the tile screen which we love. What’s more, the OS, as you expected, is touch enabled!

There’ll be two kinds of applications for Windows 8, one that runs in a traditional desktop, and the other pseudo-mobile apps based on HTML5 and Javascript, but both environments — rather, the entire OS — have been designed from the ground up for touchscreen use.

There’s also a new version of Internet Explorer, IE 10 (that runs Silverlight) and an app store built into the touchscreen interface, along with integrated services like Office 365.

The new OS is expected to run on laptops, tablets and desktops whenever it comes out, and will also get multi-core 1.8GHz OMAP4470 ARM processor from Texas Instruments. Microsoft also said it will support NVIDIA, TI and Qualcomm.

There’s no news about the pricing or availability of the Windows 8, or whether actually ‘Windows 8’ will be the final name of the OS, but we are sure to find out all this and much, much more at the Build Windows developer conference in September.

In the meantime enjoy these awesome videos of an awesome OS. Great work, Microsoft!