HELP! Can not find default messaging app in my android phone.

One of our readers had a problem with her android phone and asked us out to help her.

The problem was : She could not find her default messaging app in her Samsung Galaxy phone. We thought many of our other readers might also face the same problem in future and therefore we decided to address this issue publicly by writing a blog post.

The solution to this is simple. Just go to application manager -> all apps and scroll down entirely.

Sometimes due to some reason the application gets automatically disabled. It generally happens when you download a application similar to the default app.

Hope the post helped you.

Apple teases Verizon iPhone plans, then pulls down page in a flash

First the goods: Apple put up plans of the soon launching Verizon iPhone on its website, giving pricing for the 2 available models – 16GB (Black) and 32GB (Black). Here’s a rundown:

Model No: MC676LL/A iPhone 4 16GB (black)
Model No: MC678LL/A iPhone 4 32GB (black)

Available plans:
Talk: 450 min/mo ($.45 ea over) $39.99/mo
Talk: 900 min/mo w/unlimited to 5 selected people (any network) ($.40 ea over) $59.99/mo
Talk: Unlimited $69.99/mo

Data: Unlimited iPhone $29.99/mo
Data: Unlimited iPhone + 2GB tethering and Hotspot 3G ($20/GB over) $49.99/mo

Messaging: Pay-per-use $.20/text $.25/video/pic
Messaging: 250 messages/mo ($.10 ea over) $5/mo
Messaging: 500 messages/mo ($.10 ea over) $10/mo
Messaging: Unlimited $20/mo

Here are links:16GB32GB

Got your doze? Now over to the hide and seek: Apple quickly removed the Verizon iPhone ordering page from their website, making us believe it is either because there are changes required to the plan (mentioned above), or they feel its too soon for everyone to know. Whatever it is, they acted too slow!

Verizon iPhone Ordering link.

Thanks 9to5mac for the goods!

Blackberry 6, What is it?

If you are a trendy blogger of surfer you might have read about Blackberry 6. Now the question comes what is it actually.

Blackberry 6

Blackberry 6 is an operating system for Blackberry Phones (Blackberry torch 9800, BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G as well as future BlackBerry handsets).

What is so special About it?

  • Expanded messaging capabilities with intuitive features to simplify the management of social networking and RSS feeds (Social Feeds), and provides integrated access to the BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™), Facebook®, Twitter™, MySpace™ and various instant messaging applications available on the BlackBerry
  • Rich WebKit-based browser on BlackBerry which shall provide an excellent browsing experience
  • Tabs for accessing multiple sites simultaneously, double-tap to zoom that can intelligently wrap text in a column while maintaining the placement of a page’s key elements, and pinch to zoom.
  • Universal search
  • Advanced Messaging in which you can have a group messaging with Reply all feature
Blackberry 6