Review: MemoryKeeper for Mac

MemoryKeeper is a free app available on the Mac app store and I thought of trying it out. MemoryKeeper was listed in the “Whats Hot” category of the app store. I downloaded the application and it look just a few seconds for it to download and install.(just 35MB). Memory Keeper free’s up your RAM. Even after … Continue reading “Review: MemoryKeeper for Mac”

Lumia 800, iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II go head-to-head in browser speed comparison (video)

Nokia’s first real Windows Phone, Lumia 800 has just freshly come out of the factory and is raring to go to prove its worth. In come the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S II, running quickly to grab the opportunity to compete. Web browser speed test. Who wins?

BREAKING: Microsoft, Google join hands to ‘kill’ Apple

…And Steve Jobs said bring it on! In a sensational turn of events, the beleaguered duo of Microsoft and Google, tired and fed up of seeing Apple reach new heights every now and then, have agreed to come together to tackle the dominance of the Cupertino giant. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Google Chief Eric Schmidt have … Continue reading “BREAKING: Microsoft, Google join hands to ‘kill’ Apple”

How to know whether your Mac needs more Ram?

Apple charges a lot for Ram. We all know that. It is super expensive to upgrade the ram and the worst part is that a lot of people who actually do not need larger Ram upgrade the ram on their Mac. So we decided to let people know if they really needed to upgrade their … Continue reading “How to know whether your Mac needs more Ram?”

Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy i899

If you are in India and use Reliance CDMA phones, then there’s some good news for you: Reliance Mobile is set to launch the first Android-powered CDMA device in India – the Samsung Galaxy i899. Being India’s 1st CDMA Phone on Android Platform, and having 4GB internal memory (expandable to 32GB), there’s more than one … Continue reading “Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy i899”

The all new MacBook Pro Core i7

Apple has finally released it new Macbook Pro. Below are its specs Size and weight Height: 0.95 inch (2.41 cm) Width: 14.35 inches (36.4 cm) Depth: 9.82 inches (24.9 cm) Weight: 5.6 pounds (2.54 kg)1 Connections and expansion View larger MagSafe power port Gigabit Ethernet port One FireWire 800 port (up to 800 Mbps) Mini DisplayPort Two USB 2.0 … Continue reading “The all new MacBook Pro Core i7”

Speed Up Windows XP

Speed Up Windows XP by Keeping the Operating System in Memory. One thing you can do to speed up Windows XP is to make sure that key operating system functions stay in memory. Memory (also called “RAM” for Random Access Memory) is much faster than the hard disk. Perform the following steps to boost your … Continue reading “Speed Up Windows XP”

Facebook: What Happens (Online) When We Die

Death is inevitable. Everyone alive has to die one day. And when you do, you online presence – like your social network profiles, your blog comments, your web services, etc. – will serve as your very first memorial. Here’s how it’ll play out.

World’s Lightest Toughbook from Panasonic

Panasonic announced today a new range of toughbooks – the Toughbook C1, which they claim is the planet’s lightest 12.1-inch convertible tablet PC. Key Features 10 hours of battery life Optional Gobi 2000 mobile broadband module Intel’s decidedly potent 2.4GHz Core i5-520 processor Shock-mounted, flex-connect 250GB hard drive 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi Up to 8GB of DDR3 … Continue reading “World’s Lightest Toughbook from Panasonic”

Transformers memory sticks, mice – they’re HOT!

Transformers, the toys which kids love to obsessively collect during thier childhood, are coming soon albeit for the bigger children. Toshiba’s Official Transformers-brand USB memory sticks and mice are soon coming in town folks. If they are as good as i have heard, then they’ll be fun collectibles for a future time when neither mice … Continue reading “Transformers memory sticks, mice – they’re HOT!”

New milestone for Intel and Micron

Intel and Micron are set to unveil their new 25-nanometer flash memory chips on Monday via their IM Flash Technologies joint venture – the first commercial chip product made using advanced 25nm manufacturing technology. This new 64 gigabit (8 gigabyte) Multi-Level Cell NAND flash memory chip will give the companies a significant cost advantage over … Continue reading “New milestone for Intel and Micron”