Extract a .7z file on a Mac

.7z is a file type similar to a zip file. To extract such a file all you need to do is extract the file using an extractor which can be found at http://wakaba.c3.cx/s/apps/unarchiver.html All you have to do is 1.Download this small extractor 2.Install it 3.Double the file you want to extract 4.Done! Its easy to … Continue reading “Extract a .7z file on a Mac”

Review: MemoryKeeper for Mac

MemoryKeeper is a free app available on the Mac app store and I thought of trying it out. MemoryKeeper was listed in the “Whats Hot” category of the app store. I downloaded the application and it look just a few seconds for it to download and install.(just 35MB). Memory Keeper free’s up your RAM. Even after … Continue reading “Review: MemoryKeeper for Mac”

Disk Drill claims to be one of the best recovery software for Mac

There are a great many information recovery program available online, but Disk Drill is perhaps the most user-friendly and cost-effective option by far, making it perhaps the best data recovery for Mac users today.  You’ll want a recovery system that is easy to use and quick to learn, saving you valuable time and money in … Continue reading “Disk Drill claims to be one of the best recovery software for Mac”

How To: Mount an ISO on a Mac

A lot of times you have a file ISO and do not know what to do of it on a Mac. Do not worry. Today we are going to tell you how to easily mount an ISO on a mac. 1.Go to /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility/ 2.Once you have opened Disk Utility selected the ISO file you need … Continue reading “How To: Mount an ISO on a Mac”

How To: Speedup your Mac when the hard drive is completely full

There are plenty of tips and techniques available to a Mac user, which upon implementing on the drive bestows immediate relief for the Mac OS X.  An almost completely filled Mac hard drive is choked due to presence of huge pool of data and absence of free space makes the OS X perform slow as … Continue reading “How To: Speedup your Mac when the hard drive is completely full”

Apple Maps soon to be launched on Intel based Macs

There have been recent rumours regarding Apple launching its own Apple Maps app for the Mac. In the new maps apps for iOS there has been a new Avenir typeface . Apple has also displayed its turn by turn navigation system, 3D flyover mode and a completely new Yelp integration. According to some sources some interesting  evidence … Continue reading “Apple Maps soon to be launched on Intel based Macs”

Apps now taking advantage of the Retina Display that Macs have

Apple has just updated the Final Cut pro and Aperture. Adobe is working on a brand new photoshop. Autodesk is working on a new AutoCAD.   Macbook Pro has a retina display now Next-gen Macbook pro by Apple Macbook Pro updated by Apple Macbook Air updated by Apple Apple shows off Mumbai in its WWDC 2012 keynote

Intel launches new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors (finally!)

Intel has finally launched its new breed of Ivy Bridge (Sandy Bridge) processors, bringing along some delightful features in the package. The new 3D transistor chip, measuring just 22-nano-meter in size, is touted to be more efficient than the bigger Sandy Bridge processors it is replacing, and will also make its way into future Apple Macs. The new … Continue reading “Intel launches new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors (finally!)”

Configurator for Mac is your iOS hotspot

Apart from all the crazy announcements (briefed here and here) at the Apple event yesterday, there was another knight in shining armor that came out of Cupertino — Configurator app for Mac. Immediately compared to the Windows/Mac configuration utility, Configurator for Mac turns out to be a much simpler affair, allowing users to administer many iOS devices at a time like in … Continue reading “Configurator for Mac is your iOS hotspot”