Apple releases first iPhone 4S Siri commercial (video)

The first Apple iPhone 4S TV commercial has gone on air. The advert concentrates on Siri, the 4S’ intelligent personal assistant, giving a few real-world uses of the feature. Some Siri examples from the commercial:

  • Looking up Google Maps directions (to a hospital)
  • How to do something (tying a bow tie)
  • Checking the weather
  • Location-based reminders
  • Playing music from the iPhone music application
  • Setting up alarm clocks
  • Sending text messages

BlackBerry Services Live Again

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has said that all the services pertaining to BlackBerry, which were down since yesterday in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) owing to a technical glitch, are back again and running as usual. The widespread service outages were faced by BlackBerry users all over the world, including here in India, as people were unable to use BBM, internet, chatting, receive or send email, use instant messaging, etc., though the problems did not appear to be the same for each user, or affect all users.

The Canadian company said in a statement that all services had been restored and apologized again for any inconvenience.

The company did not comment on what caused the problem.

The company’s share price fell 0.56 percent to $23.23 Monday after the outage news, and was down 60 per cent from the beginning of the year. Buck up, RIM!

iOS 5 to come loaded with Find My Friends feature

Apple has announced a new feature for iOS 5 – Find My Friends which does exactly what you think it will: let you easily find friends who have opted to share their location with you. You’ll also be able to invite friends to share their location for a limited time (when they’re driving to your house, for instance, so you can give them directions), and there are naturally some parental controls too.

Spanish Super Cup 2nd leg Preview: Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Es la noche El Classico!! Yes you heard it right. Its the El Classico tonight. The world’s most biggest rivalry is back again after Sunday night’s action at the Santiago Bernabeau.

1st Leg:

“If we want to win the Spanish Super Cup, we will have to play much better,” said Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola. It was a night to savor for the home fans at the Santiago Bernabeau where Barcelona had a below-par performance. Real Madrid shared more of the possession  but still Barcelona managed to take their chances and scored twice. It was a 2-2 draw which could have gone either way. As usual there was controversy in the game. Victor Valdes pulled Cristiano Ronaldo’s leg inside the box which should have been a penalty but the referee couldn’t see it.

Now the Spanish Cup will be decided at the Camp Nou. Real Madrid look really strong this time around. This game can go either way. Barcelona, as we all know, is very difficult to beat at the Camp Nou. This looks set to be an exciting game coming up.

Team News:

Barcelona will be boosted by Alexis Sanchez’s sparking performance in the first leg against Real Madrid as well as the addition of Cesc Fabregas to their squad. Whether or not he’ll play Wednesday night is questionable, though. The former Arsenal midfielder trained with Barcelona on Tuesday and appears to be matchfit.

On the other, hand Real Madrid isn’t expected to make any changes to it’s line up, but you can expect them to be a little more defense minded as they know one goal from Barcelona can kill this tie off.

What can be their tactics?

A key to how both teams will play tonight is the away goals rule. If the second leg is tied after 90 minutes, the winner will be decided using the away goals rule. Barcelona scored two precious goals at Real Madrid’s backyard on Sunday night so they definitely have a significant advantage knowing that Real Madrid will need to either win the game or score three or more goals if the game is tied.

The other option, of course, is a win for either side. That would rule out considering of the away goals rule.

The tactics that will be employed Wednesday night are just one part of the intrigue around this game that features two of the best teams in the world.

In a calculated move, straight from Jose Mourinho’s textbook, he didn’t attend the Real Madrid press conference Tuesday but had his assistant manager, Aitor Karanka, speak to the media instead. During the press conference, Karanka defended Pepe and brushed off the criticism Pepe has received from the public. Many Barcelona fans argue that Pepe is a dirty player who intentionally goes out of his way to harm Barcelona’s players on the pitch when given an opportunity. Karanka, not surprisingly, disagrees.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi?

These two are back again on the same pitch together. Is this going to be a game between these two? No need to mention both of them are skillful and capable of scoring goals and turning the match on their head single-handedly. This time it looks like these two have to do it again for their respective teams. Messi did score in the first leg so there must be some added pressure on Ronaldo to score.

So,the Spanish giants are set to face each other. One of the world’s most exciting game is coming your way tonight!!

Windows Phone 7.1 ‘Mango’ in a nutshell (video)

Microsoft yesterday launched a new breed of Windows Phone software dubbed ‘Mango’ with a formality numerical of ‘7.1’. The latest software coming out of Redmond will be the one used on the first Nokia devices as part of the Microkia deal, and will be available for all present Windows Phone device holders to upgrade to from early autumn this year for free.

So what’s so special about Windows Phone 7.1 ‘Mango’ ? Yesterday, we told you about Microsoft’s ‘VIP Preview’ event where Steve Ballmer will unveil and detail 500 new features present in ‘Mango’. Though he didn’t list all of the 500 individually, he did give us a good clear picture of what ‘Mango’ can do.

“When we looked ahead to the next release, we wanted to stay true to the principles of Windows Phone 7 – that software should get out of your way and quickly connect you to the things that matter most… Mango builds on the work that we did in Windows Phone 7 and extends a lot of key scenarios around communications, apps, and Internet experiences -with even more capability and a deeper level of integration,” said Greg Sullivan, senior product manager of mobile communications for Windows Phone at Microsoft.

Some of the new features of ‘Mango’ include a revamped Bing app, Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, Threading (tabbing — Windows Live Messenger, SMS, etc), Groups, enhanced social integration with built-in support for Twitter & LinkedIn, improved personalized Live Tiles experience, multitasking, Quick Cards, multiple email accounts, Live Scout, Live Agents, built-in voice-to-text/text-to-voice functionality, and a hell lot more than you can imagine!

This ‘Mango’ sure looks sweeter to consume and we just can’t wait to get our hands of one of such Mango-powered devices. If you’re still on shaky grounds over this one then check out this video below and convince yourself that this time, Microsoft has nailed it!

Microsoft to unveil Windows Phone 7.5 Mango in special ‘VIP Preview’ tonight

Microsoft is all set to deliver some juicy Mango-flavored updates tonight at a special “VIP Preview” at 10:00am Eastern time. Yesterday, Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer promised over 500 new features in the next major release of the Windows Phone OS so we’ll be keenly waiting to hear all of them. One by one. In excruciating detail. Here are the times you need to be switched on:

04:00 – Hawaii
07:00 – Pacific
08:00 – Mountain
09:00 – Central
10:00 – Eastern
15:00 – London
16:00 – Paris
18:00 – Moscow
22:00 – Perth
22:00 – Shenzhen
23:00 – Tokyo
00:00 – Sydney (May 25th)

Top blog Engadget will covering the event Live! We at Firstain will try our best to get into the act ourselves. Stay tuned!

Youtube launches Live Streaming Service(Youtube Live)

The boss in the video department- Youtube has something new this time. Youtube has launched its Live Streaming Service.Though in its initial stages it has a very bright future.

Youtube Live is what they call this new service.Youtube Live product manager Joshua Siegel had something to say

“Today we’re announcing the initial roll out of YouTube Live, which will integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools directly into the YouTube platform for the first time”

Youtube has been earlier live streaming the IPL and many other events too and this is just an addition to all of them.

Since Youtube’s live streaming service Youtube Live is only in its initial stages it will allow only certain partners to live stream. After a few months though it will be out to serve thousands of partners.

To visit Youtube’s Live Streaming Service please click here.

Hopefully you will enjoy the Youtube Live.

Facebook Mobile Event Live Streaming Here

Facebook Mobile Event Live Streaming Here

Bookmark the page for now. Come at the time below

07:30AM – Hawaii
10:30AM – Pacific
11:30AM – Mountain
12:30PM – Central
01:30PM – Eastern
05:30PM – London
06:30PM – Paris
09:30PM – Moscow
02:30AM – Tokyo (November 4th)

Watch live streaming video from facebookinnovations at

Windows Live Essentials 2011 now available

Windows Live Essentials 2011 is now available for download. It is basically made for windows 7 but i think it will work on Windows Vista also(reason: i had used Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta on Vista).

Go download it now @

Also now Windows Live messenger is available for Zune HD

windows live essentials 2011.png

Apple event 1 September 2010 live streaming(updated)

Apple will live stream the Apple event 1 September 2010 at @10am PDT. We has predicted some things that Apple might launch at the event. Click here to view them the streaming is here