Temple run for Android to Launch Tomorrow

One of the most popular iOS game, Temple Run, will be available for android users starting tomorrow. A lot of android users used to envy iOS users since Temple Run was an iOS only app but now android users have something to be happy about. Be ready and be the first one to download the … Continue reading “Temple run for Android to Launch Tomorrow”

Samsung Galaxy S III’s April launch confirmations coming in

As we reported earlier, the next big thing from Samsung, the Galaxy S III Android smartphone was rumored for an April arrival, and now we have confirmations regarding the same coming in, confirming the launch time frame. The report comes in from ZDNet Korea, who claim to get the confirmation from Samsung’s marketing and advertising agency, Cheil … Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S III’s April launch confirmations coming in”

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks hit India amid much fanfare

Holla! The much prized Series 5 Ultrabooks from Samsung have just entered the Indian market and have already thrown the crowd into a tizzy. Significantly inferior to the Series 9 Ultrabooks from the Korean maker, the Series 5’s India visit comprises of the 13- and 14-inch variations, and still boast a spec sheet that will … Continue reading “Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks hit India amid much fanfare”

India’s Premier League Soccer gets delayed

The start of the inaugural edition of India’s IPL-style football extravaganza, the Premier League Soccer, has been delayed indefinitely due to an overly embarrassing situation in the country – lack of available football grounds. The six-team competition, featuring a host of world class footballers such as Fabio Canavarro, Robert Pires, Hernan Crespo and the likes … Continue reading “India’s Premier League Soccer gets delayed”

Apple’s New Game-Changer: Messages For Mac

Back in the 90s and early 200x, having the ability to send a text message across to another person far away from you via an electronic device (a la SMS) was a costly affair. Back then we didn’t have technologies and innovations as we have now so we were left at the mercy of our … Continue reading “Apple’s New Game-Changer: Messages For Mac”

Samsung Galaxy S III / Galaxy S 3D coming this February?

Samsung Galaxy S III concept | image via Concept-Photos Back in February of this year, Samsung Electronics had unveiled what turned out to be the most successful Android device out there in the form of the Galaxy S II. They unveiled the popular smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) – an event held in Barcelona, … Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S III / Galaxy S 3D coming this February?”

iPhone 4S pre order starts in India from tomorrow!

The most amazing iPhone as yet-The iPhone 4S will soon be available in India from 25th November, as we previously told you. The pre-order starts from tomorrow. Aircel is currently selling the iPhone 4 and will also be the first one to sell the iPhone 4S in India. More details available at the Aircel India Website.

Apple releases iTunes Match with iTunes 10.5.1

Following several quick-fire beta releases in the past few days, Apple has now released iTunes 10.5.1 final to the public, bringing along iTunes Match as well for the Americans. With iTunes Match, users can now sync their music from their iTunes libraries to iCloud for $24.99 a year. Apple has explicitly said only songs that are … Continue reading “Apple releases iTunes Match with iTunes 10.5.1”

Apple to launch iTunes Match soon, issues notice to be prepared

Apple is working very hard behind the scenes and is all set to launch iTunes Match very soon, judging by the ‘update’ they have sent out: As we prepare for the launch of iTunes Match, we will be deleting all current iCloud libraries on Saturday, November 12th at 10 AM PST. Please turn off iTunes … Continue reading “Apple to launch iTunes Match soon, issues notice to be prepared”

Motorola Facebook phone is real, goes by the name Motokey Social

Earlier during the year, several rumors had surfaced regarding an alleged Facebook phone to be built by Motorola. The rumors picked pace and photos (concepts) popped up before the rumor mill threw a twist in the midst, speculating the phone is to be built by Facebook itself. This prompted Mark Zuckerberg to come out and … Continue reading “Motorola Facebook phone is real, goes by the name Motokey Social”

iPhone 4S heads to 15 additional countries this Friday

Apple has announced on their website that 15 additional countries will be getting the new iPhone 4S from this Friday, November 4th onwards. The 15 countries in question are: Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania and South Korea. While the device itself will be reaching … Continue reading “iPhone 4S heads to 15 additional countries this Friday”