Spotted: MS Office for iPad [Exclusive Pic]

Exactly two years and a week ago we speculated whether or not Apple’s iPad will get Microsoft’s popular Office suite or no. Today, we can gleefully answer – yes. Rupert Murdoch’s tablet-only magazine The Daily featured a glimpse of Microsoft’s Office app for iPad, still lacking some finishing touches as yet, indicating a release in the near future … Continue reading “Spotted: MS Office for iPad [Exclusive Pic]”

iOS 5 to come loaded with Find My Friends feature

Apple has announced a new feature for iOS 5 – Find My Friends which does exactly what you think it will: let you easily find friends who have opted to share their location with you. You’ll also be able to invite friends to share their location for a limited time (when they’re driving to your house, … Continue reading “iOS 5 to come loaded with Find My Friends feature”

It’s official: No iPhone-iPad tethering

A question was thrown at Steve Jobs from Sweden that read: I’ll keep it short. I’m Jezper from Sweden, a long time Apple fan, currently about to replace the very last computer at home with a brand spanking new iMac i7. I’m also awaiting the release of the iPad. However, I have one question: Will … Continue reading “It’s official: No iPhone-iPad tethering”