Breaking: Zaheer Khan to get married soon!!

Sorry girls, yet another eligible bachelor, Zaheer Khan, may soon go off the ‘available’ list straight into Isha Sharvani’s arms, according to a report in the Times Of India today.

The report says that “soon after India emerged victorious at the World Cup 2011, and Zaheer Khan finished as the joint highest wicket taker of the tournament (he and Afridi both got 21 scalps), his proud parents were reportedly insistent on getting the best bowler (read, flavour) of the season married. And their wish was Zaheer’s command! We hear Zaheer is planning to walk the aisle with his long time girlfriend and Bollywood actress Isha Sharvani very soon.”

Their love story is almost like a movie script. Isha was performing during an event in 2005. Zaheer was there. They got introduced and kept bumping into each other at various social dos. And before long they were seeing each other. However, after two years of dating they decided to call it quits. Both went their seperate ways. And were not in touch till they met again in 2010.

Isha and Zaheer decided to give love a second chance. “True love deserves a second chance and Zaheer Khan and Isha Sharvani are doing just that,” said Hindustan Times. And now, it seems their decision was the right one.

The pretty damsel, who began her Bollywood career with Subhash Ghai’s ‘Kisna’ opposite Vivek Oberoi did not outright deny this news when contacted by a tabloid. Nonetheless, she preferred to keep it simple by saying, ‘I really don’t want to comment on this.’

Love is in the air folks and the good news is just around the corner… 😉

Meet the first person to cross 9 million followers on Twitter

And we finally have someone who has amassed more than 9 million followers on micro-blogging site Twitter. And its none other than Lady Gaga.

Pop star Lady Gaga has become the first person to have nine million followers on micro blogging site Twitter.

The eccentric singer became the most popular person on the social networking site last August, overtaking Britney Spears when they both had just over 5.7 million followers, reports the BBC.

She joined Twitter in 2008 with her first Tweet saying she was rehearsing for the ‘Just Dance’ video.

Justin Bieber is the second most popular celebrity on the site, with just over 8.3 million followers.

Gaga’s latest single, ‘Born This Way’, is at number one in the Billboard Hot 100 and made it to number three in the official UK singles chart.

The star also has 31 million fans on Facebook and her videos have had more than a billion views on YouTube. Go Gaga!

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How much does a Apple Fan Boy spend in a year??

Apple fan??How much do you spend in a year on Apple products??Lets account it.

1.A new iMac(assuming your kids and others at home use just 1 common desktop) $1199

2.A new Macbook Pro $1199

3.iPhone $599

4.iPod(assuming u bought a nano and not iTouch since you already have an iPhone) $149

5.iPad $499

6.Accessories of all the above apple products $500 approx

Total cost: $ 4145.  that too without Apple TV since most of us do not buy that.

Now you know the secret behind Apple’s huge profits!!!!

Apple’s revenues are just amazing and even more sensational are their profits. Wonder how Steve Jobs creates such awesome products.


BREAKING: Palm TouchPad leaks through the pipes

We’re just a couple of hours away from HP palm’s think beyond WebOS event and we’ve already got some info on one of the products that’ll be on show today – the Palm TouchPad. The tablet is expected to weigh 1.5 pounds and measure 13mm thick, just like the iPad!

We’ll learn more about the device after HP’s event. Stay tuned!

Verizon iPhone antenna issues not as serious as they appear (video)

Yesterday the worldwide web went haywire on learning that the Verizon iPhone has similar, or maybe even worse effects than the AT&T iPhone when holding the phone in a certain way, a la the Death Grip. Here’s a glance:

…check out this one too:

But actually, the issue is not as serious as it appears, if you think rationally that is. I mean, for heaven’s sake who the hell holds the phone like that?!?! It is but obvious that every phone has some form of attenuation that it has to deal with. And just holding it in the wrong way, when you never hold it that way, is just like jumping from 100ft height and hoping you don’t die! Geeeez!

Anyway, if the ‘death grip’/’antennagate’ non-issue is such a big concern even for the Verizon iPhone, then why does Consumer Reports recommend it? #exaggeration

‘The Daily’ for iPad has arrived!

‘The Daily’ newspaper for the Apple iPad is now live and kicking. You can get it from the App Store (here) for $40.

(P.S. the reviews coming in are horrible…people are claiming why does ‘The Daily’ even exist…all this just minutes after its launch)

Art & Life on ‘The Daily’

Weather on ‘The Daily’

FoxSports on ‘The Daily’

News on ‘The Daily’

Weather on ‘The Daily’

Would you still spend $40 for this no-show?

(Note: We ourselves haven’t reviewed ‘The Daily’. We are just going by what we have read elsewhere.)

EXCLUSIVE: Fernando Torres’ first interview after moving to Chelsea (video)

In the dying moments of the Transfer Deadline Day, Chelsea FC finally got hold of star striker Fernando Torres, who switched Liverpool to play Champions League football for Chelsea. Here’s his first interview as a blue (P.S. Torres didn’t say anything about Liverpool or about his stay there or flower appreciation on the Liverpool fans)

Here are 2 of the most popular chants doing the rounds since Torres’ switch to Chelsea: (pardon the slang…we are not the ones who came up with these…we are just sharing what we have read)

His armband proved he was a red, Torres, Torres.
But Romans money turned his head, Torres, Torres.
Went to the club with plastic flags,
and where your captain will shag your WAG,
Fernando Torres, just another cockney slag!!

‎\m/ El BackStabbo !! \m/

He’s Half A Girl ,He’s Half A Boy
Torres Torres
He Looks Just Like A Transvestite
……Torres Torres
He Wears A Frock, He Loves The Cock
He Sells Arse On Albert Dock
Fernando Torres !!
He Stabbed LFC In The Back

Best Buy takes $30 off iPad 3G

Ah the effects of iPad2! We all know that the 2nd variation of the iPad is just around the corner, and its only a matter of time when Apple invites us for the unveiling. But for now, its discounts galore on the first iPad, with almost everyone looking to offload their inventory. Best Buy has just taken off $30 from the WiFi+3G models, of all storage capacities, to clear the way for iPad 2. Here’s the new price list:

  • Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 16GB: $599
  • Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 32GB: $699
  • Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 64GB : $799

Though the price cut is always welcome for us customers, it is interesting to see no change in the prices of the WiFi-only models. What’s cooking?

3D newsstand comes to iPad: In one word – 3Delicious! (video)

Apple’s magical and revolutionary product has just welcomed France’s 3D newsstand to the iTunes store, and by the looks of it, it is absolutely mind blowing! This France-only 3D newsstand lets you download a whopping 450 French newspapers and magazines through the options available in the app. Just the perfect kind of app you’d want for the iPad.

Download it from iTunes today!

P.S. Available as “Le kiosque” and soon will get lot of English news.

AirPlay on Linux – as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Yup, you read that right. Apple’s popular AirPlay feature can now work on Linux in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Download a plug-in for the Totem media player (which ships with most popular Linux distributions)
  2. Install it in the usual Linux fashion
  3. Stream video to your Linux PC with AirPlay just as if it were an Apple TV

Easy, ain’t it?

Visit OMG Ubuntu to find the plug-in as well as some more detailed installation instructions (if you need them).

Apple eying April 2nd/9th, US-only launch for iPad 2 – reports

For the first time, though just a rumor, we have a launch date for the iPad 2 – April 2nd/9th. Again, it is not clear which of the 2 days will see the launch of the iPad 2, what we do know is that its a Saturday.

The reports, coming in from Germany (, claim the above mentioned day as Apple’s big day, telling us the iPad 2 will sport dual cameras – one in the front and one in the back, and retina display – something we’ve already heard. While the dual camera is almost guaranteed, we’re not quite sure we’ll see the iPad 2 gain retina display, based on these recent findings.

The report also claims that, just like the first iPad, the iPad 2 will also see a US-only launch, with international availability some time later in July.

Meanwhile, why not enjoy some cool iPad 2 mockups 🙂