The 10 Best Apps for Business Students

Business Administration and Management is still the most popular degree in America. Technology has never been more prominent in the educational scene as it is now, with iPads and laptops replacing textbooks and pencils. Here is a list of the best apps for business school students.

Considered one of the best productivity apps for business students is a sleek, easy-to use interface that comes with muliple functionalities. Firstly, it allows you to organize your day using the in app to-do list. Secondly, it sends you reminders and notes in order to schedule meetings and events. The best feature of this app is its cross platform ability that lets you switch between phone, tablet, and laptop without any hassle.


Business majors can expect to take tons of notes throughout their college careers. SimpleNote allows users to either type notes onto their mobile devices, or use a stylus. The notes are then saved and synced into all of the users devices making them easily accessible anywhere, anytime.


This app comes with 25 built-in search engines as well as the capability to take notes; this is the perfect app to assist students writing papers on the go. An annotation feature allows users to highlight important text as well as organize multiple articles at once.


This ultra handy app allows students to scan any document containing text, and then converts it into an editable document. TextGrabber is excellent for capturing sections of textbooks that would be too long to write up yourself. You can also take snippets of paragraphs from books or newspapers to save and read later.

iTunes U

This is a dedicated part of the Apple iTunes Store that features both audio and video from universities, museums, and other public media organizations – all for free. iTunes U works the same way as their musical counterparts. Users are able to manipulate educational content just as they would music through the iTunes Music Store. Some of the participating institutions include Stanford, UC Berkley, Yale, MIT, and a handful of other top notch Universities.


Dropbox is a file-sharing app that gives you more storage than traditional file-sharing techniques. Dropbox is a cross platform app allowing users to share their files with anyone across multiple devices. One of the best features is that Dropbox automatically saves your work as you edit it. You can share your files without the use of emails or a flash drive.


This is a great tool for working through business plans that you want to succeed. This business app helps you map out and organize your ideas and then share them with others. The best feature is that it guides you throughout the process of creating a business model, ensuring you address all key aspects. While this app is a bit pricey it is great for students pursuing entrepreneurship.

Roambi Analytics

This is a lifesaving app for those of you who struggle with presenting business data in a meaningful and accurate way. Roambi Analytics allows you to input important numbers to your mobile device while it makes charts and visuals in order for you to easily outline your findings. This app is used by a number of Fortune 500 companies around the world making it one of the leading apps for the field of business. The best part is that Roambi Analytics can be used offline.

The Decision App

If you’re a business student who has difficulty making vital decisions, The Decision App is here to help. Analyzing situations can be hard, so this app can help work out the best possible strategy using strategic business models as templates and examples. This app allows you to create mind maps, presentations, and the ability for users to analyze data on the move. It’s also a way better alternative to guessing – or flipping a coin.

Audio Memos

This app is perfect for recording lectures, seminars, workshops and meetings, all with a single tap of the screen. The app provides users with very high-quality recordings that allows you to normalize volume and bookmark certain moments of your recordings that you deem important. The easy cross-platform syncing in iCloud lets users gain access who are using both iOS and Android devices.

iTunes Music and Movie Store finally in India

The year 2012 has been a great year for Indian Apple Fanboys.

The iPad mini is going to launch soon in India. New iPods and iPhone are already launched and now we have the iTunes Music and Movies store for India. Apple is just raining some love towards India. Now Apple fanboys here are only waiting for an official Apple store to launch in India.

Currently there are only resellers and there is NO Apple store in India.


Songs cost Rs.12 and movies(both sale and rent) have distinctive prices for every movie.




How To: Create iPhone Ringtones using iTunes

The ringtone of your iPhone is not only a tune that alerts you when you are being called or texted on your number. It is also a reflection of your taste. This is why people are too choosy about setting the correct ringtone. The more exclusive it is, the more classy will you appear. With the coming of the iPhone and the completely new ringtone creation apps, setting a ringtone has become an all new experience.

There are several websites which have provisions for an individual to download ringtones for free and customize them accordingly. To get the most exclusive ringtones try out the following tips.

Tips on Creating the Most Fashionable Ringtone

  1. The very first step is the installation of iTunes in your Mac or Windows computer. Next you have to choose a Non-DRM song which you want to set as the ringtone.
  2. When you are sure that you have met all the requirements, open the iTunes.
  3. Then you will have to browse and select a song from the iTunes album.
  4. You might not wish to keep the whole song as ringtone. Thus, figure out which should be the start and stop points for your ringtones.
  5. Next, you need to right-click on the song, scroll down the list and select the ‘Get info’ option.
  6. The option tab is to be selected next. The start and the end time is to be mentioned in the respective text boxes. The time should be put in the following time format, ‘minutes: seconds’, for instance 4:15. This is important otherwise how would one make sure that the ringtone isn’t more than 40 seconds long.
  7. Click ‘OK’. Then you will have to right click on the song and select the “Convert Selection to AAC” option. The song will now be duplicated into another version by the iTunes. This process consumes a little bit of time, like a few minutes.
  8. You shall now delete the duplicated version of the song.
  9. Next you have to select “Keep Files”  and save the file in the following location, ‘Music> iTunes> iTunes Music’ and under the band’s name. The extension of an iPhone ringtone file is generally m4a.
  10. Find out the ringtone file and rename the m4a extension to m4r. in case of  the Windows computers all you need to do is right-click on the file and select ‘Rename’. While in the Mac computers, you have to select the ‘Get Info’ option.
  11. In most cases, the computer shows a warning that the renaming process might harm the file. But, that is nothing much to pay heed about. Choose the ‘Use .m4r’ and its equivalent. The choice will depend upon the system you are using.
  12. By a simple double-clicking on the ringtone file, the tone will be automatically saved to the folders under the iTunes Music Library.
  13. The last step is as simple as connecting the iPhone and syncing it to the computer. Now, you are all ready to use the new customized free ringtone for your iPhone.

Jim Taylor is a freelance author, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. He writes articles on downloading Nokia ringtones and other related topics.

What to expect from Apple today?

Today is 12th September and its time for the Apple event. After a lot of waiting, rumors, leaks finally its time for the Apple event in about 1 hour’s time. Lets look at what we expect from Apple today.

1.iPhone 5

The iPhone is the smartphone that the whole world has been waiting for eagerly and it is sure that it will be previewed today at the Apple event.

You can get full details on the expected iPhone 5 features here and here

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2. New iPod

Last year also the iPod’s were not refreshed and this time around it is most likely that the iPod’s will be refreshed and new iPods are going to launch today.

As far as rumors go there will be a new iPod Nano and new iPod touch.

The iPod Nano would again be a long iPod( similar to the one before the current iPod nano) and the iPod Touch would be completed redesigned and be some what like the design of the iPhone 4.

Also there is a small possibility that the iPod Touch might come in various colors.

3. New iTunes

With a brand new OS, new iPods and a new iPhone there is a high probability that we might see iTunes 11 today.

4. New Headphones

Apple has been just amazing when it comes to simplicity and designing the headphones but maybe Apple thought it was time for a little change.

As per few rumors Apple might release brand new headphones with a new design today.

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Apple releases iTunes 10.6 with 1080P skills

Apart from a new Apple TV, a new iPad, a new iOS update and a host of other updates, Apple has also released iTunes 10.6 to the public that gives you the power to do 1080p. There’s also improvements for iTunes Match included. You can download the update either from Software Update or from here.

Rockmate for iPad is the only music application you’ll ever need (video)

Ardent music lover? Use GarageBand on your iPad? Let me introduce you to Rockmate:

Rockmate for iPad, as you saw in the video above, is a new app launched by Fingerlab which allows up to 4 rock players on a single iPad.

Rockmate turns your iPad into a complete music studio easy and super fun to use. You can compose, record and play songs with up to 4 Rock players on one single iPad. Rockmate is easy to play with smart chords progressions, sounds great with separated guitar effects and in-house produced audio samples and is also fully customizable with multiple drums and keyboard styles.

Rockmate is ready to rock ! Your guitars are always well tuned, no need to carry your drum kit or to patch your keyboard. A smart metronome and a real-time looper will assist you in composing and recording your songs. That you can share by email or in your iTunes sharing folder.

We want as many people as possible to experience Rockmate. So we have decided to make Rockmate available for one week (From 14 to 21 December 2011) at the introductory price of $0.99. Regular price $3.99.

So what are you waiting for? Go turn your iPad into your own personal music studio!

You can download the app from iTunes. Let it roll!

Apple outs Beatles ‘Covers’ TV ad, free enhanced iBook Yellow Submarine

The late Steve Jobs absolutely loved The Beatles. He let the world know he was a big fan of theirs. Today, his company has released a new iTunes TV ad for The Beatles titled ‘Covers’ and an enhanced iBook version of The Beatles Yellow Submarine. Fittingly, in the credits at the top it said ‘For Steve’.

Samsung mocks iTunes, iCloud in new Galaxy S II advert (video)

Get this: while Apple continues to innovate and then advertise about its product by focusing on, well, the product itself, Samsung does exactly the opposite and tries to promote its product by pissing over the other’s.

Just like their previous ad where they mocked the people standing in queues waiting to buy an iPhone (video below), this time too Samsung had the b***s — and the room — to indirectly feature and mock Apple’s product. Check out the daring videos below.

Samsung mocks iTunes in the cloud:

Samsung mocks potential iPhone buyers:

Samsung challenges the notion that only iPhone has the best apps

For more videos visit Samsung’s YouTube channel.

Google Search for iPad and iPhone updated

Google has updated its Google Search iOS app for iPad and iPhone (available on the App Store), bringing in an improved design (UI) for the iPad and full-screen mode support for search results and pages on the iPhone. The app now also has Instant Previews and Google Instant baked into the iPad version.

Apart from that, the app also features some regular bug fixes.

The app is now universally available for download from iTunes.

Few screenies..

 iPad Screenshot 5 iPad Screenshot 2

..and a video:

Apple releases iTunes Match with iTunes 10.5.1

Following several quick-fire beta releases in the past few days, Apple has now released iTunes 10.5.1 final to the public, bringing along iTunes Match as well for the Americans. With iTunes Match, users can now sync their music from their iTunes libraries to iCloud for $24.99 a year. Apple has explicitly said only songs that are available on iTunes can be synced and no songs from outside will be allowed. There’s no limit to your uploads so get downloading iTunes 10.5.1 from Apple’s site here, or from your iDevice’s Software Update option, and begin making your illegal music legal.

P.S. Despite the public launch, Apple is still labeling iTunes Match as a beta product. Developers who have tested iTunes Match will continue receiving a free three months with their yearly subscription.

iTunes 10.5 beta 9 releases

With just over 90 hours to go for Apple’s mega event, the Cupertino giant has seeded iTunes 10.5 beta 9 to developers interested in trying out the upcoming iTunes Match service. Following known issues were spotted from the release:

– “Scan and match” feature is not yet complete. Some users’ tracks may not be recognized by iTunes Match even if the tracks are available in the iTunes Store, and those tracks will be uploaded to the users’ iCloud storage. Some tracks may also be mis-matched to a different version of the same song on the iTunes Store.

– Music can only be added to iCloud from one computer at a time.

– Updating an iOS device to iOS 5 beta 7 may result in music failing to play. Users should turn off iTunes Match in settings and then turn it back on to restore functionality.

Via MacRumors